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Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6th, email

December 6, 2010

Hello friends.

This week was great. The work of the Lord continues to move foward! Who to
talk about first?

Beto...ya...Beto is the husband of three active members. Daniela is his
wife, active, and his sons Kevin and Brandon who are active. We have been
teaching him for the last few weeks, and the last two weeks we walked all
the way to his house early in the morning before to church to pick him up.
We told him the night before we would, but he didn´t actually think we
would. His face was funny when we showed up at his door step all ready for
church. But it paid off because he went. And the next week (yesterday) we
did the same thing, and he came again! And in the last lesson we had with
him, it was neat. He has been reading the book of mormon wherever we ask,
and he really likes it. We had him read Alma 22 last, and he did. But the
thing he doesn´t want to do is pray. We really stressed praying and how we
can teach and teach and teach, but he won´t receive answers to his doubts
and questions until he prays! But....he would only commit to reading. He
didn´t want to commit to praying if he wasn´t going to do it. So our last
lesson, we went over Alma 22. He really really really liked it. And we
talked about the Holy Ghost. Hermano Catalan, the new ward mission leader,
came with us. He is a returned missionary from Quito Ecuador, and his wife
is also. She went to Antofagasta, Chile. He shared his conversion story
Beto and it was neat. Beto is ready...he´s ready to be baptized! We just
need to help him through it and help him see that it´s the completely
thing to do.

Jose Daniel is getting baptized on Dec. 26th! Whooh! And so is his friend
Tonio.....maybe. If he can stop smoking. When we challenged them to get
baptized, we taught them about faith, repentance, baptism, and the Gift of
the Holy Ghost, and then I asked them if they will follow the example of
Christ and be baptized on Dec. 26th. They said yes. And I was so happy!
I told them that they would have to do something before they get
baptized...and Tonio immediately said, "No! I´m not going to stop smoking! I
won´t! Drinking yes, smoking no!" Hahaha. I was actually going to say "Go to
church"...but now that he mentioned it....ha ha. Oh man. Good times. The
coolest part was the end though...the prayer. Jose Daniel said it, and he
prayed that Tonio would be able to stop smoking. Que bueno! :) It was way
cool. And then Tonio told him thank you after. We gave him the church´s
program to stop smoking.

It´s weird to me sometimes while I´m in houses...I´ll mentally stop and sit
back and think...wait...these people don´t speak English, yet I still know
them so well and they are my friends! I think that´s part of the gift of
tongues. Understanding people and their feelings without necesarily
their language.
Pardon my spelling by the way, because words in Espanol are so easy to
spell...everything is just how it sounds. But in English, everything is
spelled differently than it sounds! Like necesarily...how do you spell

One thing that is really special about this work of the Lord is how we
really are his representatives. Iris is a recent convert as of 2 months
Also her daugther Barbara 12, and son Alvaro 15, have been taught also, but
they haven´t had the permission from their dad to get baptized. Alvaro is a
little more hesitant about joining the church than Barbara, who really wants
to get baptized, but hadn´t had her dad´s permission. We went to visit them
yesterday and it was neat! Until yesterday, I had not actually met their
dad, Richard. But I had heard about how he is stubborn and somewhat
When I met him yesterday he was not at all how I imagined. He has been out
of a job for almost three months now, and they´ve had a rough time. Iris
hasn´t gone to church for two weeks, and we were worried about her and
to visit her several times but never were able to find them home. We found
out that the reason Iris hasn´t come to church is because they haven´t had
money. She is doing just fine. We talked to Richard and he was so nice and
honest with us. Afterward my companion said he is a completely
different person than the last time. They basically just poured out their
hearts to us, two young boys. Every time I´ve visisted Iris she has cried
and bore her testimony to her family, and she did the same thing yesterday
too. She told her husband that she wants Barbara to get baptized because
Barbara has a testimony and she feels it´s true. When she said that I knew
right then that we had his permission to baptize his kids. He is a
person because of his wife, and the gospel in their home. We are hoping to
start teaching him also. Towards the end of the visit he said we are
in his home anytime. What a turn-around in his life.

Christ can heal any heart. He wants to, we just have to turn to him. I know
this church is true. Something that Richard G. Scott talked to us about
before I left the MTC is that pondering is not a waste of time. I have
started trying to "ponder" when we´re walking or whenever I have time
I can think. Like getting ready in the morning, or getting ready for bed, or
as I´m falling asleep. Pondering is powerful! Lately I´ve pondered about the
restoration. The first vision...different parts of Joseph Smith´s life. My
testimony of the restoration constantly grows!

What am I doing here in Chile? Are you going to serve a mission? Is the
church really true? Think about these things! I´ve thought about the first
one a lot...because it directly applies to me :) And I know that I am in
Chile for the truth that I need to share with these people. I know that
because of the experiences that I wrote earlier in this letter, and many
more countless experiences that I have experienced in my life and for the
last three months!

Hmm....any more parting words.... Just read the scriptures! They contain
amazing things in them! Solutions for every problem in life you can
And I love you all!

Elder Gómez

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