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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 4 - Email from Elder Gomez :)

October 7, 2010

Hello everyone!
Thank you everyone for your prayers and letters. Sometimes it seems as
though I can actually feel your prayers pushing me forward. I am a little
bit sick, as of yesterday. But I'll tell you what, I love Nyquil :)
This week was a good one! It flew by. It's hard to keep track of time here.
It's weird that I've been here for a month! 1/24th of my mission is over!
Sad. But happy. Happy because of how much I've learned!
I'll talk a little bit about Spanish because I don't usually mention much
about it in my letters. It's coming along well! I can have a pretty good
conversation. This week for our TRC (where we teach investigator volunteers
once a week) we were teaching a lady who is somewhat new at it, so she
didn't really know for sure what she was supposed to be doing, so she made
us teach in Spanish! We're not supposed to teach in Spanish until next week!
But then I thought, shoooot, why not?! So we tried our best to teach in
Spanish. It was interesting to say the least. She really only cared about
our Spanish, not really the message. It was good practice though. Most of
the investigators at the TRC are converts actually, so they just act as
themselves before they got baptized. It's good to have real problems that
people face rather than teaching other missionaries all the time.
I received an email from Jamie McConnell, he just left to my same mission a
month ago, and when he got down there, he said that he couldn't understand
anything. He said, "they didn't teach me how to speak Chileno in the MTC!"
Ha ha. Great... :) No, it will be fun.
Some other things:
Conference was terrific! There were so many good talks. All of you, you need
to read over the talks when they come out in the ensign. I really liked
Elder Gong's talk in the Saturday afternoon session. (as well as many many
I guess something else I could talk about are my companions. Yeah, I have
two. Elder Pung and Elder Arnett. They are from California and Washington.
Elder Pung is more of the laid back type, and Elder Arnett is pretty much
opposite of Elder Pung. Elder Arnett joined our companionship because his
companion went home. It's been really interesting seeing and working with
two very different personalities. It's good though. I'm learning a lot.
Something we have been focusing a lot on is teaching people, not lessons!
The divine truths of this gospel are so important and necessary for every
individual person. You have to listen for the Spirit to help you know how to
present the gospel. Here's a really good quote that I heard this week: "If
they can feel your love, you can never be too bold" I love it! I thought a
lot about that. It's true though. Once people know who you really are, a
presentative of Jesus Christ himself, and they can feel your love for them,
and Christ's love for them through you, all you need to do is tell them the
simple truths of this world, and THEY WILL ACCEPT IT. I don't know how to
say how excited I am to go down to Chile and teach people who have been
prepared to hear the gospel. It's why I'm here. Everyone read Alma 30:34,
right now! That is exactly what can be said about me, and you, and every
missionary. You could also read verses 33 and 35. It's true though. The only
thing we receive in this church is joy! Do we receive money? No! But this is
the most important work that is going on in the world because it is the
truth of God! I'm pumped to go to Chile!
I saw Elder Preston Rust come in yesterday, he looked way excited to be
here, and I was excited to see him!
Tender mercy of the week- Scriptures that are so perfect for the situation
I'm in. Scripture reading is powerful. So read your scriptures!
Love you all,
Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
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