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Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2010 Dallin Email

Hola everyone. I am going to complete 6 months in the mission tomorrow! My
oh my does the time just fly. This week was a pretty good one with some cool
things that happened. For one, I talked to Jamie (McConnell) for a while on
the phone! Ha ha. He found me! It was pretty cool. He´s doing great. I´m
guessing he´s going to change locations this transfer like me...well, I´m
not 100 percent positive but about 99. Maybe we´ll be companions?

I´m discovering that I´m becoming more and more Chilean all the time. Things
that I thought were weird when I first got here aren´t weird anymore.
There´s some stuff here called Pate...you spread it like butter...but it´s
meat. I can´t even remember if they have it in America....but I just
remember I thought it was so weird when I first got here and now I love
it...meat butter. That´s just one example of things that I´ve adapted to
pretty good. I´m also in love with soccer. Not literally, but I really like

Now for more important things, this week we had a lot of success. We´ve been
trying to work in unique ways to better reach people´s needs. We´ve worked a
lot with members and they have been helping us a lot. A couple young women
here have really helped us and have participated in lessons with us, and we
have two new really great investigators because of it-- Diego and Alejandro.
They are both 15 and we have taught them a couple times. They really
understand the restoration and it´s importance, and the role of the Book of
Mormon to gain a testimony, which is fantastic. Nicol, (their member
friend) brought them to church yesterday and I think they liked it a lot!
I´ve said this before....members are a strong force in this work! Go find
someone to be friends with and I promise it will help them tremendously.

We had a great lesson with a man named Jorge. He is the father of two kids
and is married. His life is pretty good, but when we stopped by he was a
little drunk...not too much. We were still able to teach him. He expressed a
lot of deep feelings of his and how he wants to stop drinking. We read with
him in the Book of Mormon and his eyes watered up and started to cry a
little bit. It was a great lesson with the spirit and we promised him that
we would be here along the way to help him stop drinking. I have a strong
testimony about the happiness the gospel brings. We can NEVER be all the way
happy without the gospel. Jorge even stopped smoking last year and he felt
really good about that....but still he has a few problems. Only through
Jesus Christ and the covenants we make at baptism and in the temple can we
have complete happiness and security in this life.

This week we had 5 inactive members show up to church which was awesome. We
were really happy about that! It´s good to see them once again come unto
Christ and receive many blessings once again.

I don´t have a lot of time...so I just want to say that I know the gospel is
true. I know it because of the change that happens in people who come to
know Christ. The scriptures are true. They really are. They didn´t just come
out of no where really wisely written somehow. They came from God. From His
prophets on the earth. There is a reason that even our way to record time
(AD and BC) has something to do with Jesus Christ. Because
when Christ came and died for us, it was the greatest moment in the history
of the world! Please read the scriptures and be strong in the gospel. I love
you all! Thanks for all of your support. Sorry this isn´t very long. Time is
running down....

Next week I´ll tell you who my new companion is and where I´m going for

Elder Gomez

ps- so far Grandma is winning the cool stamp contest. She send an Eleanor
Roosevelt first class stamp from over 50 years ago! :D Thanks grandma.

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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