Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Passages from Dallin's November 22, 2010 snail mail letter

It's hard to get people to come to church here because there's not a church here (in Labranza). It's in Temuco. About 20 minutes by bus. It costs 430 pesos. A little less than a dollar one way. So almost two dollars for a round trip, per person. It's a bit of a scarifice for people, but it's so good when they do come. The only problem is that they hardly ever do. We're praying and have big hope for the people we are teaching to come to church.

The gospel really does solve problems caused by this world. It's amazing how many people trust us. Missionaries truly are representatives of the Lord. Adults have talked to us about their serious marital problems; domestic violence, etc. And I know that when we come into houses, it's right at the perfect time. We came into one house of a new-ishly baptized family, and violence had JUST happened. We read some scriptures with them and talked to them.  It's been over a week later now and things are much better now. If they didn't have the gospel, I KNOW they would not be together still today.
Here's some information:
-Bugs are called “bichos” or “bichitos”. It's so funny whenever someone says it. It reminds me of Dad a bit. Ha ha.
-A lot of people are named “Camila” here - -so shout out to Camilla!
-Yesterday I met a “Naomi”, shout out to Naomi!
-The bus drivers are literally INSANE! I don't know how there are not massive numbers of deaths talked about every day on the news from people dying in bus accidents. They swerve in between people, they go crazy!
I still think that it's weird that you'll get this in 2 weeks. By then something new will have already happened here. And I won't get news that is important from you for a month! Like Camilla could be pregnant right now, we could have a Ferrari, Mom could be bald, and I wouldn't even know!!! Heck, I could already have a new baby nephew and not know about it! 

Well, I love you and adios for now, Your brother, your son, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin -
Elder Gomez

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