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Monday, April 18, 2011

Dallin Email April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011
Hola familia y amigos!!!

Happy late birthday Jacob in March! Sorry I forgot earlier! I hope it was a
good day.
Happy Easter everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope really good. Unfortunately, this week I dont
have a ton of time to write. This week was good. We have had some really
great lessons with inactive members lately. Norma, our 60 year old
investigator, is all ready to get baptized this Saturday. She is excited. We
also had some more tremors. But of course I didnt feel any of them because
they always happen while we are walking in the street. There were two on
Friday night, apparently they were really strong. Stronger than the other
one that I felt last week! The second coming is closer and closer by the
minute! How exciting.

There are a lot of inactive members here. What were trying to do is get the
members of the ward to help us out a lot with visits and such. Members can
have a great impact. We had a noche de talentos this week (talent show) and
it was good. We had a lot of inactive members go, so that was really good.

We also found Sandra this week. She is a lady who is really interested in
our message. She is a lady who is looking for the truth. Just like it says
in D y C 123:12. There are many who are kept from the truth "because they
know not where to find it" That is Sandra exactly. We left a Book of Mormon
with her and she said that she would get baptized if she found out it was
true! That doesnt happy very often. There are a lot of people here who have
a hard time with commitments, so it was so nice to find this lady who will
honestly ACT if she finds that it is true.

Acting is probably difficult part of the gospel isnt it? We read the Book of
Mormon, but sometimes we just read, and forget to apply. Ive realized that
more and more in my own life and in my life as a missionary. The scriptures
arent just filled with good "ideas". They are things to DO!!!!!!! If you are
ever finding yourself struggling with your testimony...ask yourself- when
was the last time I followed Moronis counsel at the end of the Book of
Mormon and asked Heavenly Father in prayer if it is true. When was the last
time I loved and forgave my enemy like Our Savior taught? When was the last
time I thought of someone in need and helped them? Do we sometimes just read
the scriptures and let the wise counsel sit there on the page and never
apply it to our own lives? Unfortunately, I think so. We cant become the
people we want to become, gain the testimony we desire, be as happy as we
would like, have the peace that we are searching for....without DOING
something!! We have to live it, not just read it. We have to pray about the
Book of Mormon, we have to ACTUALLY serve others, we have to actually do
good deeds, we have to actually control our temper, we have to DO more...and
not just be spectators. Lets make a goal together (because I need to also)
to start living the gospel more...EVERY PART of the gospel! Ive realized
that just going to church on Sunday and reading a scripture here or there
isnt enough! Its what it makes of us, what we become. Its who we are!
So...WHOs WITH ME?!  (I feel like Im in a pep assembly) but seriously, if
anyone else wants to make this goal with me, you are cordially invited :)

Thanks for everything that you all have done for me. I love you all a lot,
everyone who reads this! Im sorry if Ive done mean things to you. I hope you
will forgive me. Have a great week! :)

Elder Gomez

-Me with the flower "Copihue" It is the national flower of Chile, and its
illegal to pick it....but our investigator Norma had some, so I thought Id
get a picture. Thats Norma in the background, she will be baptized on
-Us with an inactive family who have come back to church!

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