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Monday, April 4, 2011

Email April 4, 2011 Conference Week!

April 4, 2011
Hey everyone,
      Wasnt this week great? It was pretty great down here in Hualpen,
Chile. This week we worked a lot with the members. Weve been working really
hard to get the members involved in missionary work here. Almost every day
we left to appointments with members, so that was really neat. We had an
amazing experience with Patricia and Jisenia. Patricia is the lady, about 40
years old, who I think I mentioned last time. We stopped by her house before
church to pick her up but she wasnt going to come because she was angry
because something had just happened in the house. A fight or something. So
we stopped by later in the week with the same member, Sister Cofre, and we
had a great lesson. Patricia and also her daughter, Jesenia were there. We
talked about prayer and its importance. We talked a lot about Christ, and
the only way we can be completely happy in this life is if we follow his
example. Sister Cofre bore a strong testimony to her and shared some
personal experiences. Patricia NEEDS something in her life. She is the
opposite of happy. She is angry all the time, shes raises her voice a LOT,
and she has no patience. She wants to change, but she just lacks the DOING
it part. So at the end of the lesson, we invited Jesenia to say the prayer.
Jesenia is 21 and has a deformation with her face. She had never prayed
before. She didnt want to say it and she kept saying that she still didnt
know how to, but we kept encouraging her to.. I finally said that I would
say a short first prayer, and then she could say one right after it like it.
So I said a prayer, and then she was still a little hesitant, and finally,
she started to say it. She repeated a couple of the things I said, and then
all of the sudden she started praying out of her heart and she started
crying. It was one of the best prayers that I have heard in a long time. The
Spirit was so strong!! It was incredible. Thats why Im here! To have these
kinds of moments when people come to know their Heavenly Father. And He
indeed is our Father in Heaven. We always push people to pray, even right
there during the lesson, because the minute they pray with a sincere heart,
they will come to know God.
     If you dont know Him, and you question if He exists and loves you, ask
yourself when the last time you prayed from your heart was. We push people
to pray because we know that they will feel the love of their Father in
Heaven when they do so.

Another great thing that happened this week... We went to an appointment
with a member, and afterward he took us back to our little house. We had
just a little while before it would 10, which is when we normally enter the
house, and we were really tired. We almost stayed in the house...but then we
had a feeling that we should just go work for a few more minutes. We both
started walking in a random direction together. We didnt question eachother
or anything about where we should or anything...we just WENT. We kept
walking until we came to this apartment building (theyre called blocks here,
each block has 16 apartments) We came to this block and it was locked, so we
knocked on the window of one of the houses on the bottom floor, and Eugenia
answered. She is about 45 or 50 years old. She is...WAS an inactive member.
 >:) We started talking to her and she said she was inactive because people
never really came to visit her much, and she was sick and nobody came from
the church. She said that she still considers it her church though and shes
never forgotten her testimony. She told us some awesome experiences that
shes had with the Holy Ghost and feeling His influence. She got all excited
to go to conference and she was so happy that we stopped by. Yesterday we
stopped by and picked her up for conference, and after the session I found
her and she told me the most incredible thing ever!!! She said that her
testimony is now complete. She had a couple doubts and questions, but she
said that they were all answered during the conference (Sunday morning
session) She started crying a little bit and told me that she knows this
church is true and she wants to share her testimony with her kids and bring
them to church next week. I said that would be awesome. Plus, fast and
testimony meeting is next week. She is really excited. Im so happy that this
happened! She has been away from the church for years now. The words of the
messengers of God, his prophets and apostles, are so powerful. Also, I
learned the importance of following the spirit! If we would not have left
that night that we normally wouldnt have, we would not have found Eugenia.
FOLLOW THE HOLY GHOST! I cant possible deny that this gospel is true when
amazing things happen to me all the time. On the contrary, I know that its
      This conference was awesome, wasnt it?? I especially loved...well...I
especially loved a ton of the talks! How about C. Scott Grow (awesome name
:D) His talk about the atonement was so good. That was a neat story about
his brother who died just last month who was literally borne again. We can
all be borne again if we repent and change and come unto Christ. There is
always hope. I know it takes a little bit of effort, but its worth it. Just
pick up that Book of Mormon which I know is true and start reading it. Kneel
down when you have an opportunity and pray to God, your Heavenly Father.
Pray to Him! And you wont regret it.
     Cony and Francheska, our investigators who will be baptized this
weekend are doing good. They are really excited. Cony has had an amazing
change happen in her life in the last month or so. She is really really
popular and has a lot of friends, and she wasnt making the best
decisions...she put her friends before her family. She didnt even greet her
family when she got home, just went straight to her room (which is really
not normal for this country) She was always angry also... then one of her
friends Roxanna, a member in the ward, invited her to church and seminary,
and she went. Cony says that the second she stepped in the church everything
changed. In that moment! She had been in a lot of other churches but didnt
like any of them. But the minute she entered the church of Jesus Christ, she
felt the Holy Ghost so strong that her problems didnt seem big anymore, she
knew everything would be alright. She also knew that she needed to start
loving her family more. And from there it was a black to white change. She
is completely different know. And best of all, shes coming to know Jesus
Christ as her Savior and Heavenly Father as her Father in Heaven. I love
being a missionary and seeing people change!!!!!

      Thanks for all of you and your impacts on me to change when I need to.

Keep in touch!
I love you all,

Elder Dallin Gomez

-Elder Merrell from Provo, with red hair, and Elder Bernal, from Colombia.
They live in our house.
-Beware of tsunamis
-Familia Conejeros
-Us in the back of the presidents asistants truck. Ha ha.

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