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Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22 2010 Email

November 22, 2010 
Hola everyone! Here´s some information for you all:
Bus drivers are seriously crazy! They swerve all over the place, honk at
cars who are in their way, almost run into people...whoa, loco!
The most common phrases I hear are "Yo soy catholica" or "la verdad es que
no" or a combination- "la verdad es que yo soy catholica" or " Estoy
ocupado" But whichever of these answers we get while talking to people, "la
verdad" is that the gospel can bless there lives so much! AND, it´s true! :D

It´s really hard to get people to come to church here because there..isn´t a
church here! You have to take a 20 minute bus ride, which costs about a
dollar each direction to get to the church, and you have to wake up early
also. Church is at 9:30 here, and the normal time to get up is like ten or
eleven, I kid you not. So it´s a challenge. But once they get there, it´s
good :) On Saturday, we tracted into a 19 year old kid who doesn´t really do
much at this point in his life. Doesn´t have a job, doesn´t have
school...and he doesn´t have much of a belief in God. But he let us in to
his house right then! Normally the most that happens is they just agree to a
return appointment. It was cool. So we went in and started teaching him a
little bit, and his brother and friend walked in the house. His friend sat
down at the table. I guess names are good- Jose is the 19 year old, and
Tonio is his friend who walked in. Tonio is 20 years old. The coolest thing
happened! ... We gave them the Book of Mormon and we were teaching a little
about it, and they were both reading intently while we were telling them
about it, and I could see something so special about them....they are going
to be missionaries in the future! I don´t know how or when, but they are! I
could tell. Their eyes...I don´t even know. So we´ll see what happens, as
this was just two days ago! Anyway, so we finished talking about the Book of
Mormon and a little about the plan of salvation. Then we invited them to
church the next morning (yesterday) and they looked at the each other and
talked for a second and said they would come! So yesterday we went to their
house and they were getting ready, they had on collared shirts with ties and
they were all ready to go! It was really cool. We went to church, and they
could feel the Spirit, and they had a great experience, and they want to
come again next week! It was really cool, and I have a testimony that church really
is the place to be each week!
We have two baptisms that will hopefully happen, Alvaro (15) and Barbara
(12), brother and sister. Their mom, Iris, was baptized about a month ago
and is really strong. We watched the Testaments with them a couple weeks
ago, and the spirit was so strong. Barbara and her mom were sobbing. Iris
bore her testimony to her kids and it was really neat! Then we asked them if
they would be baptized and they accepted. BUT...now the difficult
things...their dad doesn´t really want his kids to be baptized, and they
need his permission. AND...they didn´t come to church yesterday or the week
before. I don´t know why! They came pretty regularly before that...but who
knows...there is opposition in all things!
Something that I have gained a testimony of this week is how the gospel
MAKES SENSE! There are a few men who we´ve met this week who are really
strong in their religion beliefs. Eduardo is Bahai, Vlademir is Catholic,
and Pastor Rolando is Baptista/Evangelica. But, in each of these cases,
especially for Eduardo, when we taught them about the Apostasy, and the
restoration, and the first vision, it makes sense to them! We´ve only taught
them the first lesson so far because we only met them this week, but the
gospel makes sense!
There are many other awesome people here, but I can´t talk about everyone
unfortunately! But people are awesome. That´s why I´m here; for everyone of
these people who need the gospel! Which are many!
Spanish is coming alright. There is so much more to learn, but I can
understand better and talk more everyday. I can almost understand
everything. Or at least get the gist of what people say.
That´s all for now. I hope everyone over on the other side of the world is
doing good :) I love you all!

Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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