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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snippets from Dallin's letter written November 29th

November 29, 2010
Mi Querido Familia -
 Como estan?
We've been doing intercambios (splits) quite abit lately. I am with Elder Jennings right now.  He's from Colorado, and has been out 2 months.  Our companions are in a meeting a few hours north with the district leaders. 
It's hard sometimes to take care of everything you need to do to have a house, cook, clean, buy food, pay bills, and be teaching and talking to people all the time also.  It's a lot to do, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. It's hard to know where I'm going direction wise. 
I believe whole-heartedly in 1 Ne 3:7, D&C 82:10, 1 Ne 17:50-51.  I am doing okay at the language - but we hardly ever have language study (because my companion Elder Chavez is native and doesn't need it) and we aren't very good at keeping our schedule.   He is really lax about it all and that's really not the problem.    He's a good missionary but I think if we followed our schedule and outline for how to do everything, we could be much more effective.  I really do believe in obedience!  We're not bad missionaries, BUT WE COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER!  I always just look at our potential.  And I always see the things we need to do better. Maybe I should look more on things we do good.  

I finally got letters on Friday.  First off, thankyou.  Thanks to Mom for your thoughts and quotes. They are so comforting and helpful and inspiring.  This gospel is so awesome and you always have thoughts that make it even more so!
Luis  - I've talked about him before.  He wants to get married and it's hard for him to be patient.  We found him on my first day here. He is really cool.  And he came to church!  Whoot!  The ironic thing was that the lesson in Sunday School was on eternal marriage.  Ha!  I was nervous of how he would take it all.  BUT never doubt the power of the spirit at church or any truth.   "Don't be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!"   It went good.  He liked church a lot.   I felt like Peter walking across the water to Jesus.  When he doubted even a tiny bit, he started to sink.  (Matt. 14:29-31).  I was nervous for Luis because he's tried for 15 years to get married and hasn't, and during the lesson the teacher read lots of scriptures that talked about how we are commanded to get married and multiply and replenish the earth.  I was nervous, but I'm telling you - NEVER doubt the truth or the scriptures!  He was on fire.   The spirit was there like always.
  We have also watched The Testaments with him and he liked that.  We need to finish teaching him the lessons and get a baptism date! 

Beto -- He is the husband of Daniela, an active member, and the father of Brandon and Kevin, also members.  But Beto has never gone to church.  This family is so nice!  They are the nicest people ever.  Very genuine.  Anyway we have been trying to get Beto to come to church and to read the Book of Mormon.  On Saturday night we had a lesson with him and we watched the Restoration video.    Afterwards we bore our testimonies and asked about his feelings and such.  He said he's still a little doubtful about Joseph Smith and the gold plates.  We REALLY STRESSED that the ONLY way he can know of these things is by reading, pondering, praying and coming to church.  So he committed to reading the Book of Mormon --but won't commit to praying because he doesn't want to promise something he couldn't keep.  It's unfortunate because prayer is the most important thing!  So we left knowing he would read for sure, maybe pray, maybe come to church....   no FOR SURE come to church!  We got up early and walked to his house before church.  When he opened the door and saw us, his eyes got so big!  But because we came to get him, he said he would come for sacrament meeting.   QUE BUENO!  So we left for church and he actually showed up earlier than he said!   Yeah, yeah!  So he also got that lesson on eternal marriage, sitting there in the class with his wife!!!  :)

   There are four missionaries assigned to our ward -  and we are starting a special class for Sunday School for investigators and recent converts.  It will be good!

By the way, there is an elder here in our ward named Elder Kamalu.  He is the piano player for the ward. He is AMAZING at the piano.  He can play any hymn with no music! During the sacrament meeting, he plays the hymns and adds improvised notes and at the same time he's just looking at the congregation the whole time. he doesn't even look down! Alright, enough of my jealousy!

  Well, that's all for now. We have some more investigators and hopefully at the end of December we'll have a few baptisms or dates set!   Maybe by the time you actually get this!  (which he did).
I love and miss you all -  Elder Gomez

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