Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dear Mom funnies

I decided to share some of the stuff from my Dallin email because it was funny! 
How are you Mom? 
I made a goal here, I´m going to come home way good at fútbol and piano.
 And I made another goal...I´m not going to break the word of wisdom
 anymore...ha ha. :D I was at a members house and they gave us this really good
 completely natural orange nectar....yeah...right....it was actually tea. I had like 3
 cups full. It was really good! Me and Elder Reeves looked at the package
 because it was so good and we wanted to get some...and Elder Reeves read
 the back and it was tea. Great! And this was at Beto´s house, who we were
 ABOUT to teach the Word of Wisdom to. We did end up teaching it actually, and it
 was good....but I´m a sinner.
 Let´s see...everything is good!

 Que dijo un jaguar al otro?  Jaguar you? 
 Have Dad read it in his accent.

 I love you, Elder Gomez

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