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Monday, March 28, 2011

Email from Hualpen March 28, 2011

Hola familia,
Como estan todos??
Mom, I just received the letter that included everyones letters in it,
thanks everyone :) Shout out to Elder McConnel...its his birthday today. I
talked to him this morning. And it just so happens that Elder Merrell, one
of the other missionaries who lives in my house, was Elder McConnells first
companion ever, in the MTC, so we both told him happy birthday this morning.

This week was great. The ward here in Hualpen is a good ward. (By the way,
some of the keyboards here are different from each other and I think some of
the punctuation will appear differently in English, so i just wont even
worry about any punctuation) Like I was saying, the ward here is good. Its
been around for a really long time, so theres some really great members.
Weve been working with them a lot this week to help them want to help us by
helping our investigators more. (that was a tongue twister) Such as coming
with us to lessons and giving us references of their friends and family. We
had one neat experience in particular with that yesterday. Me and my
companion went on divisions to pick up investigators for church. One of the
priests in the ward and one of the ladies in the ward came with me to pick
up Patricia and her daughter. When the door opened, the man she lived with
was standing there and he said "the doors for you" to Patricia, so she came
to the door, she looked really bad, not normal, and she said that she wasnt
going to go to church. I immediately asked what happened and she said that she
wouldnt be able to go to church today....that she couldnt go to church. She
was actually all ready to go....but something happened. She was really angry
and sad looking. I told her that we were going to pass by after church. It
wasnt a very long confrontation, but afterward, the sister who came with me,
Sister Cofre, was really touched by what happened. She felt the pain of
Patricia and wants to help her now and come with us to lessons with her.
Sister Cofre said that she wants to help her, and that she finally realized
why us missionaries really do need the members help. She said that in her
life, shes had hard times too, but shes always had the gospel and her
knowledge to endure through it. Patricia doesnt have that, and she was
really touched by that and now wants to help us! Awesome! Its a relief to
have help from the members. I share this with you all to stress the point
that every member is a missionary. I wish i would have shared the gospel
more before my mission. Dont regret not talking more to your friends or
family about the gospel when you could have...like me!

Weve had some really spiritual moments this week with people. This work
would be almost impossible if it werent for the spirit. After church on
Sunday, as I was saying earlier, we stopped by Patricia and we discovered
that she has all sorts of problems in her relationship...and she has a type
of cancer. Shes not happy right now. The spirit in the lesson was STRONG.
She kept saying how good she felt, as opposed to the morning, when she said
she was filled with hate and anger and she couldnt go to church like that.
But in the lesson she felt happy for some reason. She felt peaceful, calm,
joyful! Because those feelings are literally the SPIRIT! (Galations 5:22-23)
Throughout the scriptures, it talks about being "filled" with the spirit,
how it fills you up. And it literally does. Ive learned how REAL the gospel
is here. Its not just true, but its real! How is it that someone can be
suffering so much with a huge hole in their heart, and from night to day,
storm to sunny, they can be completely filled with happiness....all because
two dumb teenagers come in their house. Believe me, Im pretty dumb. I dont
know why I qualify to be here! But i have a testimony that missionaries
really are called from God through a living prophet who receives guidance
directly from our Heavenly Father.

Im trying to send pictures but its not working too well...Ill have to do it
some other time...again. Sorry.

As you can see....I actually did get it to work with the pictures, so just
ignore that last sentence that I wrote.

Pictures are of:
-Us reparing the floor in our house. Elder Pung, my first companion, put a
hole in it last transfer while jump roping. :D
-Random pictures from Talcahuano...including pictures of the ocean, a beware
of tsunami sign, and a pretty church building.
-An apartment building. That building is one of about 50 more just like it
that are all in our area.
-The picture with me and Elder Hickman and three girls is a picture of our
investigators who are going to get baptized on the 10th of April. Cony, who
is 14 almost 15, and her sister Francheska, who is 12. And their mom, Olga.
Olga is an inactive member that has been aways from the church for years,
but she has come back and gained her testimony. Something that is really
neat, this ward has a temple trip planned for the end of April, and Cony is
really excited to go because its going to be on her birthday! Pretty
awesome. And they are getting baptized on their little sisters birthday,
Javiera. Shes 6.
-Some more members having a birthday party.

That looks like about all for now. Enjoy conference everyone this weekend!

I love you all! Thanks for everything.

Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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