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Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 from Chile

Hello hello,

Happy Valentine´s day everyone! This week has been good. Missionary work
is cool. I´m constantly learning a ton here...about myself, other people,
the gospel, life in general. It´s awesome.  If you happened to hear about
ANOTHER earthquake this week, and wondering if I´m ok, yes, I´m ok. If you're
wondering if I felt it, of course I didnt. I have a problem, I can´t feel
cool natural disasters! But as long as I´m alright, right?

We ate at pizza hut today. It was good...but not quite as good as pizza hut
in the United States. I´ll attach a picture.

This week we´ve been working a lot with inactive members. There are a lot of
people who have a hard time going to church...for some it´s money, for some
it´s their job...for others it´s laziness...but for whatever reason, we´ve
been working a lot with them. We´ve been blessed with a lot of references
also. We received more references from members and nonmembers this week that
I ever have before. We found a lot of new people and we´re excited. Our
recent converts are all doing good. All except for Camila I would say.
Barbara and her mom are both active and their testimonies keep growing. They
are awesome. Jose Daniel is doing good...still reading Jesus the Christ :D
Beto is good, his family has been a big source of our references this week.
Luis is doing great. He´s still on the look out for a wife....I hope he
finds a lovely lady soon. If anyone over there in Utah has a friend down
here in Labranza or Temuco, let me know. Just kidding. But he is doing good.
Camila....has received a lot of persecution from her friends for getting
baptized, and it doesn´t help that she´s been on vacations for the last 3
Sundays...I sure hope she´s staying strong and remembering her testimony.

Elder Beltran is from Colombia. He is nice....funny....loves
motorcycles...loves futbol (soccer), he´s been in the mission field for 15
months now. His back has been really giving him a hard time lately, so it´s
sad to see him in pain all the time...I´m sure he´ll be fine though :D He is
pretty tall, skinny, although he says that he´s gained like 25 pounds in the
mission field. He is 23 years old. He´s a twin, his brother served a mission
already, in Colombia. His brother returned from his mission, and a month
later Elder Beltran left. He didn´t want to serve a mission for a long time.
Actually there´s a funny story- he said that his stake president kept
bugging him about a mission...you have to go on a mission! When are you
going to start your papers...and finally Elder Beltran told him that he
would pray about it, and his stake president said (in his own words) "Are
you stupid?! Do you think the Lord is going to say NO about it??? Of course
he wants you to go!" Ha ha. I´m sure he told him that he could still pray
about it though. I thought it was funny. He shared that story in a lesson we
had. We were talking about going to church, and talking about how the Lord
will help us if we ask him. We shouldnt ask if we should go to church...of
COURSE we should go to church, but if it´s hard for you to wake up or
something, you can pray for strength to help you to be able to wake up!

I think I´ve said this before, but members are such an important part to
missionary work. And that doesn´t mean only here in this ward in Chile, it
means in the whole world! That means you too! :) Just try and reach out to
as many of your friends as you can. Remember what it says in Doctrine and
Covenants 88:81...I believe. (if that scripture says something random,
disregard it, but I think it´s right)

I´ve been getting to know everyone here in Labranza really good, considering
I´ve been here for months now. It´s going to be hard to leave. But I´m
trying my best to "leave it better than I found it" (like we do in scouts)
This work can be hard sometimes. Especially with Satan throwing everything
he possibly can in your way to stop you. He knows exactly what´s going on in
this work. He´s losing souls. The only way to stay away from him is doing
everything that the prophet has counseled. And by living the principles of
the gospel. We have commandments to set us free. Like a kite flying in the
air. The string is holding it to the ground, which allows it to soar in the
air. As soon as you "let it free" it will come crashing down to the ground.
And so it is with us and the commandments. (if you want a GREAT poem about
this subject, contact the fabulous Tali Gomez. Ask for a free copy of "Bird
Fishing" You won´t regret it- (801) 252-0767)  :)

Thank you all for everythng you´ve done for me. I think about all of the
amazing examples and friends and help that I received before the mission,
and I´m amazed! Thank you. It has all helped me to be here.

Tender Mercy- The testimonies of little kids. I love when they pray and they
are so specific in their prayers, especially when it comes to other people.
They´re not selfish...like me sometimes. "Please help me with this....please
bless me with that" It´s always things that have to do with other people.
They are unselfish. I´m going to try to be more unselfish this week.

I love you all, have a great week,

Elder Gomez
ps- I attached some pictures of random animals and bugs and creatures. And a
picture of me and my companion in Pizza Hut and playing ping pong.

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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