Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pictures and more bits and pieces

Here are some pictures that Dallin sent with his email - as well as some more pieces of info I got in my email exchange with him this morning:  

The two pictures of me standing by a house are me next to the house I live
in. Another of me and a bunch of little houses all over the place is
Labranza. I attached a picture of a dog that looks like Darwin who is in the
streets quite often. Another of a TON of dogs that are just always in the
streets. They have their little gangs. Ha ha. Sorry I can´t attach more.
It´s pretty hard and takes time. I´ll try to keep them coming though. 
Things down here cost about the same. 1,000 pesos is 2 dollars. I sent a 1000 bill home 
just so you can see it. I need to buy a sweater, but I found one today and it was like 80 us dollars. Holy toledo. 
My companion and I are the only two missionaries in our town!- Labranza. We live on Los Caiquenes (street) last house on the left. 
By the big city of Temuco, if you want to try to google map it.
Labranza doesn´t have a mailbox so we have to send letters while we are here 
in Temuco. We come to a giant mall in Temuco for p-days with a lot of the elders in the zone. And so we have to get anything done that we need to here. It´s about 35 minutes from Labranza, by bus.
This morning we played soccer with all the elders here for a couple hours. 
It was fun.
The members are good to us. They feed us a lot. If you
say yes to seconds, they give you a whole giant plate more. We don´t cook,
just one main meal, almuerzo. I eat pb and j in the morning sometimes and
The happiest times I´ve had so far are when we´re teaching people, and the spirit
is there, and we´re meeting people.Talking about their beliefs, and how the gospel 
can bless their lives. I like that part. I love that part. But we need to do it more often.
Love, Elder Gomez

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