Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dallin's Email - May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011 
Hola family and friends,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW AIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is everyone doing?
This week was alright. From Wednesday to about Friday or Saturday Elder Lamb
was pretty sick, so we were home bound for a good amount of time. During
that time I tried to keep myself occupied between the scriptures, Preach My
Gospel, etc. Basically just like a really long personal study. I have
learned a lot. I listened to Elder Hollands talk from the Oct. 2009
conference, "Safety for the Soul" about the Book of Mormon. I have listened
to it countless times already but everytime I learn something new in a
powerful way that I didnt get the time before. In reality, the Book of
Mormon is true, and it is the keystone to the restored gospel of Christ.
Some members of another church talked to us the other day and talked about
the Bible and their usual info about their religion. But I keep realizing,
EVERYONE already has the Bible! It is a great volume of scripture, but until
you have read the Book of Mormon, you wouldnt even be able to try to
convince me of anything else! But anyway, the Book of Mormon is true.

This week I have been thinking a lot about taking upon us the name of
Christ. Too often in the church today people have been offended  by a member
of the church. Way too often. A lot of people have the mentality, "well that
is their fault if they decide to leave, nobody can force them to come to
church." Well in reality, its OUR FAULT TOO if we arent forgiving them and
helping them. We have to go search for the lost sheep, not leave them out
their alone. It really DOESNT MATTER what they have done against us or what
we have done against them, it is time to suck it up and forgive them. If you
really claim that you represent Jesus Christ, you will go help WHOEVER is in
need. Jesus Christ taught us that if we dont forgive others of their
offenses against us, then He wont forgive us of our offenses. How clear is
that? This really hit me this week....I had a very powerful experience that
really woke me up:

We found Magali, a 45ish year old lady in the street about a month ago. She
has a lot of problems in her life. Probably more than anyone who is reading
this. She has a bad bad family background, she is a very heavy smoker, and
she is schizophrenic. Anyway, we have seen her in the street several times
since the first, and we always invite her to church and commit her to go,
and we have stopped by her house two Sundays already...and just yesterday we
stopped by for the final chance and she was there and ready to come with us!
So I talked to her all the way to the church and she lit up a cigarette
right before we got to the church so we waiting a second until she would
throw it away...she was really nervous and she has somewhat of an attention
deficit disorder also. So we finally got their and went in and sat down in
the sacrament meeting room. She sat down and looked really nervous and
really uncomfortable. After a few people came and said hi to her, all before
the meeting had even started, she stood up to leave, she said, "i have to go
I have to go." And so i got up and followed her to help her calm down. A
recently returned missionary in the ward, Rodrigo, followed me to help her
also. She was very panicky. She kind of mumbled to me that they are cheaters
and liars...because apparently she has had bad experiences with at least one
of the ladies at some point, and now she is all of the sudden being called
"sister" by the same people who have done wrong to her before. She was
really upset. It also turns out that she came to church a couple weeks ago
and she was rejected by one of the members.
In the end, she left, and she didnt come back. I felt horrible, and just
about broke down crying. Luckily Rodrigo and Juanito, two recently returned
missionaries were their with me and they could see how sad I was and my
voice started choking up pretty bad so they put their arms around me and
helped me out a lot.

This could have been the strongest feeling I have felt since Ive been in the
mission. Complete sadness and horribleness. She was in the church and then
left. She was so close to having her life begin to change, and then she
LEFT. I was crushed. Completely crushed. It was powerful. I understand a
little better how Jesus Christ felt when he suffered everything for us. The
Son of God Himself took upon him these things. I was very grateful for the
opportunity that I had immediately after this experience to take the
sacrament. And I gained a powerful testimony of how we, as individuals, can
CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES. What if Magali would have walked into the room and
seen a lady and would have thought "Hey, there is the lady who said hi to me
the other day and asked me how I was doing" instead of "Hey, that lady is a
hypocrite because...! And then she wouldnt let me come in her church last

Jesus Christ said that unless we BECOME LIKE HIM, we cannot take upon
ourselves His name and be counted with His fold. This gospel is more than
just not drinking and smoking, its more than giving ten percent of our money
for tithing-- Its how we love people. Its how we serve people. Its how we
give up everything we have, all of our talents, gifts, abilities, EVERYTHING
for the cause of Christ.

He said, "Feed My Sheep"   So lets do it!

I love you all, keep being awesome,

Elder Gomez 
-An awesome family that we are working with. Claudia, the mom, is an
inactive member, and Renaldo, the crazy skinny guy with a knife is not a
member. He has become one of my really really good friends here in Chile,
regardless of the scary pictures :D And they feed us SOOOO much food! This
is a picture of tacos that they made.
-A ten year old genius, Macarena. She is really smart and studies like 5
hours per day! I told her that she could take a break for ten or 15 minutes
and read the Book of Mormon and she would do EVEN BETTER in school. She is a
member but isnt active. But she came to church yesterday!
-Me and Elder Lamb, him with his never ending coke!
-Me and a giant sandwich, also from Renaldo and Claudia.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dallin's wigging out and has a bird brain this week :)

May 23, 2011
Hola familia y amigos,

This week in Chile has been good. There have been a lot of governmental
conflicts with random national problems, with a lot of protests. (I mean
serious protests, like more than 40 thousand people parading to the
presidents house) Luckily that is way up in Santiago. And even more luckily,
that doesnt really have to do with my purpose here. My purpose is much
cooler. Preaching the gospel! Whooh!

This week we had some neat experiences. Firstly, Maria. She is awesome. I am
pretty positive that I talked about her a little last week actually. But she
is doing really good. She is going to get baptized next week we hope. She
has had an amazing turn around in her life. Yesterday night we talked with
her about repentance. She told us that her whole life she has been so
logical (she is a type of lawyer) she has always used her brain to
rationalize things before she used any type of faith. She is trying so hard
to change that. She has been so unhappy in her life, in her family. And
finally she is completely changing. Repentance is so real in people. Its a
black in white change between being sad, miserable, never able to please
anyone, including yourself, to being happy, joyful, finding peace and love
in your family and in yourself. Life is such a difference with the truth of
Jesus Christ.

I am sorry if my emails are never detailed enough about things that
happen... I get to Monday, when I can email, and I just cant remember what
happened this week. I have a bad memory! This week I learned a lot about
obedience and its blessing. God wants us to be so happy, all we have to do
is keep the commandments, and he pours blessings upon us. Everything is
easier His way. It really is.

This week I have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot! And I love it! It is
an incredible book. I am at the beginning of Mosiah. During second Nefi I
realized how much I loved second Nefi. Its awesome! It talks a lot about the
last days and the scriptures and how we need to get baptized. I know 2nd
Nephi has a boring reputation, but I would recommend reading it! (at least
the last 8 or 9 chapters)

Service is the best. This world isnt huge on serving other people, but it is
the way of Christ. I learned this week how much service does for people.
Shout out to my mom, who is amazing and does so many things for others.

Well, all I know is that the church is true, and the Book of Mormon is true,
and it will bless you. Sorry again for the lack of information. My mind is
like a pile of mud right now. I cant remember what I did yesterday, let
alone the whole week! It was a good week though. Basically just a whole lot
of inviting people to come unto Christ. I love it.

Have a great week everyone!

I love you all.

Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

Monday, May 16, 2011

Email May 16th from Elder Dallin

May 16, 2011
Hello queridos amigos y familia maravillosa,
This week was a good one. I have learned a lot from my companion.
 (Dallin told me  more about this in a separate email... ah the lessons of life!) 
We have 2 baptismal dates for the 26th of May and so that is very exciting.
Maria Lemus and Javiera are going to get baptized. Marias story is very
neat. She is the mom of Pancho (23), who was baptized about 4 years ago. His
conversion was awesome. His mom, when he first started taking the lessons
from the sister missionaries, was pretty against the mormons. But finally,
after all of this time, she has changed and is going to be baptized on the
26th, her birthday! I can only imagine how happy Pancho is that his mom has
finally accepted the gospel. We had an amazing lesson with her this week,
where she told us the biggest thing in her life that is giving her grief and
pain, which is her job. She is a lawyer/leader for a group of workers in a
workers union, and she told us how she finally understands that she wasted a
big part of her life, because she has always sought happiness through her
position in her job. She always wanted to be important. So she now has this
job in the workers union, and she realizes now the real effect that its
having on her life. She wants to quit, she wants to leave, but its not quite
that easy. She said that she is constantly around people who are lying and
hating and seeking revenge and it is torturing her now. In her process of
repenting, she has realized how important it is to seek first the things of
GOD, and then the things of the world will fall into place. So true that is.
So true. She also smokes, but not very much. Honestly, she just smokes when
she goes up to Santiago to work. She says literally that city is the city of
sin. We are praying a lot for her. It would be cool if you all did too. The
power of prayer is real and powerful.
The best part of the lesson...or just to top the lesson off with a cherry,
at the end of the lesson, Maria turned to Pancho and said, "oh yeah, your
uncle called and he said that he read the Book of Mormon that you gave him,
and he said that he is ready to do whatever he needs to to follow it."
Pancho started crying and told us that a little while ago he went up to the
temple and while he was there he bought a nice hardback covered Book of
Mormon and wrote his testimony in it and gave it to his uncle. When I was
hearing all of this I was so happy, I wanted to scream! Scream for joy! The
church is true and it will bless your life!!!! Ha ha. But its just crazy how
now two more people are being brought into the church because of Pancho and
his example. Its pretty awesome what one person can do for another. All of
you can receive this joy too by reaching out to someone you know.

I know that the Lord blesses us when we are humble enough to accept his
will. Like Doctrine and Covenants say in chapter 82, verse 10: "I, the Lord
am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no
Hey, honestly, if you want to challenge that, all you have to do is try it,
and you will see the blessings. I have learned how very literal this promise
is. When we obey the commandments, everything will turn out better. It
doesnt matter how hard it seems to us, if we put the will of God first
before all things, we will come out on top 100% of the time. I know that is
true. If you dont believe me or dont have a testimony of this, I strongly
exhort you to try it and test it. You will gain a testimony of it.

I am sorry that this email is really short, and I am even more sorry that I
cant attach photos. My computer is too complicated for me to understand and
its not working well with my camera which is a real bummer. Technology is
crazy! Are there flying cars yet in the united states? I hope so. That would
be cool.

If any of you have any questions ever for me, dont feel shy to write me at
the address below. I would love to hear from you.

I love you all, Elder Gomez

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th Email from Dalpal :)

May 9, 2011

Hey family and friends!
This week was a good one.
I will tell you the highlights from the start because I dont have a ton of time.
First off, we found a great new family! Bernardita, Fabian, and Bastian. They are great. We found Bernardita in a little business close to our house. I started talking to her and she was interested in learning English and hearing our message. We stopped by twice in the week and she has two sons. Well, they are all awesome! And all three of them came to church! :) The ward was really great with giving them a warm welcome and they all want to come back. Bastian and Fabian are 14 and 16 and they love soccer, so all of the soccer guys in the ward invited them to play on Saturday...its good.
We also had a baptism on Friday. Josefa was baptized. She is 8. Her parents were converts as of a few years ago but are going through some struggles. But this decision of Josefas to get baptized has helped them a lot! She is a really smart little girl. She has a strong testimony, even with only 8 years. I know that the gospel really does bless families. If you have some struggles right now anyone, my guess is that there are some points of the gospel that you are lacking. Maybe you havent had family scripture study in a while? Family prayer? Family home evening? Whatever it is, if you start it up, it will bless you so much!
The next great thing that happened this week was with our investigator, Joyce. She is a 20 year old who has a testimony of the gospel, wants to get baptized, but her mom is trying to convince her not to. We had a lesson right after church yesterday with her which was amazing. We asked her how she felt in the middle of it and she said that she felt like crying. She started to cry and the spirit was just all over the place! Its an impossible feeling to describe. Just know, Spirit plus everywhere equals incredible! Ha ha. She prayed right here to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon was true and if she should get baptized. We all waited after the prayer was down and even MORE of the spirit came and she was crying and she said that she felt warmth everywhere and literally the Holy Ghost just filled her. It was one of the coolest things in the world. Shes doing good, she is going to get baptized for sure, we just have to find out when her mom is able to be there.
The next best thing that happened, which was probably the best of the best, was I talked to you mom!!! Whoo! And to you family! And to you friends!!! That was so good :) I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing good and to hear all of the updates of everyone´s lives. I still cant believe that my friends are all going to Africa, especially Brandon, who is leaving in 8 days! Ha ha.
Family, I love you all. I have to go now. Thanks for being awesome! I will send all the pictures that I can! It was so good to hear from you all. Especially you mom. Happy Mothers day!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Love, Elder Gomez

photos of:

-scenery at Tumbe, a really cool part of the beach in Chile. It is soooooo pretty and cool looking.
-Little crab
-Josefas baptism 
-Other baptism photo
-Working on Talcahuano centro in all of the hills!
-More hills
-More hill/ocean pictures
-More awesome Chile pictures
-Mothers day activity for the primary and their moms
-Mission family photo, Elder Hickman, my old companion, Elder Maltalban (his son, or trainee), me, and Elder Chavez (my trainer) Its a family picture because Elder Chavez and Elder Hickman were both trained by the same missionary, so they are "brothers"
-Some cool exotic looking plants
-Josefa with Javiera. Jo was baptized on Friday and Javiera is going to get baptized very soon. Both of their families are in the process of reactivating.
- Me and Elder Lamb, my current companion, pouring boiling water on a little puppy. NO! Just kidding! pouring boiling water in the baptismal font. This was Elder Lamb´s attempt at warming up the freezing cold water a little bit. I told him that it wouldnt do anything and.....it didnt do anything. Ha ha.

That´s all for now. I love you all! Chao.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2, 2011 Dallin Email

May 2, 2011

Hey everyone, (or should I say hola everyone?)

How are you all doing? First of all, I have a few shout outs to do,
You have now been married for exactly half of your lifetime dad! That is
CONGRATULATIONS all of you African friends of mine! Brandon! Tyson! Dallin!
Who will be the next?
I just heard some news that Osama bin Laden died yesterday. Thats good.

So, I got here to Independencia with Elder Lamb. He is a funny blonde from
St. George, Utah. He is really into acting and singing and dancing and yes,
he has burst out randomly into a character or song more than once :D
Independencia is only 15 or 20 minutes away from Bio Bio, so I didnt leave
very far. It was pretty hard to just LEAVE after I had barely started
getting to know everyone in Bio Bio! Independencia is great though.  If you
want to know where I am, just google "Talcahuano, Chile" And Im on that
little penisula of Talahuano. We are pretty close to the sea. The ward is
really strong. We had an activity on Saturday. A noche de talentos. Talent
shows are pretty common here in the wards. Everyone does a great job! A lot
of the acts were for comic purposes...There are some seriously funny
Chileans. We had about 5 investigators show up so that was great.

We had some opportunities to meet some people this week. One was Catherine,
a mentally paralyzed ten year old girl that we had the opportunity to give a
blessing to. She has received many blessings in the past but she had another
little problem and her mom asked us if we could give her a blessing. When I
first saw her, something about her glowed. Her spirit is so strong. I know
that Cata is alive in Christ, even though her body right now has
imperfections. The feeling I felt was so real and powereful when we gave her
the blessing. The spirit is so...urgh. How do I explain it? Good! So so

We tracted into a really nice lady who has triplets. Ivan, Catalina, and
Fernando. They are 6 months old. We were able to say a prayer for Fernando,
who was having some problems. I have learned more and more lately that even
though we are all different (100 year old lady, 6 month old triplets,
mentally paralyzed 10 year old, etc.) God is still Our Loving Heavenly
Father. He really is. I know that with all of my heart because I have asked
him personally through prayer and received an answer through the power of
His Holy Spirit. And I have countless blessings in my life from Him.

There is a phrase that people say every day here. It is "Si Dios quiere" I
think I may have mentioned this phrase before. Its a phrase that people say
to tell you that they may or may not keep a commitment. It literally means
"if God wants" or "if God wishes it"
For example, "Will you go to church this Sunday?".... "mmm...si Dios quiere"
Its a way for some people to get out of keeping commitments. Or in other
words, if they dont end up going to church its because God "didnt want them
to" They slept in because they really werent supposed to go to church.
I only bring this up to stress the point that YES, GOD ALWAYS WISHES IT! He
wants us to be happy ALL the time, not some of the time. He wants us to
receive the blessings from taking the sacrament EVERY week, not just de vez
en cuando. He loves us because we are His children. He will always love us.
God always wants us to keep the commandments, because THAT is the way he can
bless us! There is a law to everything. And the law to receiving blessings
is by being obedient to the commandments. (D&C 130:20-21) I know that this
is true because I have put it to the test! Many times!
Just be obedient please, and you will be happy.

I love you all, and I know that this church is true. The things we do within
this gospel are so important. They are everything. They will change your

Oh, by the way, we are going to be getting a new mission president in July.
He is actually from our mission. He is Chileno. Im really excited! But at
the same time really really sad to see President and Sister Swenson leave.
Yesterday, President and Sister just happened to show up in our ward right
before church started. They went to all of the meetings with us. It was
neat. I had a cool experience with President. He lost his scriptures two
days ago. They got stolen from his car in a brief case along with a computer
and camera also. It was neat seeing what his scriptures meant to him. He
didnt even care about the laptop and camera and brief case....just his
scriptures that he has had for almost 3 years of the mission. In his
scriptures were also the note cards that he used to give every single talk
that he has given to us in three years! Also the Chile made authentic
leather scripture cases that had the scriptures in them. It was cool that he
was just talking to me one on one about this...I was almost trying to help
comfort HIM. Usually its the other way around! I told him I would pray and
fast for him to be able to find them.

I will talk to you all later. Another shout out to mom and dad! I love you

Elder Gomez


-Me with Cata
-Us with Joyce. She is going to be baptized this week or the next hopefully.
We are only waiting for her mom to be able to come down for her baptism. She
has a strong testimony. She participated in 2 or 3 of the acts for the
talent show. She appears as though she has been a member for a long time.
-Giant breakfast that a really cool couple gave us who we helped with some
business deal in English.
-The Soliz framily from Bio Bio. They are amazing! A family that I was
really sad to just leave after such a short time. They did so much for the
missionaries. They did their familiy nights every monday without fail and we
brought investigators many times.
-Cool tree!
-Tipped over ship in the ocean! Thats what happens with tsunamis!
-Beautiful Chile

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503