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Monday, February 7, 2011


Feb 7, 2011
Hola everyone,

First off...SHOUT OUT TO BRANDON WINTERS!!!!!! Wow...Africa...wow.....I
don´t even know what to think. Of course Africa for Brandon...he´s Brandon.
I don´t know what else to say. I´m way excited for you!

I can´t believe five months have passed by! They´ve been pretty action
packed. At the beginning of this week, I picked up my new companion at the
terminal. Elder Beltran, from Colombia. He´s tall and funny and a good
This week was good, we´ve been looking for new people to teach. It´s not
easy to teach something so...BIG, and important, that will change their
lives forever...like the gospel!
The first lesson that we teach has to do with the basics of God, Christ, and
the church that Christ established, and how it was restored to the earth.
When Christ came to this earth, he established a church, to edify the
saints, to make the covenants such as baptism, to be able to return to live
with our Father in Heaven. The church of Jesus Christ was established in a
special way, Jesus Christ was the head, with his twelve apostles, and
others, seventies, etc. etc. But people rejected Christ, and killed him,
Peter filled the spot as the prophet, but eventually all the apostles were
rejected and many murdered. The world went into an apostasy, just like has
happened always before in the history of the world. In the apostasy, truths
of the gospel of Jesus Christ were lost because there was no prophet on the
earth, no one with the authority, the priesthood, to receive revelation for
the world. Because of this, many churches were formed after the precepts of
MEN, which is why there is about a gazillian churches today. In truth, Jesus
Christ established ONE church. It´s VERY clear in Ephesians 4:5. "One Lord,
one faith, one baptism" How many? Only one!! So WHY are there so many?
Good question, huh? So good that a 14 boy in the 1800s was wondering the
exact same thing. When I was 14 I don´t even know what I was doing...I think
I was a little crazy. Probably playing video games or something. In my own
world. But Joseph Smith wasn´t like that. He had a sicere question in his
heart. Which church is the true church? Or IS there a true church. For this
question he was reading in the Bible and came across James 1:5, which told
him exactly what he needed to do. What we ALL need to do when we lack
wisdom- ASK of God. Pray. And it SHALL be given you. That is a literal
promise. We will receive, and Joseph had faith as a 14 year old that it
would happen. So he went to a grove of trees, a quiet place that he knew, to
And so he went to pray, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came down from
the Heavens and told him that he should join none of the churches, and that
he had a special work to do. Restore the church of Jesus Christ to the
earth, never to be lost again. And since that moment, the Book of Mormon has
come to light to help us in these crazy times. The world is lame isn´t it?
So many bad things going on. But all of the keys of the kingdom have been
restored and we know exactly what we need to do and where to go to find
happiness and peace.

It´s AMAZING when people hear this message, apply it, and their lives
change. I love it!!!! I love D&C 130:20-21, it´s so clear. When we follow
the commandments, we will be blessed. It is a law of God. An actual law. How
else would millions of people have the faith to pay tithing? Because of the
BLESSINGS that come from it. The blessings are real!

Something else I learned this week is how amazing members can be. I
challenge all of you to befriend someone who you don´t know. If you see
someone at church who you don´t know, go talk to them and get to know them.
Or if you see someone who needs the gospel in their life, find away to help
them in that, give their name to the missionaries, anything! I promise it
will do miracles. There are people here who have come to church and because
of ONE member who came and talked to them, they kept coming, and were
baptized, and now their life has changed. When the prophet said that all of
us are missionaries it was literal. Don´t forget it!

Tender Mercy- When we go to church and little kids come who have never come
before and they are SO happy there. It´s sad to see little kids who don´t
have much fun normally in their houses, but really happy to see them when
we´re talking to them playing games with them or they are in the church with
a bunch of little friends. This church is so happy!!

That´s all for now. Hope to hear from you all soon! Love you all.
Elder Gomez

ps- Brandon! Africa! How?!?! SOOOO awesome! :)

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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