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Monday, December 13, 2010

Photos and update from Dallin

Email December 13, 2010
 Hola queridos amigos y familia,

How are you all doing? Probably super bien. Espero que si. This week was
really good for me...I´m in the mission field! On Friday we visited with The
familia Aceiton...Iris, the mom, is a recent convert and we have been
teaching her two kids, Barbara and Alvaro, and just recently her husband.
Well...on Friday we went to their house to teach them and they were all home
and their Christmas tree was up. They all came into the front room and we
taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, gift of
the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We went over Alma 7:14-17 with
them. The spirit was so strong, and they both accepted to be baptized. It´s
really neat, because they have accepted to be baptized before, but they
always lacked the permission of their faither. He didn´t want them to be
baptized, but in the last couple weeks we have talked to him and now he is
completely soft hearted and receptive. When we asked them if they would be
baptized on the 26th, they kind of nodded, but they were looking at their
dad kind of hesitantly...he finally asked them "¿QuĂ© quieren?"  (what do you
want?)  And we knew then the we obviously had his permission. After that
they both accepted full heartedly. They are so ready. They don´t just think
that baptism is important...they UNDERSTAND it, they realize that this
church is the true and they understand why repentance, baptism, and the
other parts of this gospel are important. It´s pretty special. And the more
special part of it is that they are all doing this as a family. They spirit
was there and it was great! Their Christmas tree was shining bright and the
true meaning of Christmas made sense. They are going to have the most
special Christmas yet this year as the gospel has come into their lives.

I gave a talk in church on Sunday. It was on the birth of Jesus Christ. It´s
pretty humbling to get up in front of a Spanish ward and give a talk! When I
got up there I forgot Spanish for a second. Ha ha.

The people here are awesome. Sometimes you get in the habit of judging how
people will be before you even know them. I´ll be honest, I thought people
were going to be *different *here. Not in a bad way, just different. But in
the last month of so I´ve learned that everyone is similar. We are all
Children of God. They have the same problems, troubles, hopes, etc. The only
difference between people in the world is where they live, that´s it. That´s
why I always feel like I have tons of friends here.
I´m lucky being a missionary. Everywhere I go I have friends, it doesn´t
matter where. I already know ahead of time that everyone is my friend. It´s
pretty special...if I´m walking on the sidewalk and I feel like talking to a
friend, I stop and talk to the first person I see! And that´s what we´re
here for as missionaries. To be people´s friends and INVITE them to come
unto Christ. I emphasize that because honestly we´re not the ones doing
anything. We only invite and we hope that they accept the gospel. I hope we
all come to understand what it means to accept the gospel truly, and live by
it, and not be ashamed of it! (Romans 1:16) Go read the
scriptures. They´re better than any other book. I promise.

The photos are of:
-Me and Jose Daniel and Antonio. Two investigators that we found a couple
weeks ago. They are both 20 and really awesome. They are getting baptized on
the 26th. This was at a talent show that we had on Saturday. They have only
been playing the guitar for a couple weeks now but they are quick learners
and performed a song with my companion.
-Luis (in the Mickey Mouse shirt). He´s 36 and one of our investigators. We
found him on my first day in Chile and have been teaching him since. He´s
-My Jedi companion
-Ward choir singing at the ward Christmas party. It was a blast.
-Iris, who was recently baptized, with Barbara (who just accepted to be
baptized), and Leo, who is 5.
-Us four gringos at the ward Christmas party. I was with Elder Phillips on
an (splits) interchange for one day so Elder Chavez missed the ward party. Elder
Phillips is the big guy with glasses. Elder Kamalu is in the bottom left.
And Elder Jennings is the bottom right.
-The smallest missionary in Chile. She´s the daughter of one of the ward
members here.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas season and remembering why we
celebrate it. Because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I would recommend to
everyone reading "The Living Christ" the statement that the apostles and
first presidency put out in the year 2000 about Jesus Christ and how today
He lives!

Love you all,
Hope to hear from you soon,
Elder Gomez

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