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Monday, January 10, 2011


January 10, 2011

Hola familia y amigos,

This week was very eventful. First of all, we had two baptisms this week! :)
Barbara (12) was baptized. And Camila (15)  was baptized! I´ll attach
pictures. They are both awesome and were so ready to be baptized.

One of the highlights this week was that LUIS (36) accepted finally an
invitation to be baptized! It´s a long story, but basically...he believes
the church is true. Every part of it. He has a testimony of Joseph Smith,
the Book of Mormon, and all of the commandments. He stopped drinking coffee
with no problem. He used to drink 6 cups throughout each morning, and he
immediately went to drinking juice and has ever since. The only thing that
was keeping him from being baptized was that he didn´t think he´s received
an answer. The problem is, he´s waiting for God to answer him with some
physical sign, but the thing is...he´s already felt the Holy Ghost...that´s
how he knows that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that everything in our
church is true. But he wants to know everything before he gets baptized.
We´ve read all sorts of scriptures with him, Ether 12:6, and others. And I
think he finally understands how God works now! He won´t give everything to
you, you have to show your faith first and ACT! So he said that even if he
doesn´t receive "his answer", he is going to be baptized on the 23rd of this
month! That´s also the same day as Beto is going to be baptized, so we are

Another cool thing that happened with Luis is that his mom was at his house
one of the days we came. She was so happy to meet us and said that Luis had
told her a lot about us. She thanked us for all of the things we´ve done for
her son. She said that we´ve changed a lot of things! One specific thing
that she mentioned is that he dumped all of his bad friends, or party
friends basically, who just wanted him to drink with them. And he doesn´t
feel as lonely anymore. He´s 36 and unmarried and has wanted to get married
for a long time now. Anyway, it was pretty neat to have a mom of a 36
year-old thank us for changing her son. Thank our Savior Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we taught Beto the Word of Wisdom and we watched the video, "Touch
of the master" I think it´s that in English. It´s a really awesome video
about an old man who is a very skilled violin maker. He made a really really
beautiful violin, and played a song on it right after it was finished. Then
he sold it to someone, and it started to get beat up and scratched and
broken through different owners. Finally, after a while, the violin doesn´t
look very attractive, and it´s put up for sale in an auction. At first it
was only going to sell for 3 or 4 dollars...but finally, a man walked up to
the front, cleaned it up, fixed the strings, and then played a beautiful
song on it, and then gave it back to the auctioneer. someone bought it for
$3,600. All it needed was a touch of the maker.
It´s all related to us, and how we are all creations of Heavenly Father, our
maker. And there are people who don´t treat their bodies right. Slowly, they
lose their self worth. But in the end all that we need is a touch of the
master-- Jesus Christ, to heal us.
He committed to live the word of wisdom and he is excited still for his
baptism! Whooh.

Another highlight of this week is that we had 10 investigators at church! 12
including Barbara and Camila, but they got baptized after church so they´re
members now. :)

Another really neat family that we are teaching are Magali (mom) and
Carolina (18). Through finding and teaching them, I have gained a testimony
of following the spirit. We first knocked on Magali´s door probably a month
ago, and she wasn´t too interested. She said she was kind of busy so we
asked if we could come back another day. We came back, and we did something
that we normally don´t do. Magali wasn´t interested and was trying to get us
to leave basically. We (me and Elder Chavez) just kept talking to her
though! We usually don´t like to stay too long if we can see the people
clearly aren´t interested. And that´s basically what Magali was saying, but
we just kept talking and not leaving! Ha ha. And she kept giving us reasons
why she wasn´t interested. Finally, we said that maybe someone in your house
is interested even if you´re not, so she said gave us a phone number and
said that we can come back the next day and see. So we came back, and her
daughter Carolina was home, but Magali wasn´t. Carolina (18) has all sorts
of good questions! We taught her, and we taught them 1 or 2 more lessons,
answering really good questions that they have, and invited them to church,
which we do to a lot of people. But they actually came! It was pretty cool.
They stayed for the baptisms after church too. And they LOVED it! Everyone
who comes to church can feel that there is something right about it. So
later in the afternoon we stopped by and only Magali was there, but we had a
really good lesson with her. She and Carolina understand the gospel so well!
A lot of people feel the spirit and believe it, but still they won´t learn a
lot of it until they´ve been members for a while. But they already know a
lot now! They are going to be members soon, I´ve got a feeling.

Let´s see, what else? I´ve been having allergies like crazy. They nearly
kill me sometimes. But somehow I´m alive at the end of the day. I think
I´m allergic to air or something, which is really bad because it´s necessary
to live. (ha ha, joke)

My companion, Elder Reeves, is really cool. He´s from Arizona, has 8
brothers and sisters. Darn, he beat me!

I´ll end it here! This is a long one. Ask me any questions you have.

Tender Mercy- I´ve received energy that I technically shouldn´t have! It´s
been in the 90´s almost the whole week, and walking around all day, playing
soccer, teaching people, non-stop is exhausting, but I´ve specifically
prayed for strength to make it through without losing my....my...awakeness?
God TRULY answers prayers.
   Oh yeah, one more thing too, we fasted this last week, (fasting is brutal
here) and we fasted specifically that Luis would accept an invitation for
baptism. Sure enough, only a few hours after we started our fast, Luis
accepted our invitation! We´ve challenged him 3 or 4 times already...but the
power of fasting is real!

Love you all, see you in 20 months.

Elder Gomez

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