Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Dallin sent a special surprise for Levi... 
a pokemon card from his first convert Jose Daniel! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dallin Email - Leaving Bio Bio!

April 25, 2011
Hello everyone!

This week has been very eventful! First off...CAMBIOS! I am leaving Bio Bio
already!!!!!!! I am going to an area called Independencia. My companion will
be Elder Lamb, from Utah. I was pretty shocked to hear that I would be
leaving. This cambio was excellent. Time moves too fast.

One of the days this week, it RAINED a LOT! We were not really prepared for
it either. I put on all of my "waterproof" gear but it didnt do much. I had
a classic movie scene happen to me. We had just left a visit and we started
walking along the highway. i wasnt really paying attention to my
position...and all of the sudden a car drove past and water shot at me like
a waterfall and completely drenched me. It was pretty lame.

This week I met a lady who is 100 years old. Shes a member, and shes still
walking around and everything. I thought I would let you all know that...100
years old! Born in 1911!

This week we had a huge let down with Norma. Everything was ready for the
baptism, and on Saturday morning she somehow found her way to our house to
tell us bad news. Shes not going to get baptized right now because
everything is falling apart in her family. Her husband hasnt been happy with
her decisions in the church. None of her kids want her to get baptized
either. They had a family birthday party that the planned exactly at the
time of her baptism also. She was going to get baptized regardless of all of
this...but she decided that shes going to try to make things better with the
family first. She wants to visit all of her kids in different parts of Chile
and afterward get baptized in about a month. I hope and pray that she does.
It breaks my heart to see someone who wants to follow the Savior so much not
being supported by their family. Satan wants to destroy the family for real.
I have seen that so apparently here. Dont let him get to your family! Stay
strong! Enjoy each others company!

We found a lot of new investigators this week. It will be really good for
the new companion of Elder Hickman! He is going to be training! Hes a little
nervous, but he will do great. We had some great opportunities to teach this
week. I have gained a strong testimony of sharing the gospel ALL THE TIME!
In every possible situation. We are all little scardy cats sometimes, when
in reality, we WILL be guided every time we open our mouth to share the
gospel. Thats a promise! So, my invitation to all of you, open your mouth!
Dont be scared or ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is real and true
and for EVERYONE!

I love you all. Have a great week. Sorry this one is short. I will let you
know how Independencia and Elder Lamb are next week.

Elder Gomez

-Norma and her huged eyed grandson :D
-Me ready to chop wood
-making alfajors (really good common junk food)
-Me and Gabriel, he served in Ohio in the United states. He translated for
elder Oaks and hermana Swenson in conferences. He might be contacting dad,
because he wants to get into the mba program at byu!
-Familia Rivera Oyarzun. Two new members of the church. :)
-Me and Francheska. Shes had such a change from when we first started
teaching her! She is one of the people that you can tell like black and
white that she has the spirit in her life now.

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dallin Email April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011
Hola familia y amigos!!!

Happy late birthday Jacob in March! Sorry I forgot earlier! I hope it was a
good day.
Happy Easter everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope really good. Unfortunately, this week I dont
have a ton of time to write. This week was good. We have had some really
great lessons with inactive members lately. Norma, our 60 year old
investigator, is all ready to get baptized this Saturday. She is excited. We
also had some more tremors. But of course I didnt feel any of them because
they always happen while we are walking in the street. There were two on
Friday night, apparently they were really strong. Stronger than the other
one that I felt last week! The second coming is closer and closer by the
minute! How exciting.

There are a lot of inactive members here. What were trying to do is get the
members of the ward to help us out a lot with visits and such. Members can
have a great impact. We had a noche de talentos this week (talent show) and
it was good. We had a lot of inactive members go, so that was really good.

We also found Sandra this week. She is a lady who is really interested in
our message. She is a lady who is looking for the truth. Just like it says
in D y C 123:12. There are many who are kept from the truth "because they
know not where to find it" That is Sandra exactly. We left a Book of Mormon
with her and she said that she would get baptized if she found out it was
true! That doesnt happy very often. There are a lot of people here who have
a hard time with commitments, so it was so nice to find this lady who will
honestly ACT if she finds that it is true.

Acting is probably difficult part of the gospel isnt it? We read the Book of
Mormon, but sometimes we just read, and forget to apply. Ive realized that
more and more in my own life and in my life as a missionary. The scriptures
arent just filled with good "ideas". They are things to DO!!!!!!! If you are
ever finding yourself struggling with your testimony...ask yourself- when
was the last time I followed Moronis counsel at the end of the Book of
Mormon and asked Heavenly Father in prayer if it is true. When was the last
time I loved and forgave my enemy like Our Savior taught? When was the last
time I thought of someone in need and helped them? Do we sometimes just read
the scriptures and let the wise counsel sit there on the page and never
apply it to our own lives? Unfortunately, I think so. We cant become the
people we want to become, gain the testimony we desire, be as happy as we
would like, have the peace that we are searching for....without DOING
something!! We have to live it, not just read it. We have to pray about the
Book of Mormon, we have to ACTUALLY serve others, we have to actually do
good deeds, we have to actually control our temper, we have to DO more...and
not just be spectators. Lets make a goal together (because I need to also)
to start living the gospel more...EVERY PART of the gospel! Ive realized
that just going to church on Sunday and reading a scripture here or there
isnt enough! Its what it makes of us, what we become. Its who we are!
So...WHOs WITH ME?!  (I feel like Im in a pep assembly) but seriously, if
anyone else wants to make this goal with me, you are cordially invited :)

Thanks for everything that you all have done for me. I love you all a lot,
everyone who reads this! Im sorry if Ive done mean things to you. I hope you
will forgive me. Have a great week! :)

Elder Gomez

-Me with the flower "Copihue" It is the national flower of Chile, and its
illegal to pick it....but our investigator Norma had some, so I thought Id
get a picture. Thats Norma in the background, she will be baptized on
-Us with an inactive family who have come back to church!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Baptisms! Email April 11, 2011

Hello everyone,

Happy anniversary Aida and Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Carlos in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was good as usual. We had interviews with the president and he
gave me some good advice. We were talking about how there's a lot of
miserable people in the world, but the sad thing is that they don't know that
they're miserable, because that's how they've always been. He said referring to
that, "There are people who get it, who don't get it, and who don't get that
they don't get it."  Ha ha. I think a lot of people are in the last category.
Actually....I know that they are. The other day we finally found a lady who
we contacted about a month ago. She was just leaving her house though, so we
only had enough time to talk to her on the way to the bus. We asked how she
was, what's been going on, etc. She said that she's not particularly happy
right now. She has a lot of problems...with her "pareja" (the person who you
live with but are not married to) she has problems in work, her mom is
sick....just a lot of things. You can tell that she lives a very fast pace
and stressful life. Yeah, with that knowledge, I KNOW how she can receive
peace and security and even happiness during all of these trials. It's called
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ". The only problem is that SHE doesn't know that.
So we have to tell her that and show her. That's basically our goal with
everyone. To show them how happy they can be when they come to know the
truth about this life, and that God really is Our Heavenly Father, and that
He really does want us to be happy. And that He has given all of the tools
to do so. We haven't talked to her since that short conversation, because she
is always doing other things. Other things that stress her out and take up
all of her time! This work is saddening. I feel some distress every single
day when people don't exercise this little bit of faith and hear the gospel
of Christ. And on the other end, I experience joy that is beyond description
when they DO accept this message. So so happy. Speaking of which....

This weekend Cony and Francheska got baptized! They are so awesome. I'll
attach pictures. I think I've talked in the past about their family a little
bit...their mom was an inactive member, and has come back to church, and the
gospel has changed the lives of her daughters now, especially Cony, the 14
year old. During the baptisms and confirmations the spirit was really
strong. I love these moments!!!

I have to say a little bit about Alberto. We were walking on a street one
day....(ok, that's really vague since that's what we do everyday) Ha ha, but
we were walking one day and there was a drunk man laying face down sleeping
on the side of the road. We felt that we should help him, so we got him up,
talked to him a little bit and told him that he needs to go to his house and
sleep. We started talking to him and finding out a little bit about him. We
gave him some food and told him that were are his friends and we are here to
help him and to change his life. That through Christ and the message that we
have, he can be happy and change his life and stop drinking. He started
crying a little bit when we told him we were his friends. We helped him walk
to his house, and when we got there, we talked to his step daughter a little
bit about him and that we are here to teach him about the gospel of Jesus
Christ, and that he wants to repent and change his life...but he needs help.
He is about 50 years old and this step daughter about 25 or so. He went to
sleep and it was good that he was not in the street anymore. We found out
that he doesn't live in our area, but he's from the area of the missionaries
who live with us. So we told them all about him and they were really
excited. They've had a rough time lately with finding people. So they stopped
by and taught him a lesson, and they set a baptismal date with him! They
were so happy. They invited him to church and told him that they would stop
by on Sunday to get him. So they stopped by yesterday morning....but no one
was home...(That happens quite a bit)  they were pretty bummed out. So they
show up to church, and he was there!!!!!! (that is REALLY rare!!!!) He was
there and all of the members were taking good care of him (befriending him)
SO COOL!! I'm so happy for the other elders! And it's cool to see that it
started because me and my companion had the impression to stop and help a
little man in the street. If you have the opportunity to help someone in
need, DON'T let it pass by!!!! You won't regret it.

AH! I almost forgot! I felt an EARTHQUAKE!! Ha ha. I was so happy!
Alright...it was more of a tremor, but it was cool. I was studying and all
of the sudden everything started to move and shake. I guess that's why they
call it an earthquake!

We have another baptism on the 23rd - Norma. She's a 60 year old lady who has
a strong desire to follow Jesus Christ. It's a bit of a challenge to teach
her though because she LOVES to be the one talking. Literally, if you try to
say something, she'll just keep talking. But I honestly think that in her
life, she hasn't had a whole lot of people who listen to her. I think we have
helped her a whole lot just by listening to her ramble and tell stories of
the Bible and her life. We also were able to give her a priesthood blessing
of health last week which was neat. She was crying when we finished and she
felt the Holy Ghost tell her that it was a literally a blessing from God.
Also this last visit, as she was rambling on, she started choking up all of
the sudden, and started crying and shared her testimony of the first vision
and it was so neat. Everyone is so different, but everyone can still know
that this 14 year old boy say Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ because they
had to restore their gospel to the earth.

I also testify that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ because
They came down from the heavens to tell him of the work which was to come
forth. A work of which I am a part of currently as a missionary of the Lord.

I love you all. Keep choosing the right.

Elder Gomez

-Baptism, Me, Cony, Francheska, and Elder Hickman
-A few of the young men and leaders in the ward
-Me making fried cheese empanadas with some members
-At a birthday party for Javiera, Cony and Francheskas little sister.
-An inactive family that we have been working with, the Conejeros.

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

Monday, April 4, 2011

Email April 4, 2011 Conference Week!

April 4, 2011
Hey everyone,
      Wasnt this week great? It was pretty great down here in Hualpen,
Chile. This week we worked a lot with the members. Weve been working really
hard to get the members involved in missionary work here. Almost every day
we left to appointments with members, so that was really neat. We had an
amazing experience with Patricia and Jisenia. Patricia is the lady, about 40
years old, who I think I mentioned last time. We stopped by her house before
church to pick her up but she wasnt going to come because she was angry
because something had just happened in the house. A fight or something. So
we stopped by later in the week with the same member, Sister Cofre, and we
had a great lesson. Patricia and also her daughter, Jesenia were there. We
talked about prayer and its importance. We talked a lot about Christ, and
the only way we can be completely happy in this life is if we follow his
example. Sister Cofre bore a strong testimony to her and shared some
personal experiences. Patricia NEEDS something in her life. She is the
opposite of happy. She is angry all the time, shes raises her voice a LOT,
and she has no patience. She wants to change, but she just lacks the DOING
it part. So at the end of the lesson, we invited Jesenia to say the prayer.
Jesenia is 21 and has a deformation with her face. She had never prayed
before. She didnt want to say it and she kept saying that she still didnt
know how to, but we kept encouraging her to.. I finally said that I would
say a short first prayer, and then she could say one right after it like it.
So I said a prayer, and then she was still a little hesitant, and finally,
she started to say it. She repeated a couple of the things I said, and then
all of the sudden she started praying out of her heart and she started
crying. It was one of the best prayers that I have heard in a long time. The
Spirit was so strong!! It was incredible. Thats why Im here! To have these
kinds of moments when people come to know their Heavenly Father. And He
indeed is our Father in Heaven. We always push people to pray, even right
there during the lesson, because the minute they pray with a sincere heart,
they will come to know God.
     If you dont know Him, and you question if He exists and loves you, ask
yourself when the last time you prayed from your heart was. We push people
to pray because we know that they will feel the love of their Father in
Heaven when they do so.

Another great thing that happened this week... We went to an appointment
with a member, and afterward he took us back to our little house. We had
just a little while before it would 10, which is when we normally enter the
house, and we were really tired. We almost stayed in the house...but then we
had a feeling that we should just go work for a few more minutes. We both
started walking in a random direction together. We didnt question eachother
or anything about where we should or anything...we just WENT. We kept
walking until we came to this apartment building (theyre called blocks here,
each block has 16 apartments) We came to this block and it was locked, so we
knocked on the window of one of the houses on the bottom floor, and Eugenia
answered. She is about 45 or 50 years old. She is...WAS an inactive member.
 >:) We started talking to her and she said she was inactive because people
never really came to visit her much, and she was sick and nobody came from
the church. She said that she still considers it her church though and shes
never forgotten her testimony. She told us some awesome experiences that
shes had with the Holy Ghost and feeling His influence. She got all excited
to go to conference and she was so happy that we stopped by. Yesterday we
stopped by and picked her up for conference, and after the session I found
her and she told me the most incredible thing ever!!! She said that her
testimony is now complete. She had a couple doubts and questions, but she
said that they were all answered during the conference (Sunday morning
session) She started crying a little bit and told me that she knows this
church is true and she wants to share her testimony with her kids and bring
them to church next week. I said that would be awesome. Plus, fast and
testimony meeting is next week. She is really excited. Im so happy that this
happened! She has been away from the church for years now. The words of the
messengers of God, his prophets and apostles, are so powerful. Also, I
learned the importance of following the spirit! If we would not have left
that night that we normally wouldnt have, we would not have found Eugenia.
FOLLOW THE HOLY GHOST! I cant possible deny that this gospel is true when
amazing things happen to me all the time. On the contrary, I know that its
      This conference was awesome, wasnt it?? I especially loved...well...I
especially loved a ton of the talks! How about C. Scott Grow (awesome name
:D) His talk about the atonement was so good. That was a neat story about
his brother who died just last month who was literally borne again. We can
all be borne again if we repent and change and come unto Christ. There is
always hope. I know it takes a little bit of effort, but its worth it. Just
pick up that Book of Mormon which I know is true and start reading it. Kneel
down when you have an opportunity and pray to God, your Heavenly Father.
Pray to Him! And you wont regret it.
     Cony and Francheska, our investigators who will be baptized this
weekend are doing good. They are really excited. Cony has had an amazing
change happen in her life in the last month or so. She is really really
popular and has a lot of friends, and she wasnt making the best
decisions...she put her friends before her family. She didnt even greet her
family when she got home, just went straight to her room (which is really
not normal for this country) She was always angry also... then one of her
friends Roxanna, a member in the ward, invited her to church and seminary,
and she went. Cony says that the second she stepped in the church everything
changed. In that moment! She had been in a lot of other churches but didnt
like any of them. But the minute she entered the church of Jesus Christ, she
felt the Holy Ghost so strong that her problems didnt seem big anymore, she
knew everything would be alright. She also knew that she needed to start
loving her family more. And from there it was a black to white change. She
is completely different know. And best of all, shes coming to know Jesus
Christ as her Savior and Heavenly Father as her Father in Heaven. I love
being a missionary and seeing people change!!!!!

      Thanks for all of you and your impacts on me to change when I need to.

Keep in touch!
I love you all,

Elder Dallin Gomez

-Elder Merrell from Provo, with red hair, and Elder Bernal, from Colombia.
They live in our house.
-Beware of tsunamis
-Familia Conejeros
-Us in the back of the presidents asistants truck. Ha ha.