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Monday, March 14, 2011

Email March 14, 2011 Bye to Labranza

Hello hello everyone,

How is everyone doing? So...the news of the week is cambios. (transfers)
"Hello....ah yah....Elder Gomez is leaving.....to where? To Bio-Bio, in
Talcahuano...his companion? Elder Hickman."
I`m LEAVING LABRANZA! But how? Why? It`ll be good to experience other parts
of the mission...but I`m sure going to miss a lot of people here. I`ve been
here for over 4 months now and I have so many friends here. I already know
Elder Hickman, who`s going to be my companion, so that`s cool. He was down
here in the south a few months ago. He actually helped me a lot when I first
got to Chile when I didn`t know what was going on. Ha ha. Right now I`m
really far south in the mission, and tomorrow I`m going to go to the VERY
farthest north part of the mission...Talcahuano. It will be fun I`m sure.
It`s been killing me saying goodbye to all of the people here. Thank
goodness for facebook. I`m convinced that facebook was an inspired invention
specifically for returned missionaries to keep in contact with the people
from their mission.

Anyway, this week was really good. We found one new lady who is really
great. I keep gaining a stronger and stronger testimony of following the
spirit. One day last week we were on a companionship interchange, and I was
thinking about what we could do and who we could go visit. So I wrote down a
plan for the day and we started working. As we were walking to a person`s
house, I had a thought to go to a lady`s house who we received as a
reference from a member a long time ago. So we went, and found her there,
Mariana, and she wasn`t busy...which is really rare! So we taught her the
first lesson and the spirit was strong and she liked it. (obviously) :D It
really made sense to her, and as we were explaining the Book of Mormon and
how she can know that it is true...she was waiting for us to tell her the
price....or what SHE had to give us or what the commitment was. It was
funny. I said, "Todo esto....por solamente 5 mil pesos" (all of this...for
only ten bucks!)  Her face went down a little in excitement and then I told
her I was just kidding. We told her that the Book of Mormon is a gift, and
the only thing that is dependent on her is her desire to read and pray. She
said the was for sure going to read and pray to ask about the Book of Mormon
and our message. We have an appointment with her tomorrow....even though
I`ll be in a different area tomorrow! Darn. I can still pray for her!

Yesterday I gave a talk in church about the Book of Mormon. I was able to
speak about whatever. At first, I was going to talk about something
completely different...and after a while, somehow I ended up going back to
the Book of Mormon and deciding I wanted to speak about that. Why do I like
the Book of Mormon so much? Good question. I think it`s because it`s
awesome. Really. And it`s a true record of the people of ancient America.
The Mayans....Aztecs....etc. I spoke about the importance of it in our day.
How Joseph Smith said that "a man will come closer to God by abiding by its
precepts more than ANY OTHER BOOK" That is a big statement for someone to
make. An IMPORTANT statement if it`s true. And the way we can know if it`s
true is to TEST it.
Like it says in Malachi 3:10 referring to tithing. "PROBADME ahora en esto",
meaning..."test me know in this"  It goes on to say "test me know in this,
if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings more than
you will be able to receive"
I have a strong testimony about tithing. The promise of God aren`t
fake...you can`t DENY when God says something that doesn`t make sense to the
knowledge of the world, and then it happens. Like giving away ten percent of
your income. How will you have more money if you give it away? They answer
is Heavenly Father. It`s how He works. It`s awesome!
Anyway...back to the Book of Mormon...really what Joseph Smith said is true!
We will come closer to God by following it`s precepts more than any other
book in existence. Que bueno! I invited everyone in the ward to read the
Book of Mormon before the end of the year....kind of renewing the invitation
from President Hinckley a few years ago. Except for he challenged us in
August I think. It`s only March, if you read a chapter a day you`ll finish
it before the end of the year. A lot of members came up to me afterward and
told me they were going to. YES! :) Or if you want, you could be really cool
like my mom and read it every month while I`m on my mission. (yes, that
means that she`s read it 6 times since I`ve left). This is Nancy: I need to interject 
- that I am not trying to be "cool", but he and I have a deal, and if it helps keep
him obedient, I'm willing to do anything!  
This week I had more opportunities to give priesthood blessings than ever
before. I feel so blessed for each opportunity. I learn a lot every time I
am instrument in the hand of God.

Camila, one of our recent converts who was baptized in January, went through
a rough couple of months after her baptism. She stopped going to church
completely almost immediately after her baptism. She ended up getting a
boyfriend the day after she was baptized actually. That didn`t help at
all...especially the fact that he is from another church and doesn`t like
mormons. Another problem was that one of the girls in the ward said
something dumb to her boyfriend about her or something.....and it got back
around to her and she was mad...so she stopped going to church. I`ve prayed
for her a lot, and we visited her this week and I was just praying the whole
time that somehow she would want to come back. The first good thing that
happened was that Nicol, the girl who said something dumb, talked to her
about it and apologized (I think) and they became friends again. Second, she
commited to come to church on Sunday again! And for the last few days she`s
been doing things with her good friends again and she came to church and
remembered that spirit that she felt from before. I`m so happy!

Next week I`ll let you all know how my new area is and all of that good
stuff. Chao,

Elder Gomez

Tender Mercy- The friendships you make through this gospel. The only bad
part is saying goodbye!

ps- I`ll try to send pictures later today. This computer isn`t functioning
well. Where`s Jacob when you need him? 

 Description of pictures below -  not necessarily in order: 

-Me with Elder Valdivia, from Chile. He trained Elder McConnell AND Elder
Boman!! :D
-Clases de Inglés! (English class!)
-Members that always cooked good food! The Henriquez family.
-restaurant with Elder Woodward. Me and him had a lot of intercambios
(companionship exchanges) because his area was a little hard, so they needed
some extra help.
-Cool soccer picture that I stole off someone´s camera
-Me and my moto. The decided to give us special vehicles in Labranza. We do
use bikes or cars or any of that sissy stuff, we go on motorcycles.
-My zone, at least part or it.
-Beto and I
-Beto and family...last visit
-Camila and family
-Me and Elder Beltran
-Me in Luis´ sleeping bag.
-A bunch of members in the ward.
-Me with two recent converts from the other missionaries in our ward. Rosa,
with the white shall thing, was baptized just a couple weeks ago. Her
brother is next to her. And the other girl is her cousin who was baptized a
few months ago.
-Me with Roberto and Caty...Roberto returned from a mission in Argentina a
couple months ago and Caty is the teacher for sunday school. She was only
baptized a year ago and is awesome! She is always so good with the
investigators who we bring to church.
*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez* Chile Concepcion South Mission O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503 Concepcion Bio-Bio Chile

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