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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Week

December 27, 2010
Hola everyone,
This week was really good! A lot of firsts happened this week. First transfers, first Christmas out here in the field, and my first baptism. Whoooh! I´ll attach pictures.
I received Elder Reeves. He is from Arizona. He speaks English...lame, I know. Ha ha. He is nice...definitely different than Elder Chavez. I´m going to miss Elder Chavez! We had really good success here and we found a lot of people to teach.
Lately, we´ve talked to a lot of drunk men. For some reason, drunk men like to talk about Jesus Christ, they are pretty good at quoting scriptures too.
So far I haven´t seen Elder McConnell down here, or Elder Boman, since the MTC, but I know I will eventually. Maybe next cambio, which will be in a little over a month. I´ve heard a lot about them and I know they´re doing really good.
So, yesterday was my first baptism! Jose Daniel was so ready to be baptized. He had an interview yesterday and it went really good. From the very start, Jose Daniel knew that there was something right about our church. The day after we met him he came to church, and he said that he had a "distinct impression" that our church was true while he was there. Only the day after we met him! I love that! Ha ha. His family is really awesome too. They came to watch the baptism. His mom is so nice and always wants to feed us when we go over there. We are hoping that his brothers are baptized sometime soon also.
The biggest challenge here is being able to unfold this gospel simply in a way that they can understand it. That´s why the spirit is so important and why you have to be so in tune with the spirit.
I know this church is true, and I´m sorry I don´t have more time to write more about it!
I love you all! Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Gomez
ps- Tender Mercy of the week: When your investigators pray for us sincerely, and our families and friends. All of you friends and family of mine, my investigators pray for you! Cool, isn´t it? :)
pps- Pictures are of:
-The baptism, Jose Daniel with his family.
-Beto, and his wife and family. He is one of our investigators also and his family are all members.
-All of the presents that my family sent me! :)
-The lamb that we ate for Christmas
-Me and Hermana. Bowden, a sister that is from my aunt´s ward (Chris!) She sang at the Christmas devotional and it was really really good!

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  1. I loved seeing my two special Chilean missionaries in one picture! Awesome!