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Monday, January 3, 2011

Earthquake !!

Hola everyone,

Did the subject of the email get your attention? I hope so. There actually
was an earthquake here yesterday. It´s a long story though...basically, it
was really strong, about a 7.1 people say...but the only problem, I DIDN´T
FEEL IT! I´m so angry. This is the second earthquake I haven´t felt. We were
walking while it happened, we arrived in this little neighborhood area and
EVERYONE was outside their houses...and they all said there was an
earthquake that was really strong and it shook their houses really good...I
don´t even know...I have a disability to miss cool experiences.


Yesterday, we confirmed Jose Daniel a member of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints. I love watching people find the truth for themselves.
There´s some more good news too, We have two more baptisms this coming

Barbara is one of them, she is 12, and has been waiting for quite a while
now to be baptized. She´s been waiting for her older brother Alvaro, who is
15, to get baptized too. He might get baptized this week, but it´s not
likely. He is ready...but he´s just nervous or scared or something. Barbara
finally said that she doesn´t want to wait for him anymore, she just wants
to be baptized. I think her baptism is going to help him though.

Also, Camila! She is 15. Me and Elder Chavez found her while knocking doors
a little over a month ago. We started out teaching her mom, and then
eventually found that she was the most interested out of her family. From
the very start, she kept her commitments to read in the Book of Mormon. She
ready 3 Nephi 11 first and really liked it. After that we helped her family
move to a different part of Labranza. (aka, her dad throwing mattresses out
of the upstairs window hoping that me and Elder Chavez would just...catch?
them) It was fun :) Ha ha. After that, in their new house, we started
teaching them about the church of Jesus Christ, and the restoration, and
Camila really liked it and understood it. She loves the Book of Mormon. She
has marked a lot of verses that she likes and has written questions that she
has about it. We went to teach her once with a member, Tamara, who has been
a member for just a year, and they became friends right then, and Camila
came to church with her the first time and loved it. The next week she came
to church on her own, early! It really is a miracle when an investigator
from our sector, Labranza, comes to church on time or early, because it´s
more than 20 minutes away by bus and people have all sorts of excuses. But
she came, and loved it again. We finally invited her to be baptized and she
was excited and accepted right away (another rare thing!) She asked if I
would baptize her. Of course I will. It´s incredible what the gospel can do
to people´s lives. Before we started teaching her, she was pretty worldly,
and wasn´t very religious, but the gospel has become precious to her. That
is my favorite thing ever! When the gospel changes people and becomes
precious to them.

Now I have to tell you about Beto! Beto is awesome. He´s about 40, and his
wife and two kids are members. Me and Elder Chavez taught him and worked
with him a lot, and he knew that getting baptized was the right thing, but
he didn´t want to put a date on it. He had a little bit of fear or
nervousness or something. He´s really honest, and doesn´t commit to anything
that he´s not going to do. For a long time he wouldn´t commit to pray
because he wasn´t going to do it. Eventually we commited them to start
praying as a family every night. They actually did it, and have been praying
every night since! Well, we visited him again last night, and taught him
more, the spirit was there, and he finally commited to be baptized on the
22nd! Some of the scriptures we read with him were Alma 7:11-16, 3 Nephi
27:19-20, 1 Nephi 3:7. Since the spirit was there last night, he was able to
really understand it. When the spirit is with you, you can learn so much
more than you think you´re learning without it. I´m so excited for him. The
best part was afterward, his wife, Daniela, started crying and thanked us
for all of the work that we´ve done with him, and then bore her
testimony. It was awesome! I love experiences like that.

Speaking of experiences, I had a really really cool experience this week. I
was on divisions with Elder Gomez, from Paraguay. He usually works in an
area about 45 minutes away from us. So we finished teaching one lesson with
some awesome investigators who I would tell you about if I had more time,
and we started walking back towards our house to meet up with Elder Reeves
and Elder Phillips eventually, but we still had some time, and we were
thinking about who we should go visit, and in the middle of a street, with
tons of houses, I stopped randomly and turned and went up to a random door
and I said to him we should just knock on the last 7 or 8 doors of this
street. So we knocked on the door and Carolina opened it and let us in right
away! She is 22 and has ALL sorts of problems. She is searching seriously
for a change in her life. She kept asking us, "what can I do?" We read with
her some scriptures of comfort and invited her to read the Book of Mormon
and promised her that it will help solve her problems and give her guidance
in life. I also asked her why she let us in her door, and she said she
doesn´t really know because she doesn´t let other missionaries in ever. She
just had a feeling to let us in. :) We still haven´t found her home again
yet, but I think she´s going to be home now that the New Year´s parties are
over. She is a person who is prepared to hear the gospel, just like it says
in the scriptures. There are people who are kept from the true because they
know not where to find it.

Tender Mercy- The Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon was a person, it
would definitely be a missionary. We have us two missionaries who try to do
our best teaching people about the gospel, but we can never do it by
ourselves. When our investigators read the Book of Mormon, that is when they
start knowing the church is true. No crazy bad man would write such an
amazingly good book about Jesus Christ. OH YEAH, I almost forgot a major
awesome thing that happened this week, Jose Daniel read the Book of Mormon
in 3 days!!!!!!!!! Whooh.

That´s all for now, hope to hear from you soon.
 I love you all.

Elder Gomez

ps- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. 
-Pictures: Me and Jose Daniel just after his baptism and just after his confirmation
-The picture with a family is Iris (recent convert), Alvaro, who will be
baptized soon we hope, Barbara, who will be baptized this weekend, Leo,
their 5 year old son, and me and Elder Sanchez, from Nicaragua.
-Me and the necklace that Camila gave me. She wants me to wear it to her
-Me, right before I killed my companion, Elder Reeves, with a pig roaster.
-Me and Elder Reeves eating with the Obreques, a really nice family who has
fed us like 5 or six times over the last couple weeks. They are awesome and
love the missionaries!
-Me and Elder Reeves pointing at a possible baptismal spot to show to


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