Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 7 Elder Dallin Gomez email

October 28, 2010
Hello family and friends!
This week has been a good one. I'll start off with a few cool things that
have happened this week:
First off, last Thursday, right after I wrote the last email, we got our
travel plans!!! So I've had to wait an entire week to tell you all. I'm
leaving on November 5th! 3 days earlier than we were anticipating. Hurray!
Also, me and my district were able to host, and bring new missionaries in
from getting dropped off by their families. I hosted in two elders and it
brought back a lot of memories.
Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us. It was such a good message. He talked
about the spirit and being led by the Spirit. And letting the Spirit guide
you. He also invoked some apostolic blessings upon us! He blessed us with
the gift of tongues, the gift of confidence, and the gift that these
that we learn right now will bless us throughout our life. He also blessed
the sisters with a protective shield, that as they go throughout the
if they are following the Holy Ghost, they WILL be safe.
Speaking of his message, being led by the Spirit, I have a story. I was
angry one morning in this last week. I was frustrated about something not
important. Maybe my companion, the language, I don't even remember. All I
remember is being really frustrated. I opened my scriptures and asked
Heavenly Father for an answer to help me know what to do. I was reading in
2 Nephi 4, and I read verses 27-29. Of course! (you should read it) Some
people would call these things coincidence, but they happen EVERY DAY. And
they can happen to you and I everyday if we ask for Heavenly Father's
Also, I would like to talk about something really....cool! I think sometimes
we read all of the stories in the Book of Mormon and in the Bible and we're
so amazed at how incredible the stories are. We may wonder sometimes, "why
don't we have any cool stories like that these days?" Maybe the 2,000
stripling warriors going to battle and beating their enemies in miraculous
fashion? Well, I thought about that. And I realized that if there was
latter-day scripture about the gospel in this time right now, it would say
something like this: "and in the space of thirty and five years, ten
souls were brought unto the Lord, by the army of the fifty thousand
stripling warriors, male and female." Something like that? Not to be
on numbers, but in the last 35 years, the church has grown from about 3
million people to 14 million now!
So my message to everyone out there. This is REAL. This work is the true
work of God. And I'm SOOO lucky to be a part of it.
Also, I started coming across scriptures in the Book of Mormon that talked
specifically about me and my mission: (1 Nephi 15:13, 1 Nephi 13:38,
5:15) Again these are just a few scriptures that I have come across in the
last week or so that are talking about ME and this true work! Me going to
The temple last week was really awesome. It was one of the best times going
to the temple for me. The Spirit was strong. I get to go every p-day, but
unfortunately, it's after I send this email, or I would say more about it.
I'm excited to go in a few hours though. It really is the house of the
Other than these things, I guess I'm just excited to leave in ONE WEEK. Es
If you have any questions, let me know. You can always write to the address
below or you can go to DearElder.com, which is super easy and fast and free.

Thank you everyone for your support!
Love, Elder Gomez

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