Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Email September 16, 2010

Hola!!!! Como estan ustedes? Alright...where to begin? I guess I'll begin with the first day here...it was really long, weird, different, and scary. I got my companion. His name is Elder Pung, from Hemmet, California. He's nice. The first night we were all just unpacking and looking around all scared-ish. It was great. Now we're all best friends of course. :) Once the days got picking up and moving normal, it started going by smoothly and it was really awesome. I've never sat in class for so long and thought the days are SHORT. So here's a few specific things I'll talk about: Personal study- this is the most important part of the day I would say! If you have a good personal study, you have a good day. That's generally how it feels! It's so important because you can learn so much and discover so many new things. Plus, you are supposed to share things from your personal study in companionship study, so you get to learn what your companion learned also! Another thing I've learned is that we are NOT here to learn Spanish.. what?! Just kidding. We are here to bring people unto Christ by helping them received the restored gospel in the Spanish language. I was slightly confused why our first 5 or so lessons and lectures were not on Spanish. All of the other elders were speaking spanish all the time, and we were learning other stuff. But I finally realized, if we know how to bring the message of the gospel to people first, in our native language, then once we know Spanish we will already know the message, so we just translate it. But if we don't know the gospel in our OWN language, it does us know good if we learn Spanish! (that's my philosophy) Some wise man once told me: The purpose of the MTC is to take the world out of you. People who don't want the world out of them DO NOT like the MTC! It's so obvious. There is a couple Elders in my district who goof off a lot and they talk about sports, girls, other things from back home, and they don't like it here! They aren't ready to "leave all other personal affairs behind" like it says in their call letter. They chose to reply to their call letter and accept their call, so why is it so hard? No, I can admit that it's really hard! But not impossible. I want people to know that I'm a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, so I've made a commitment to always be an example of him, especially here at the MTC which can be the ulimate place for goofing off (aka 2,500 19-20 year olds) The highlight of this first week here was definitely the devotional on Tuesday night! Elder H. Bryan Richards, former general authority, temple president and mission president, spoke to us. It was AWESOME. There was so much to it, but I only have ten more minutes on here! Ahh! He said while he was the mission president, he had a missionary come into his office and say, "president, I need to go home. I don't have a testimony, and I'm wasting my time." The mission president told him, "read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and then see me when your done." The missionary came back about a month later, and when he walked into his office, Elder Richards could tell that a miracle had taken place. He said "we don't need to have a talk do we?" The missionary, "not really" "What happened" The missionary said, "I have read the Book of Mormon, and I KNOW THAT IT IS TRUE." That story was terrific. The Spirit was indescribable. It was amazing. The Book of Mormon is so true and it has the fulness of the true gospel of Jesus Christ in it. I strongly admonish everyone who is reading these words right now to read the Book of Mormon. He showed us a clip from a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. It was awesome. I'm pretty much out of time...rats. Um, I have other great experiences that I would love to share with all of you, just send me a letter if you'd like to hear more! Thanks for being awesome everyone! And know that I'm perfectly okay (mom) :) I love you all! Elder Gomez

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