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Monday, February 28, 2011

email February 28, 2011

Feb 28, 2011 

Hello hello,

How are you all? Things are good here. I´ve had some good experiences this
week. My testimony has been strengthened this week of this church. How it
really is the one true church on the earth that is complete. I´ve had the
opportunities to talk to a lot of people from different religions, and I´ve
had my testimony grow about the truthfulness of the apostasy. That after
Christ and His apostles died, many churches were formed based on the
precepts of men, and they denied the basic simple truths of the gospel.

How did I get so lucky to be a part of this? I asked myself that a little
while ago. Why was I one of the people that just happened to be born into
this church. I´m so glad that I was. We as members have a big
responsibility. We need to keep helping each other. It DOESN´T matter if you
have a grudge against someone or they said something mean about you or
something like that....the Savior was dying on the cross when he said
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." I´ve been thinking
about this a lot lately because one of our recent converts was offended by
another member about her age, and now she hasn´t come to church for a while.
But literally...this offense that took place, was ONE WORD! This member said
one word that she may or may not have meant meanly....but because of that
our new member doesn´t want to come to church...doesn´t want anything
anymore. How far will we go with our pride? I thought about the little
things in my life that I have let work in me...when I´ve let Satan into my
head. I´ve had a lot of experiences with that. I need to get better...but in
the mean time, I thought I´d mention it and invite everyone to forgive
someone who has done something to you in the past. Whether it be big or
small, you will feel a burden lift from your back. And you´ll probably have
a new friend.

Here´s something funny that happened this week while we were tracting. As we
walked up to a house, there was a little boy riding his bike outside and we
said, "Hola" and he ran inside the house yelling "nana nana! there´s some
men outside who are coming to cut the power!" :D I love when little things
like that happen. Life is funny isn´t it.

There´s not too much more to report about this week. Other than our two
investigators who are ready for baptism...but they just need to get married.
(two different couples) So we are doing all we can for that. We are hoping
that this week we will have some new good investigators. We did a lot of
contacting this week and we found a few good people. We are praying and
hoping that they continue and progress in the gospel.

I know that this church is true. I read the scriptures and my testimony is
constantly strenthened. They are completely solid. They can´t be beat! :)

Tender Mercy- Alma 60:13. The plan of God is real. When people understand
what it says in that scripture feel that it is true, an amazing amount of
peace enters into their life. I know that this life is not all.

I love you all. Sorry for a lack of information today...I also have a really
bad memory, that could be part of the problem. The days go by fast, and a
lot of them are pretty similar, so I lose track sometimes. But I do know
that I love you all!

Elder Gomez

I´ll attach a few pictures. The second attached picture I need some help
with...is it good advice or a misspelling?? Ha ha :D

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