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Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21 email from Elder Gomez

Note for MOM- Will you send me some pictures or a picture of the Halloween
party and maybe other pics we had for joyschool. Because MASON MOODY is in
the new district in my zone. Ha ha.

Hola family and friends,

This week was great! Can you believe I'm going to be on a different
continent in just about two weeks?! Because I can't!
This week, Elder Nelson of the quorum of the twelve came and spoke to us in
our devotional! I'll mention a couple things he talked about. One thing is
our safety. He talked about how we don't need to worry too much about our
safety on our missions because Heavenly Father is watching out for us big
time. And that is so true. Before I left, my stake president was talking
me and my family about the rate of young men my age who die. For LDS
missionaries it is very much a lower rate. And if you think about it, we
the ones going to countries we've never been to before talking to
each and everyday, not knowing who/what/where could be dangerous. And yet,
we are protected greatly. He also talked about how we need to always
remember to teach very simply. That's something that really stuck out to
I realized, we aren't going around craftily and deceitfully convincing
people that this church is true by some complicated way. We state very
simple things! We can even tell them right off the bat, "Hi, I'm Elder
Gomez, I'm a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day
I'm here to share with you a message that Jesus Christ lives and his true
church has been restored to the earth"
How long does that take to say?! Not long. How simple is it? Very. BUT, they
will feel the Spirit and it will touch their hearts and they can feel right
off the bat that your message is true. They can feel right off the bat the
joy of what we're saying can bring to them.
Something else he talked about it how we present ourselves. Again, we are
representatives of Jesus Christ. We dress nicely, simply, with nothing to
distract from that. In Elder Nelson's words- "Having character is better
than being one" :D
Something else really cool that we get to do once a week (on Sunday) is
watch church movies. I watched the Testaments this week and it was really
neat. Especially the VERY ending. When Helam is healed from being blind
he looks up at the Savior and then the captions come on the screen saying,
"Jesus Christ has come... AND HE WILL COME AGAIN"
When that came on the screen, right after I looked into the eyes of Christ,
the Spirit flooded my body literally. It was so incredible. I can't deny the
Holy Ghost. Always seek to feel the Spirit. Be worthy to have the Spirit
with you.
I've had some opportunities to teach this week. It's getting so much better!
It's not easy to teach in a different language, but it seems as though
everything goes amazingly well during lessons. It's awesome!
Being a zone leader is really hard sometimes. I get frustrated sometimes
when it seems like I don't have any time to study for myself. On Sunday I
had 6 meetings! (not including Sacrament meeting, Priesthood, and Sunday
school) so technically 9. It's a lot. But It's also completely awesome how
you are blessed when you sacrifice yourself and your time to serve others.
You really just have to put yourself aside and fulfil your
That's really what this time is for. In our call letters: "you will be
expected to devote ALL of your time...to the Lord" But that's not only a
way thing. The more we devote all of our time and efforts to the work, we
are so richly blessed. Whenever I get down on myself here or if I'm ever
frustrated, I realize that I'm frustrated because I'm thinking about
Well Dallin, get over yourself! Really though, it is a privilege to be able
to serve others all the time.
Other than that, I don't really know what to say, besides repeating myself
about how I'll be leaving to CHILE in a couple weeks! I'm so excited.
Thank you all for your letters, love, support, and prayers.

Sincerely, Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
MTC Mailbox # 286
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