Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Misc. info

None of the packages have made it
but that´s alright, they will eventually. Don´t worry. On the 23rd we will
get mail for the 2nd time. The 23rd is cambios. (transfers) I´m guessing I´ll get 
all of the packages then with the Christmas
stuff. :D I´ll have a good two days of putting a little tree up. Ha ha. I
think I´ll keep it up after Christmas too.  I think we will also have a Christmas program 
with the whole mission on the 23rd...so
I´ll most likely see Elder McConnell there and receive letters....and yeah, it will be
Fruit here is really cheap
There is a cake here called pan de pasqua. It is gross. It is really dry
fruitcake. But a lot of people like it.
They like the same music as the United States. They really like rigatone.
It´s like pop/ rap.
They like leaving the tv on during every single meal.
Peanut butter is super expensive here.
They have good food, but their desserts....eh....they just need to try
different things. Those cookies from grandma are going to be a huge hit with
Elder Chavez!
To answer Carlos´s question about how many book of mormons I´ve given away.
Probably 15 to 20. We mainly give away pass a long cards.

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