Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snaiil Mail Letter dated 7 Feb 2011

Hola Familia! 
This week was good. I've learned a lot!  My new companion is Elder Beltran. He's from Columbia. He's funny and nice....  He's planning on marrying Tali.  He refers to me as brother-in-law sometimes. It's pretty funny.  He wants to go to BYU to study. I told him if he plays his cards right he might have a chance. :)
Moving on, I've come to really love the scriptures.  They are really cool.  I wish I would have gotten into them more before the mission.   I read them... I even understood them mostly... but I didn't do nearly enough of what I could.  Like Elder Holland said, the Book of Mormon is safety for the soul.   It's more than just good literature, it's more than the history of a civilization. It contains EVERYTHING we need to do to gain eternal life, to be happy, to fix problems in our life, that's why it literally contains the FULLNESS of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"No member of this Church can stand approved in the presence of God who has not seriously and carefully read the Book of Mormon." (Joseph Fielding Smith)

This week we've been teaching people, introducing my new companion, and trying to help people progress in the gospel. It's difficult sometimes to help people change their lives, but at the same time it's AMAZING when it does happen.  That's why I'm here, to try to achieve the amazing.

(This part makes me laugh... I'll tell you why after I type what Dallin said)

I don't remember where I read it, but I was reading a talk of some sort from a general authority.  About our family home evenings, they said "a casual get together thing isn't enough anymore."  they said, "We need action-packed family home evenings, and maybe even more than once a week!"  
(It makes me laugh because those are my words out of the 5th Sunday lesson I gave a few weeks ago!   I sent him the lesson I gave.)

It made me think of all of our good times that's we've had in our house... but it's true!  We have to really dive into the scriptures and understand them, then the scriptures are fun!  
I never thought I would have so much fun studying and reading Jesus the Cristo...  Christ!
Well, I have to go now, but I wish you all a merry winter. It's the opposite of winter here!   I love you all and miss you! Love, Elder Gomez

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