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Monday, January 31, 2011

Dallin Collecting Cool Stamps

January 31, 2011  
Hello everybody,

I´m so glad to hear that everyone is doing good! Everyone who I have heard
from lately seems to be doing great. I am doing great too! We got the news
for cambios (transfers) on Saturday...and...I´m staying in Labranza for
another transfer! Elder Reeves is leaving! Already! We´ve only been together
for one cambio?? But all is well, he´s going to be a zone leader. I will be
getting Elder Beltran. There are two Elder Beltrans in the mission, but the
one almost everyone thinks I´m getting is from Columbia...so it should be
awesome. I´m exciting to be getting another Latino (native Spanish speaker)
As for my Spanish...I think I´m fluent. There are a lot of random words that
I still don´t know...but hey, there are a lot of random words in English
that I don´t know also.

Shout out to: Amy Berry! Claar Runyan! Candice Winters! Angie Cox! And
everyone else who´s pregnant! Babies are great.
Also to Brandon Winters, who I hear is getting his mission call this week!!
How awesome!

Here´s some random information that people have wondered before-
-we eat almuerzo (lunch) with members just about every day...but sometimes
they forget. So when they forget we just end up eating at our own house.
Basically...we eat meat, rice, potatoes, vegetables, pasta....that´s about
it! Sometimes there´s some different food...but normally it´s those five
things, which isn´t bad. I really like the food here. I´ve had Lasagna a few
times also.
-The biggest city close to Labranza is Temuco, which is about 15 or 20
minutes away. In Temuco there´s everything, it´s like a normal US city

Alright, this week was really good! We had a conference with Elder Carlos H.
Amado, of the seventy. He came down and spoke to about 75 of us
missionaries. The leaders of this church are truly called of God. Pay real
special attention to the next general conference in April...they are
inspired men who receive revelation to guide the world.

The highlight of this week was that the received two new members of the
church this week from Labranza, Chile! :) Luis and Beto. Luis was baptized
on Saturday! And him and Beto were confirmed yesterday in church. It has
been such a neat experience to teach them. I´m so lucky to be on my misison
in the service of the Lord!

Another highlight of this week was the blessing we were able to give to a
little baby. He is the son of a member and an investigator, and we got to
their house one day this week and his mom (member) asked us right away if we
could give him a blessing, because he had a bad fever and a cold. So we gave
him a priesthood blessing, and immediately afterward, and for the rest of
the time we were there, he was completely fine. Just a normal baby once
again, playing with us and not crying. He was healed. God really is here
with us, and there is a power in this world that we can´t see but is real!
The last two verses of D&C 131 say it really good. I think I´ve shared that
before. I really like it. Remember that if you ever need, you can ask a
priesthood holder for a blessing.
I´ve seen miracles and miracles happen here (and throughout my whole life)
but a lot here, physically and spiritually. I know they are real!

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday- we were knocking on doors
and a man opened it and straight up said "I don´t like you!" That was the
first thing he said. Ha ha. It ended better though. We explained some of the
things he had heard about but didn´t understand completely. Once people get
to know who we really are, there´s no way they can not like us, because we
are representatives of Christ, truly. But you can´t blame people for not
knowing that.
Well...to finish off, because my time is short, it really is a marvelous
work. Thanks for all of your support and love and prayers!

Tender Mercy- The spirit will always help you if you are doing what
you´re supposed to. I always try to rely on the Spirit, and I still don´t do
it nearly as much as I should- ALWAYS! And that goes for all of you too. If
you receive a good though of something to do, do it! It´s from the spirit.

Oh, also, there is an official...game? starting right now. A stamp contest.
I´ve taken up a new hobbie since I´ve been on the mission, collecting
stamps. So I´m calling out to everyone...send me cool stamps on your
letters! I will keep track of who sends the coolest stamps and they will
win! (and I´ll have a bunch of cool stamps:D )

Love, Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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