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Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15 Dallin's Email

November 15, 2010
Hola everyone.
Hopefully you´re all doing great. Well...things are good down on this end of
the world. Here´s info from this week:
Little kids and people in general like to say English swear words sometimes.
I´ve heard them at the most random times. For instance, during the
sacrament. :D
There are stray dogs EVERYWHERE here. Seriously! It´s crazy. I'm working on
sending some pictures home of some of the dogs.
Chilenos talk really fast. I think I mentioned it last week but it´s still
true. I´m actually starting to understand though! Whoo. I understand a lot
more than the people think sometimes and also than my companion thinks. Ha
ha. All is well though. Everyone is obsessed with Mayonaise. I don´t know
why, it´s not THAT good...
Anyway...this week I´ve learned a lot. Definitely more than I can fit in
this email, but to sum it up, this work is real! The church is true. We have
the answers to questions of life and religion that people are searching for.
That´s our job. To find those people and teach them the truth. It´s hard
sometimes here. Me and my companion are the only two in our house...in our
little town of Labranza. It´s hard when I want to express myself, but I
just...simply....CAN´T! Because my companion doesn´t speak English. And I
don´t speak enough Spanish yet. Through all of this struggle, however, the
best times are when we are teaching people the restored gospel! A lot of
people know about the bible thoroughly, and they have strong beliefs. I
love it when they do though, because they are searching for truth. And
that´s why we´re here. To bring them the parts that they are missing! The
more we are talking to people and teaching people, the more comfortable I
feel here! So I try to do that as often as I can!
Sorry this is so short! But maybe that´s good for you all so you don´t have
to read so much!
I love you all,
Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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  1. Elder Gomez is doing a traffic job. That has to be hard being in a place where no one speaks your language, but then he's going to be learning Spanish even faster than others who have English speaking companions.