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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day from Dallin

January 17, 2011
Hola familia y amigos,
Everything has been really good this week. I´m learning a lot like always.
We had the confirmations for Camila and Barbara this week. It was a really
neat experience. Normally the bishop confirms them during sacrament
This time I confirmed one of them though. The only scary part was that I was
informed that I would confirm her 5 minutes before Camila was to be
confirmed so I was like...yeah...ok, I can do this...and then I realized
that I don´t know how to confirm someone in Spanish, and THEN I realized
that I probably did know because I have heard it before and that I could
probably figure it out.  It was fine. I said some random words
that I´ve heard before but I don´t know what they mean, so I was a little
nervous that I said something bad or something. Ha ha. But apparently
everything sounded right, so that´s good! It was really cool talking to
Camila and Barbara afterward. They described how they felt during the
confirmations and they felt the spirit so strong. I´m so happy to be here
being a part of the work of the Lord.

Elder Reeves is pretty cool. We´re having a good time working
together...but I have a feeling one of us is leaving in a couple weeks for
the next transfer. And I have a feeling it´s me. But...who knows. His
parents are about to be mission presidents. They know it´s going to be a
Spanish speaking mission but they are going to find out in the next few
weeks where. They will start in July...right when my mission president
leaves....oooohh. Ha ha. They could possibly come here, who knows? If you
randomly want to see Elder Reeves´ parents,
there you go. They are the fourth down.

This morning our stake played soccer against the other stake down here. It
was intense. My goal for myself while I´m down here is to come back
playing soccer like a professional. There are so many good players! Little
five year olds can dominate me. I always ask them to teach me their

This week we have two more baptisms. Beto! y Luis!!! I´m so excited. Beto´s
family has always been active members and I think a lot of missionaries
tried to work with him, but they never made much progress. But me and
Chavez worked with him a lot, and he finally knows that the Book of Mormon
is true, and that Joseph Smith is a true profet. Once people gain a
SPIRITUAL witness that Joseph Smith did in fact see Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ and is a true propet...goodness, how do you spell prophet in
English? Once they know that, they automatically know that all of the
parts such as the word of wisdom and tithing are true.
Even Luis, who had the HARDEST time with tithing, because he is on a very
strict budget, and doesn´t want to give away his money, knows that it´s a
true law from God. He knows it because he knows that the gospel really was

By the way, Jose Daniel has been reading and studying Jesus the Christ,
and his testimony is doing good....but then we went to his house yesterday
he was out in the park...WITH A LIP RING! Flip. Anyway, he still is
reading  and has a testimony....I´m just contemplating how we can help him
understand that lip rings aren´t good!

And that is what has been on my mind a lot lately...if this gospel was in
fact restored, then we have a lot of work to do!! Vamos my brothers and
sisters! Lets be the saints that Our Heavenly Father needs. The reason
been on my mind is because of all the members that there are here in Chile,
15% are active. It´s sad. We find a lot of inactive members
while tracting. And so I´ve been thinking a lot about how all of us as
followers of Christ, his true church, we know the truth of life! Why are
so many inactive? Honestly, this work is going to keep going forward until
everyone in the world has heard the news about Christ, but wouldn´t it be
better if we helped it move a lot faster. I promise, it´s super cool to be
a part of it. :) Let´s always strive to be the good examples Heavenly
Father needs!

Everyone is awesome here. The members are so nice, and always willing to
help and FEED the missionaries. :D The people in general are really
The biggest responses we get from people, or the most common, is that it
doesn´t matter what religion you believe in as long as you believe in
Christ. But in reality, there is a right way, there is one way! The gospel
of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 4:5 is true!

I love you all, and hope everything is good. I just found out it was Martin
Luther King Jr. Day. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day :)

Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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