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Monday, March 21, 2011


March 21, 2011 
Hola familia!

This week has been really eventful. My last night in Labranza
was....sad. Too many tears. It`s crazy how the people here become a
part of your life! Your friends....but  now I'm here in Bio Bio with
Elder Hickman. I'm really excited for this transfer. Elder Hickman is
awesome. He's from Moses Lake, Washington. Bio Bio is really
close to Concepcion. It`s a lot different than Labranza because now
I`m in a city, which is a lot different than a little town. There are
a TON of inactive members here. We find them all the time. We have
been working a lot with the members here. We decided that we want ALL
of them to get really really excited about missionary work so they`ll
all give us a lot of references and they'll bring people to church and
everything...that would be great. Weve shared D&C 88:81. I  would
highly recommend reading it. And weve shared D&C 18:15-16. Great also.

We have 4 baptismal dates set...one for this weekend, and three for
the 10th. It should be great. I'm thinking that well have a few more
soon also. One of our investigators, Cony, is great. She`s 14 and
we`ve taught her only 3 or 4 times, but she already knows everything!
Most 14 year olds are in their own little worlds these days, but she
really understands and loves the gospel.

One day me and Elder Hickman were a little bored and tired...so I
suggested that we go tracting with Book of Mormons in hand and preach
the gospel like in the older times. But in reality...I dont think it's
that weird is it? Don't a lot of missionaries do that? I had never done
it before, but I always thought it was a normal thing to do. Well, it
ended up working really well. We got people introduced right off the
bat to the Book of Mormon, because it is the key in the restoration.
Its a good book. I would read it if I were you!

Oh, shout out to a few poeple...first off Carlos, my brother....if
he`s really 5 foot 7....but I dont think its true. I hope not at
least. I thought it would be more than six months into my mission that
he passed me in height. Im excited to play you in tennis!
To Larry Gelwix, the legendary coach to Highland High Rugby...the guy
from Forever Strong....hes going to be a mission president in Fresno,
To BYU! Sweet 16!
To Tali...because I like it better without the "E"

I'll start getting mail faster now that I'm really close to the mission
office. It probably takes about 2-3 weeks now to get letters. It's
better than 1 to 2 months!

We had some spiritual moments this week. One investigator named
Yolanda (60) had a baptismal date for this weekend, and we had been
hoping that she had stopped smoking. We called her to see if we could
stop by and she said she was in the hospital in Concepcion and she
wouldnt get home until late. But me and my companion had a feeling to
stop by her house any way....we found her at home. We found that she
hadn't stopped smoking...and that she lied to us about being at the
hospital because she scared to get baptized now. She said she didn't
want to. She's just panicking a little bit. So we calmed her down a
little bit and helped her remember all of the reasons why she needs to
get baptized and we reminded her of when she has felt the Holy Ghost
tell her that it is true. She's also been a little empty in her heart
for a few years because her son died. We shared a scripture in Moroni
8 about the fruits of repentance is baptism, which brings the
remission of sins, and when we receive a remission of sins, we are
filled with the Holy Ghost. When we read that, she started to grab her
chest and her eyes changed a little bit...it was like she started to
daydream or something....and she started to cry. She grabbed my hand
all of the sudden and it scared me a little, because well...I don't
touch girls hands normally like that :D She finally said there was
something in her heart, she had never felt so good before. She was
completely joyful and happy for that moment. The hole in her heart
because of the death of her son was filled for a moment, and she was
only feeling joy.... After this experience the only thing she said was
that she'll feel dirty in the water when she gets baptized because of
her smoking. We talked about quitting smoking, she's going
to stop. She knows it. We're praying for her also. You could too if you
want! At the end when we told her we needed to go she said no because
she wants to keep the spirit that we bring in her house. She said we
could sleep on her couch. Ha ha. It was a neat experience.

Here`s another. We were visiting Cony, the 14 year old really cool
investigator, and her mom and sister, Francheska. Her mom is inactive
and her sister is 12 and we were hoping that we could set a baptismal
date with her also. So we started visting with them and we ended up
teaching about the Plan of Salvation. Its amazing how when people know
and feel that you are an actual representatives of Jesus Christ..The
mom, Olga, started telling us about a few experiences that she has
had. One, when her youngest daughter, Javiera, was a baby. She (the
baby) was really sick with more than 5 tumors in her head and more
throughout her body. The doctors said that she would be a vegetable
for her life. She was going through a process of treatment and was
always crying and in pain. Olga prayed and prayed, but on one ocasion,
when her baby was suffering a lot she was crying and started to pray
and asked Heavenly Father that He would either take her out of this
life or heal her so the pain would stop. A little while after that she
traveled to the doctor for an appointment, and a few doctors started
talking and asking each other things, and then they came out and said
that a miracle had happened because there were no more tumors and her
baby will be fine. Her baby is now 6 years old and is great! We talked
to her about priesthood blessings, and read James 5:14-15 with her.
Another experienced she had was one time SHE was really sick. REALLY
sick, for more than a month. Out of panic, she got baptized in a
different church, after she was already a member of this church. Like
I said, we explained priesthood blessings, and at the end of the
lesson we gave her a blessing. I also had another opportunity to give
some random older man a blessing this week. Neat experiences.

At the end of the lesson, Cony told us about how she feels when we
come. She said that every time we come she feels peace and pure
happiness. She said that when she thinks of the spirit that she felt,
it gives her courage to make good decisions throughout the day. She`s
so excited for her baptism on the 10th of April. She wants to get
baptized in a river for sure....but the only problem is that
Francheska, her sister, who is getting baptized on the same day, wants
to get baptized in the font for sure. But either way, it will be

Other than our investigators and few new people who we found who we
will hopefully start teaching this week, people are pretty closed. We
tracted every day this week for a long time. We did more contacting in
the street and knocking on doors than I have ever before! But there
are a lot of people who are just not interested and a little awnry.

I have to go. Ill send pictures next week because I have to leave now!

Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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