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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outdated but FUN snail mail letter from Dallin :)

24 Enero 2011 Lunes
Hola Familia! 
?Como Estan ustedes?  Estoy super bien y contento aqui.  Es muy loco de que casi esta terminado mi segundo cambio. Este cambio ha sido rapido con muchas buenas cosas y bendiciones. Este cambio hemos tenido 4 bautismos y esperamos que Luis puede ser bautizado en Sabado al fin de la semana. (Luis DID get baptized that Saturday).  Mi espanol es muy mal todavia... isn't it Dad?  I never know when to throw in random "de"s y "que"s. It's a little confusing still, that's part.

I really can't believe that I'm almost done with 5 months of the mission.  I remember like is was yesterday when me and Elder Arnett were saying "WOW, we are already a MONTH into our mission!" Ha ha.
I didn't send a (snail mail) letter last week because we didn't have any time.  We had to leave early in the morning to meet our zone where we played soccer against the other zone in Temuco.   It was really fun.
     We had a conference on Wednesday . President Swenson talked to us about using Preach My Gospel.  It was a really good talk.  And really necessary, because right now there are too many missionaries who believe there are substandard "norms" in the mission and that it's okay to not live up to their potential.    We, the younger missionaries, who have come from the MTC with the strong counsel to use and live by the Preach My Gospel manual, are to be the examples to change how missionary work is done.   We were told we can't submit to the "norms" of the mission.   We all have so much potential, but it's always a challenge to stay focused.  But in reality, whenever you do everything you are supposed to do, you ALWAYS see the fruit of your labor.  It seems like it's hard for some missionaries to trust in that when they are so used to being a little bit lazy.  I try to be a good example. I think it's paying off.   We will have five baptisms soon.  I think that's  almost the most in the entire mission.
   There are some families here in Labranza that I'm going to miss so much. The Obreque's.  They remind me of Gema and Marcos.  They have kids about the same age...  they are SOO SOO nice.   She feeds us whenever the members forget or something and she is always there for us.  Hermano Obreque is hilarious.    He was baptized 10 years ago and is a STRONG member now.   They are such good people.
     Then we have the Catalans.  They are about 28 and 24 I would guess.   They have a cute little daughter Martina.  I think I have actually sent photos of all these people.   Anyway  -they both served missions and they're pretty young still, so we always talk to them about the mission and they tell us all sorts of stories from theirs.    We had lunch with them today (Sunday) and we were looking at their mission pictures. He went to Ecuador and she went to Antofagasta, Chile.  I found a lot of cool scriptures as I thumbed through their scriptures.    She told me a funny story. All of the elders in her mission would tell people, when they asked what they wanted to do after they missions, to look in 1 Ne. 11:10 --then straight to verse 15. Read it. You won't regret it.
     Speaking of that, my companion got a letter from a girl this week who hasn't written him for a year, or did, but it didn't make it because of the earthquake.   So he got it finally, and this is a girl he really liked before his mission.  So he keeps rereading the letter a lot.  Ha ha ha.  he's actually writing her right now.  For me, I haven't thought about girls for so long!  It's pretty cool.

     This week a general authority is coming to talk to us and answer any questions we have.   I'm excited!

Oh yeah, the other really cool family is Beto's family.   They are so nice.  Brandon is 17 and he's a DJ.  A really good DJ.  He's way funny too.  Beto is way funny and nice.  I keep saying WAY, huh?   Today Daniela (Beto's wife) told me that they want to come visit me and you guys in a few years in Utah.  They are planning on it.  I told them they have to come for general conference time when they come so that they can see it all at once.   And they also want you all to come down here.   Mom and Dad do you want to come and get me from Chile - or make a trip back right away kind of like Paul and Amy did with Jacob?   Because I have a bunch of people you need to meet!

As for missionary work.  It's good.  We're working a lot to find new investigators as our current ones are all getting baptized :) !  The other day, we found a really neat lady who is super accepting. She had some great questions about baptism by water AND the spirit.  And authority.
   Speaking of the questions of our investigators, Carolina, who is 18 and her mom Magali, have so many questions all the time.   Random questions.  Carolina asked why the scriptures always say baptism por agua Y por fuego Y por el spiritu  - because we taught her that fire was the spirit.   But it does say both.    Good question huh?
Tomorrow I am going to do the second part to get my ID card of Chile, se llama Carnette.  We have to leave really early tomorrow morning.  Well, it's time for bed now.   I'll send this off in the morning.

I love you all, Elder Gomez

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