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Monday, February 21, 2011

Apostles and Doughnuts and Bowling

Feb 21, 2011
Hola hola!
Como estas mi familia? Y amigos?
This week was been good. We had interviews with the mission president on
Friday, they were really good and president Swenson gave me some great
advice....but it´s confidential...hehehe :)

This week we had a really cool family home evening with Luis, Jose Daniel,
and the Catalans. The Catalans are a really cool member family. They are
pretty young, both served missions, and they have a little daughter. (Jose
Daniel and Luis are recent converts) Luis taught a little lesson about
repentance and forgiveness. It was so good! He shared his testimony, used
some great scriptures, and even used a story from the Liahona (ensign) He
talked about how sometimes we repent, and ask forgiveness of the Savior, but
sometimes we forget that we have to forgive others also. And that is the
hardest part for us sometimes. He shared the story about the lady who was in
a concentration camp in Germany with her sister, and her sister ended up
dying there. Many years later, one of the cruelest guards there came up to
her and said that he was one of the guards in the camp, and he said that in
the mean time he had become Christian and had repented of his sins and
changed his life, and he asked for her forgiveness. She said that the moment
seemed to last forever, and finally she reached out and took his hand and an
amazing feeling overwhelmed her. She learned what it really meant to forgive
in that moment. Anyway, Luis shared that and the lesson was awesome!

I realized...man...a few months ago we found Luis and started teaching him,
and look at this now, just a little while later, and he is the one teaching
us! I love missionary work.

Yesterday in the church, we had stake conference, and there was a satellite
broadcast. We got to hear from a member of the seventy, Elaine S. Dalton
(general young women´s president), Elder D. Todd Christofferson, And
President Boyd K. Packer! It was awesome! They gave really great messages
about being witnesses of God in all things, at all times, in all places,
about marriage (it was really good for Luis, because he needs to get
married!), and they pounded missionary work! And how the Lord needs every
young man possible to serve! It was a really good conference. And I had no
idea that Elder Christofferson is Latino. He speaks peeeerfect Spanish! I
kid you not. Everyone here said that he sounded completely Latino, they
couldn´t even hear an American accent. And it´s true. I admire his Spanish!
I want to speak that perfect one day!

In case you remember, my last companion, Elder Reeves, his parents were
going to be mission presidents but he didn´t know where still. They found out last
week that they are going to be in the Puebla, Mexico mission! How awesome.

Speaking of different missions around the world, everyone should let me know
where young men back at home have received their calls to. I want to hear
where everyone is going! If someone got their call since last October or so,
you should tell me where!

I realized the other day...I had always heard how the gospel has been spread
throughout the world, and how it´s on every continent now. But I never
realized the significance of that for real until recently. I was remembering
how long the flight was from the US to Chile...and it was LONG! We passed over
oceans, lots of countries, mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, for a loooong
time, and finally we arrived in Chile. How did the gospel ever travel that
far? Because it´s the truth! The truth of life. Of course it will reach
everyone eventually. The first missionary in S. America was in 1925 or
so...in Argentina, and now all of the sudden there are thousands and
thousands of members all over the place! How? It was only one 14 year old
American boy. So amazing...really. Because it´s real! True! Even read the
Book of Mormon! :)

Tender Mercy- How even when you have such difficulties in life, when you are
ready to give up all hope...you can learn so much about life, about the
gospel, about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ truly is the answer to every
problem. He loves each and every one of you. I have seen his love so clearly
in my life, especially in the last year or so. Don´t forget him in your
hours or need. He´s always there for you whether you like it or not!

Love, Elder Gomez

P.S. By the way mom, I got your package! Thank you so much! I love love love it!
The sausage links are AMAZING. You can send those any time you want. And the
chocolate! Mmm. And thank you so much for the flashdrive and SD memory and the pens! I´m so happy! :)

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