Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Email from Dallin at the MTC

Family, friends, how are you doing?
I am doing terrific. Because I'm leaving to CHILE tomorrow! Wow. I can't
believe it. I don't think I will until I'm actually there. Or maybe on the
Well, I made it through the MTC without a single bite of a donut (which they
serve every single day for every meal) and without a sip of carbonation
(same) That in and of itself is reason for me to be happy!
It's very sad that I'm going to be splitting up from my district in a couple
days. I will miss them! It's awesome how the gospel brings people together.
I've made so many friends for life already and I'm not even in the field
This week for our devotional we had Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Twelve
come and speak to us. Talk about a good way to finish off the MTC! The last
three weeks we had three apostles, Elder Nelson, Elder Scott, and now Elder
Ballard. That's not at all very common here! I'm lucky. Elder Ballard talked
about being friends with everyone. And talked so plainly and simply about
contacting people and sharing the truth with them in a very friendly manner.
Well, when he talked about it it seemed simple. But it's NOT! It's one of
the hardest things to talk to someone you don't even know and invite them to
come unto Christ. We really have to stick to our testimony. That's what I've
decided for myself. If it ever seems hard to go talk to someone, just
remember how strongly you feel about this gospel and how it can bless their
lives. With that remembrance, you will have the courage to talk to everyone.

He shared a story that happened only a few hours before he came to talk to
us. He was meeting with a man very high up in the world. He is projected to
be the next Warren Buffett. He wanted to talk to one of the leaders of the
church to thank them for their business. Anyway, they had this long
discussion about different things and towards the end they started talking
about religion. This man is Catholic, so he asked what the difference was
between your church and mine. Elder Ballard said, if only you would have
asked that at the beginning of our discussion! Ha ha. But he talked about
our beliefs and the man was interested. When he left, he had a Book of
Mormon and a copy of "Our Search for Happiness" (a book written by Elder
Ballard, which is one of the few books we read on the mission) Elder Ballard
said that everything else he needed to know was in there, and he asked him
if he would read it, and he said he would. It's only 126 pages, so he said
he would read it on his flight home.
This experience happened only a few hours before Elder Ballard was talking
to us! It's so important to be friends to everyone and to share the gospel
with everyone. Pretty soon, this gospel WILL fill the whole earth. It is
definitely on its way! I love reading scriptures about our day that talk
about what is going on EXACTLY right now.
I know that this gospel is true! Please everyone read the Book of Mormon.
Pray about it. Be a part of what it talks about in D&C 90:11. And 2 Nephi
30:8. I found these scriptures studying them this week. They're being
fulfilled right now. That is talking about ME going to Chile, and my friends
and your friends going to Asia, and Europe, and Africa, and Australia, and
North and South America. Read those verses, read the whole Book of Mormon.
Because it's the TRUTH! I testify that it is and I promise you that I would
not be leaving TOMORROW across the WORLD if it was not! Joseph Smith saw
what he said he saw, and we don't have to just "trust" him. There is
evidence, tangible and spiritual, that the truth has been restored. If you
want to know if something is true, then study IT, not something else. If
it's true or not, you will know when you read and study it. And I testify
that it is true. You can know the truth of the universe if you come unto
Christ. Be happy, and come unto him and read the scriptures.
I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I love you all. :)
Elder Gomez

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