Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Monday, February 28, 2011

email February 28, 2011

Feb 28, 2011 

Hello hello,

How are you all? Things are good here. I´ve had some good experiences this
week. My testimony has been strengthened this week of this church. How it
really is the one true church on the earth that is complete. I´ve had the
opportunities to talk to a lot of people from different religions, and I´ve
had my testimony grow about the truthfulness of the apostasy. That after
Christ and His apostles died, many churches were formed based on the
precepts of men, and they denied the basic simple truths of the gospel.

How did I get so lucky to be a part of this? I asked myself that a little
while ago. Why was I one of the people that just happened to be born into
this church. I´m so glad that I was. We as members have a big
responsibility. We need to keep helping each other. It DOESN´T matter if you
have a grudge against someone or they said something mean about you or
something like that....the Savior was dying on the cross when he said
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." I´ve been thinking
about this a lot lately because one of our recent converts was offended by
another member about her age, and now she hasn´t come to church for a while.
But literally...this offense that took place, was ONE WORD! This member said
one word that she may or may not have meant meanly....but because of that
our new member doesn´t want to come to church...doesn´t want anything
anymore. How far will we go with our pride? I thought about the little
things in my life that I have let work in me...when I´ve let Satan into my
head. I´ve had a lot of experiences with that. I need to get better...but in
the mean time, I thought I´d mention it and invite everyone to forgive
someone who has done something to you in the past. Whether it be big or
small, you will feel a burden lift from your back. And you´ll probably have
a new friend.

Here´s something funny that happened this week while we were tracting. As we
walked up to a house, there was a little boy riding his bike outside and we
said, "Hola" and he ran inside the house yelling "nana nana! there´s some
men outside who are coming to cut the power!" :D I love when little things
like that happen. Life is funny isn´t it.

There´s not too much more to report about this week. Other than our two
investigators who are ready for baptism...but they just need to get married.
(two different couples) So we are doing all we can for that. We are hoping
that this week we will have some new good investigators. We did a lot of
contacting this week and we found a few good people. We are praying and
hoping that they continue and progress in the gospel.

I know that this church is true. I read the scriptures and my testimony is
constantly strenthened. They are completely solid. They can´t be beat! :)

Tender Mercy- Alma 60:13. The plan of God is real. When people understand
what it says in that scripture feel that it is true, an amazing amount of
peace enters into their life. I know that this life is not all.

I love you all. Sorry for a lack of information today...I also have a really
bad memory, that could be part of the problem. The days go by fast, and a
lot of them are pretty similar, so I lose track sometimes. But I do know
that I love you all!

Elder Gomez

I´ll attach a few pictures. The second attached picture I need some help
with...is it good advice or a misspelling?? Ha ha :D

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snaiil Mail Letter dated 7 Feb 2011

Hola Familia! 
This week was good. I've learned a lot!  My new companion is Elder Beltran. He's from Columbia. He's funny and nice....  He's planning on marrying Tali.  He refers to me as brother-in-law sometimes. It's pretty funny.  He wants to go to BYU to study. I told him if he plays his cards right he might have a chance. :)
Moving on, I've come to really love the scriptures.  They are really cool.  I wish I would have gotten into them more before the mission.   I read them... I even understood them mostly... but I didn't do nearly enough of what I could.  Like Elder Holland said, the Book of Mormon is safety for the soul.   It's more than just good literature, it's more than the history of a civilization. It contains EVERYTHING we need to do to gain eternal life, to be happy, to fix problems in our life, that's why it literally contains the FULLNESS of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"No member of this Church can stand approved in the presence of God who has not seriously and carefully read the Book of Mormon." (Joseph Fielding Smith)

This week we've been teaching people, introducing my new companion, and trying to help people progress in the gospel. It's difficult sometimes to help people change their lives, but at the same time it's AMAZING when it does happen.  That's why I'm here, to try to achieve the amazing.

(This part makes me laugh... I'll tell you why after I type what Dallin said)

I don't remember where I read it, but I was reading a talk of some sort from a general authority.  About our family home evenings, they said "a casual get together thing isn't enough anymore."  they said, "We need action-packed family home evenings, and maybe even more than once a week!"  
(It makes me laugh because those are my words out of the 5th Sunday lesson I gave a few weeks ago!   I sent him the lesson I gave.)

It made me think of all of our good times that's we've had in our house... but it's true!  We have to really dive into the scriptures and understand them, then the scriptures are fun!  
I never thought I would have so much fun studying and reading Jesus the Cristo...  Christ!
Well, I have to go now, but I wish you all a merry winter. It's the opposite of winter here!   I love you all and miss you! Love, Elder Gomez

Monday, February 21, 2011

Apostles and Doughnuts and Bowling

Feb 21, 2011
Hola hola!
Como estas mi familia? Y amigos?
This week was been good. We had interviews with the mission president on
Friday, they were really good and president Swenson gave me some great
advice....but it´s confidential...hehehe :)

This week we had a really cool family home evening with Luis, Jose Daniel,
and the Catalans. The Catalans are a really cool member family. They are
pretty young, both served missions, and they have a little daughter. (Jose
Daniel and Luis are recent converts) Luis taught a little lesson about
repentance and forgiveness. It was so good! He shared his testimony, used
some great scriptures, and even used a story from the Liahona (ensign) He
talked about how sometimes we repent, and ask forgiveness of the Savior, but
sometimes we forget that we have to forgive others also. And that is the
hardest part for us sometimes. He shared the story about the lady who was in
a concentration camp in Germany with her sister, and her sister ended up
dying there. Many years later, one of the cruelest guards there came up to
her and said that he was one of the guards in the camp, and he said that in
the mean time he had become Christian and had repented of his sins and
changed his life, and he asked for her forgiveness. She said that the moment
seemed to last forever, and finally she reached out and took his hand and an
amazing feeling overwhelmed her. She learned what it really meant to forgive
in that moment. Anyway, Luis shared that and the lesson was awesome!

I realized...man...a few months ago we found Luis and started teaching him,
and look at this now, just a little while later, and he is the one teaching
us! I love missionary work.

Yesterday in the church, we had stake conference, and there was a satellite
broadcast. We got to hear from a member of the seventy, Elaine S. Dalton
(general young women´s president), Elder D. Todd Christofferson, And
President Boyd K. Packer! It was awesome! They gave really great messages
about being witnesses of God in all things, at all times, in all places,
about marriage (it was really good for Luis, because he needs to get
married!), and they pounded missionary work! And how the Lord needs every
young man possible to serve! It was a really good conference. And I had no
idea that Elder Christofferson is Latino. He speaks peeeerfect Spanish! I
kid you not. Everyone here said that he sounded completely Latino, they
couldn´t even hear an American accent. And it´s true. I admire his Spanish!
I want to speak that perfect one day!

In case you remember, my last companion, Elder Reeves, his parents were
going to be mission presidents but he didn´t know where still. They found out last
week that they are going to be in the Puebla, Mexico mission! How awesome.

Speaking of different missions around the world, everyone should let me know
where young men back at home have received their calls to. I want to hear
where everyone is going! If someone got their call since last October or so,
you should tell me where!

I realized the other day...I had always heard how the gospel has been spread
throughout the world, and how it´s on every continent now. But I never
realized the significance of that for real until recently. I was remembering
how long the flight was from the US to Chile...and it was LONG! We passed over
oceans, lots of countries, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, for a loooong
time, and finally we arrived in Chile. How did the gospel ever travel that
far? Because it´s the truth! The truth of life. Of course it will reach
everyone eventually. The first missionary in S. America was in 1925 or
so...in Argentina, and now all of the sudden there are thousands and
thousands of members all over the place! How? It was only one 14 year old
American boy. So amazing...really. Because it´s real! True! Even read the
Book of Mormon! :)

Tender Mercy- How even when you have such difficulties in life, when you are
ready to give up all hope...you can learn so much about life, about the
gospel, about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ truly is the answer to every
problem. He loves each and every one of you. I have seen his love so clearly
in my life, especially in the last year or so. Don´t forget him in your
hours or need. He´s always there for you whether you like it or not!

Love, Elder Gomez

P.S. By the way mom, I got your package! Thank you so much! I love love love it!
The sausage links are AMAZING. You can send those any time you want. And the
chocolate! Mmm. And thank you so much for the flashdrive and SD memory and the pens! I´m so happy! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outdated but FUN snail mail letter from Dallin :)

24 Enero 2011 Lunes
Hola Familia! 
?Como Estan ustedes?  Estoy super bien y contento aqui.  Es muy loco de que casi esta terminado mi segundo cambio. Este cambio ha sido rapido con muchas buenas cosas y bendiciones. Este cambio hemos tenido 4 bautismos y esperamos que Luis puede ser bautizado en Sabado al fin de la semana. (Luis DID get baptized that Saturday).  Mi espanol es muy mal todavia... isn't it Dad?  I never know when to throw in random "de"s y "que"s. It's a little confusing still, that's part.

I really can't believe that I'm almost done with 5 months of the mission.  I remember like is was yesterday when me and Elder Arnett were saying "WOW, we are already a MONTH into our mission!" Ha ha.
I didn't send a (snail mail) letter last week because we didn't have any time.  We had to leave early in the morning to meet our zone where we played soccer against the other zone in Temuco.   It was really fun.
     We had a conference on Wednesday . President Swenson talked to us about using Preach My Gospel.  It was a really good talk.  And really necessary, because right now there are too many missionaries who believe there are substandard "norms" in the mission and that it's okay to not live up to their potential.    We, the younger missionaries, who have come from the MTC with the strong counsel to use and live by the Preach My Gospel manual, are to be the examples to change how missionary work is done.   We were told we can't submit to the "norms" of the mission.   We all have so much potential, but it's always a challenge to stay focused.  But in reality, whenever you do everything you are supposed to do, you ALWAYS see the fruit of your labor.  It seems like it's hard for some missionaries to trust in that when they are so used to being a little bit lazy.  I try to be a good example. I think it's paying off.   We will have five baptisms soon.  I think that's  almost the most in the entire mission.
   There are some families here in Labranza that I'm going to miss so much. The Obreque's.  They remind me of Gema and Marcos.  They have kids about the same age...  they are SOO SOO nice.   She feeds us whenever the members forget or something and she is always there for us.  Hermano Obreque is hilarious.    He was baptized 10 years ago and is a STRONG member now.   They are such good people.
     Then we have the Catalans.  They are about 28 and 24 I would guess.   They have a cute little daughter Martina.  I think I have actually sent photos of all these people.   Anyway  -they both served missions and they're pretty young still, so we always talk to them about the mission and they tell us all sorts of stories from theirs.    We had lunch with them today (Sunday) and we were looking at their mission pictures. He went to Ecuador and she went to Antofagasta, Chile.  I found a lot of cool scriptures as I thumbed through their scriptures.    She told me a funny story. All of the elders in her mission would tell people, when they asked what they wanted to do after they missions, to look in 1 Ne. 11:10 --then straight to verse 15. Read it. You won't regret it.
     Speaking of that, my companion got a letter from a girl this week who hasn't written him for a year, or did, but it didn't make it because of the earthquake.   So he got it finally, and this is a girl he really liked before his mission.  So he keeps rereading the letter a lot.  Ha ha ha.  he's actually writing her right now.  For me, I haven't thought about girls for so long!  It's pretty cool.

     This week a general authority is coming to talk to us and answer any questions we have.   I'm excited!

Oh yeah, the other really cool family is Beto's family.   They are so nice.  Brandon is 17 and he's a DJ.  A really good DJ.  He's way funny too.  Beto is way funny and nice.  I keep saying WAY, huh?   Today Daniela (Beto's wife) told me that they want to come visit me and you guys in a few years in Utah.  They are planning on it.  I told them they have to come for general conference time when they come so that they can see it all at once.   And they also want you all to come down here.   Mom and Dad do you want to come and get me from Chile - or make a trip back right away kind of like Paul and Amy did with Jacob?   Because I have a bunch of people you need to meet!

As for missionary work.  It's good.  We're working a lot to find new investigators as our current ones are all getting baptized :) !  The other day, we found a really neat lady who is super accepting. She had some great questions about baptism by water AND the spirit.  And authority.
   Speaking of the questions of our investigators, Carolina, who is 18 and her mom Magali, have so many questions all the time.   Random questions.  Carolina asked why the scriptures always say baptism por agua Y por fuego Y por el spiritu  - because we taught her that fire was the spirit.   But it does say both.    Good question huh?
Tomorrow I am going to do the second part to get my ID card of Chile, se llama Carnette.  We have to leave really early tomorrow morning.  Well, it's time for bed now.   I'll send this off in the morning.

I love you all, Elder Gomez

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 from Chile

Hello hello,

Happy Valentine´s day everyone! This week has been good. Missionary work
is cool. I´m constantly learning a ton here...about myself, other people,
the gospel, life in general. It´s awesome.  If you happened to hear about
ANOTHER earthquake this week, and wondering if I´m ok, yes, I´m ok. If you're
wondering if I felt it, of course I didnt. I have a problem, I can´t feel
cool natural disasters! But as long as I´m alright, right?

We ate at pizza hut today. It was good...but not quite as good as pizza hut
in the United States. I´ll attach a picture.

This week we´ve been working a lot with inactive members. There are a lot of
people who have a hard time going to church...for some it´s money, for some
it´s their job...for others it´s laziness...but for whatever reason, we´ve
been working a lot with them. We´ve been blessed with a lot of references
also. We received more references from members and nonmembers this week that
I ever have before. We found a lot of new people and we´re excited. Our
recent converts are all doing good. All except for Camila I would say.
Barbara and her mom are both active and their testimonies keep growing. They
are awesome. Jose Daniel is doing good...still reading Jesus the Christ :D
Beto is good, his family has been a big source of our references this week.
Luis is doing great. He´s still on the look out for a wife....I hope he
finds a lovely lady soon. If anyone over there in Utah has a friend down
here in Labranza or Temuco, let me know. Just kidding. But he is doing good.
Camila....has received a lot of persecution from her friends for getting
baptized, and it doesn´t help that she´s been on vacations for the last 3
Sundays...I sure hope she´s staying strong and remembering her testimony.

Elder Beltran is from Colombia. He is nice....funny....loves
motorcycles...loves futbol (soccer), he´s been in the mission field for 15
months now. His back has been really giving him a hard time lately, so it´s
sad to see him in pain all the time...I´m sure he´ll be fine though :D He is
pretty tall, skinny, although he says that he´s gained like 25 pounds in the
mission field. He is 23 years old. He´s a twin, his brother served a mission
already, in Colombia. His brother returned from his mission, and a month
later Elder Beltran left. He didn´t want to serve a mission for a long time.
Actually there´s a funny story- he said that his stake president kept
bugging him about a mission...you have to go on a mission! When are you
going to start your papers...and finally Elder Beltran told him that he
would pray about it, and his stake president said (in his own words) "Are
you stupid?! Do you think the Lord is going to say NO about it??? Of course
he wants you to go!" Ha ha. I´m sure he told him that he could still pray
about it though. I thought it was funny. He shared that story in a lesson we
had. We were talking about going to church, and talking about how the Lord
will help us if we ask him. We shouldnt ask if we should go to church...of
COURSE we should go to church, but if it´s hard for you to wake up or
something, you can pray for strength to help you to be able to wake up!

I think I´ve said this before, but members are such an important part to
missionary work. And that doesn´t mean only here in this ward in Chile, it
means in the whole world! That means you too! :) Just try and reach out to
as many of your friends as you can. Remember what it says in Doctrine and
Covenants 88:81...I believe. (if that scripture says something random,
disregard it, but I think it´s right)

I´ve been getting to know everyone here in Labranza really good, considering
I´ve been here for months now. It´s going to be hard to leave. But I´m
trying my best to "leave it better than I found it" (like we do in scouts)
This work can be hard sometimes. Especially with Satan throwing everything
he possibly can in your way to stop you. He knows exactly what´s going on in
this work. He´s losing souls. The only way to stay away from him is doing
everything that the prophet has counseled. And by living the principles of
the gospel. We have commandments to set us free. Like a kite flying in the
air. The string is holding it to the ground, which allows it to soar in the
air. As soon as you "let it free" it will come crashing down to the ground.
And so it is with us and the commandments. (if you want a GREAT poem about
this subject, contact the fabulous Tali Gomez. Ask for a free copy of "Bird
Fishing" You won´t regret it- (801) 252-0767)  :)

Thank you all for everythng you´ve done for me. I think about all of the
amazing examples and friends and help that I received before the mission,
and I´m amazed! Thank you. It has all helped me to be here.

Tender Mercy- The testimonies of little kids. I love when they pray and they
are so specific in their prayers, especially when it comes to other people.
They´re not selfish...like me sometimes. "Please help me with this....please
bless me with that" It´s always things that have to do with other people.
They are unselfish. I´m going to try to be more unselfish this week.

I love you all, have a great week,

Elder Gomez
ps- I attached some pictures of random animals and bugs and creatures. And a
picture of me and my companion in Pizza Hut and playing ping pong.

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

Friday, February 11, 2011

aftershocks from the BIG one last year

Chile hit by powerful earthquake

Man cycles away from coast in Constitucion Residents hurried away from coastal areas after the earthquake hit
An 6.8-magnitude earthquake has struck central Chile, in the region that was hit by a huge quake and tsunami in February last year.
Thousands of people fled to higher ground but there have been no reports of deaths or serious damage.
In the following hours two smaller quakes struck in the same area.
President Sebastian Pinera praised Chileans for responding quickly, saying they had learned the lessons of last year's quake and were better prepared.
"Experts and seismological centres have said that we can expect aftershocks up to five years after the earthquake of 27 February [2010]," the president warned.
The epicentre of Friday's earthquake, which hit at 2005GMT, was under the Pacific Ocean, about 45km (30 miles) north of Concepcion.
Two smaller quakes over the next five hours struck slightly nearer to the city.
The director of Chile's national emergency agency (Onemi) said "people reacted with concern".
Some hurried into the streets, with those near the ocean seeking higher ground from fear of a possible tsunami.
"There was a preventive self-evacuation" said Onemi director Vicente Nunez, adding that people could now return home.
Electricity and phone services disrupted in some areas.
But the navy "totally discounted any risk of a tsunami," said Vice-Interior Minister Rodrigo Ubilla
Chile is still rebuilding after last February's massive quake, which smashed infrastructure and triggered a tsunami that devastated several coastal towns, killing more than 400 people.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Feb 7, 2011
Hola everyone,

First off...SHOUT OUT TO BRANDON WINTERS!!!!!! Wow...Africa...wow.....I
don´t even know what to think. Of course Africa for Brandon...he´s Brandon.
I don´t know what else to say. I´m way excited for you!

I can´t believe five months have passed by! They´ve been pretty action
packed. At the beginning of this week, I picked up my new companion at the
terminal. Elder Beltran, from Colombia. He´s tall and funny and a good
This week was good, we´ve been looking for new people to teach. It´s not
easy to teach something so...BIG, and important, that will change their
lives forever...like the gospel!
The first lesson that we teach has to do with the basics of God, Christ, and
the church that Christ established, and how it was restored to the earth.
When Christ came to this earth, he established a church, to edify the
saints, to make the covenants such as baptism, to be able to return to live
with our Father in Heaven. The church of Jesus Christ was established in a
special way, Jesus Christ was the head, with his twelve apostles, and
others, seventies, etc. etc. But people rejected Christ, and killed him,
Peter filled the spot as the prophet, but eventually all the apostles were
rejected and many murdered. The world went into an apostasy, just like has
happened always before in the history of the world. In the apostasy, truths
of the gospel of Jesus Christ were lost because there was no prophet on the
earth, no one with the authority, the priesthood, to receive revelation for
the world. Because of this, many churches were formed after the precepts of
MEN, which is why there is about a gazillian churches today. In truth, Jesus
Christ established ONE church. It´s VERY clear in Ephesians 4:5. "One Lord,
one faith, one baptism" How many? Only one!! So WHY are there so many?
Good question, huh? So good that a 14 boy in the 1800s was wondering the
exact same thing. When I was 14 I don´t even know what I was doing...I think
I was a little crazy. Probably playing video games or something. In my own
world. But Joseph Smith wasn´t like that. He had a sicere question in his
heart. Which church is the true church? Or IS there a true church. For this
question he was reading in the Bible and came across James 1:5, which told
him exactly what he needed to do. What we ALL need to do when we lack
wisdom- ASK of God. Pray. And it SHALL be given you. That is a literal
promise. We will receive, and Joseph had faith as a 14 year old that it
would happen. So he went to a grove of trees, a quiet place that he knew, to
And so he went to pray, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came down from
the Heavens and told him that he should join none of the churches, and that
he had a special work to do. Restore the church of Jesus Christ to the
earth, never to be lost again. And since that moment, the Book of Mormon has
come to light to help us in these crazy times. The world is lame isn´t it?
So many bad things going on. But all of the keys of the kingdom have been
restored and we know exactly what we need to do and where to go to find
happiness and peace.

It´s AMAZING when people hear this message, apply it, and their lives
change. I love it!!!! I love D&C 130:20-21, it´s so clear. When we follow
the commandments, we will be blessed. It is a law of God. An actual law. How
else would millions of people have the faith to pay tithing? Because of the
BLESSINGS that come from it. The blessings are real!

Something else I learned this week is how amazing members can be. I
challenge all of you to befriend someone who you don´t know. If you see
someone at church who you don´t know, go talk to them and get to know them.
Or if you see someone who needs the gospel in their life, find away to help
them in that, give their name to the missionaries, anything! I promise it
will do miracles. There are people here who have come to church and because
of ONE member who came and talked to them, they kept coming, and were
baptized, and now their life has changed. When the prophet said that all of
us are missionaries it was literal. Don´t forget it!

Tender Mercy- When we go to church and little kids come who have never come
before and they are SO happy there. It´s sad to see little kids who don´t
have much fun normally in their houses, but really happy to see them when
we´re talking to them playing games with them or they are in the church with
a bunch of little friends. This church is so happy!!

That´s all for now. Hope to hear from you all soon! Love you all.
Elder Gomez

ps- Brandon! Africa! How?!?! SOOOO awesome! :)

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503