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Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas from Dallin - without a mention of Christmas! :)

December 20, 2010 
Hola querido familia y amigos, 
Recibimos en Sabado la informacion para los cambios...mi compañero se va a
salir!!!!! My companion is getting transferred...Elder Chavez is leaving! I am
staying here in Labranza. It has been a great 6 weeks together. We have many many
investigators right now, and many more people that we haven´t even found. There are
25,000 people in Labranza. The field is white here, already to harvest. (D&C 4:4) 
Elder Chavez was pretty sure that we were going to stay here for another transfer
the same...in his interview with the mission president, President Swenson asked him
if there was anything that he could do for him, and Elder Chavez said, yeah, keep
things how they are in Labranza....but, we learned a lesson. Ask for the thing
opposite to what you want and you´ll probably get it :P 
I´m going to be with Elder Reeves. From what I´ve heard, he´s really awesome. He´s
been here a little more than a year. I´ll write more about him next week because
Elder Chavez is still my companion until tomorrow morning so I haven´t seen Elder
Reeves yet.
Chile is really good! We´ve had some really funny things happen this week, and good
things also. This week was the week of matchmaking. Ha ha. We have a few
investigators who went to activities for the church this week and they are all
finding people who they like...which is really good! It just so happens that we have
investigators who are in the age range for young single adults, and we have some
awesome young single adults in our ward and stake, so Jose Daniel, who is twenty,
found a few girls who he really likes, and also Luis, who is 36, has found a girl
who he likes. And the best part is that most of them are recent converts with really
strong testimonies. 
Another interesting thing that happened this week is our visit with a man named
Guiermo. We arrived at his house and he started talking about how he didn´t believe
the Book of Mormon and Christ never came to America and whatnot. He found on a
website for his church an article about the Mormons with a list of just about
everything in our church and how they were all wrong...he said a lot of bad things
about the Book of Mormon, even though he´s never read it...all according to this
paper that a man from his religion wrote. He went off on this list for about ten or
fifteen minutes, it was pretty long! And kept going....then he gave us cake and
juice...at least we had cake and juice while he railed on the church of Jesus Christ
:D...when he finally finished me and my companion were ready to leave because his
heart was completely closed right now to accept the gospel. It was the strongest
testimony that this is the true church. We are being persecuted for the truth by
another religion who supposedly believes that you should love one another! Later, I
read Alma 26:29-30. The Spirit touched my heart and I knew that I was doing the
right thing. Then I read Matthew 10:12-15...
This morning while we were playing soccer with some young members and investigators,
Jose Daniel asked what he has to do to be a missionary! :) :) He´s getting baptized
this weekend, the day after Christmas, so things are going well for him. It´s going
to be an interesting week though because of transfers, new companion, Christmas, and
baptisms to plan. I´m really excited. Also, Alvaro and Barbara are getting baptized
this weekend as well. 
It´s so amazing to see the gospel change people´s lives. We went to Luis´ house last
night to watch the Joseph Smith movie with him, and he was completely decked out in
missionary attire. He bought suit pants, a white shirt, new shoes, a
tie...everything, to come to the Church of Jesus Christ. We were really excited. It
means that he has the intention to keep coming :) When we watched the Joseph Smith
movie the Spirit was so strong. The Holy Ghost is awesome. He has accompanied us in
many lessons. It´s amazing how we´ll be in a lesson and we´ll explain things
perfectly about the gospel, and Jesus Christ, and the plan that God has for us. It´s
the gift of tongues...the promise that we have that "we will be given what we
need in the very moment that which shall be meted unto every man." That scripture is
literally true. 
Me and Elder Chavez had the opportunity to give two blessings this week. One to
Carlos, a man who is the "husband" to a member (I say husband in quotations because
they aren´t married) and one to their baby. It was really neat. Carlos is one of our
investigators...he has a lot of problems, physical as well as spiritual. He is an
alcoholic, but has come to church for the last three weeks with his family, and
since then he has been a LOT better. The blessings of coming to church are real. God
keeps his promises. We gave him a blessing and he looked so happy and better already
right after the blessing. It definitely gave him a spiritual boost.  James 5:14
I´ve heard before that tracting isn´t very effective, but I can attest that that is
not true! It´s all about your attitude. We have three investigators getting baptized
on Sunday that we found by knocking on their doors. And many more progressing
investigators who we found the same way! I thought about this with life...when
things are difficult, it´s all about our attitude on the outcome. If you have a
positive attitude, you will come out of every trial stonger than before. But if you
sulk and let other opinions rule over yours...what good will that do for you? None.
Always be happy and follow what you know to be true. Remember the promises that the
Lord has made to us...if we follow His commandments and have faith in Him. 
I guess that would be my parting message, be happy. Have a good attitude, and
remember how wonderful it is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Elder Gomez
Photos are of (I think): 
Volcano, me with the zone leaders, me with a giant truck of one of the members, a
sheeps head, Marco Jose Daniel and Javier 


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