Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dallin's wigging out and has a bird brain this week :)

May 23, 2011
Hola familia y amigos,

This week in Chile has been good. There have been a lot of governmental
conflicts with random national problems, with a lot of protests. (I mean
serious protests, like more than 40 thousand people parading to the
presidents house) Luckily that is way up in Santiago. And even more luckily,
that doesnt really have to do with my purpose here. My purpose is much
cooler. Preaching the gospel! Whooh!

This week we had some neat experiences. Firstly, Maria. She is awesome. I am
pretty positive that I talked about her a little last week actually. But she
is doing really good. She is going to get baptized next week we hope. She
has had an amazing turn around in her life. Yesterday night we talked with
her about repentance. She told us that her whole life she has been so
logical (she is a type of lawyer) she has always used her brain to
rationalize things before she used any type of faith. She is trying so hard
to change that. She has been so unhappy in her life, in her family. And
finally she is completely changing. Repentance is so real in people. Its a
black in white change between being sad, miserable, never able to please
anyone, including yourself, to being happy, joyful, finding peace and love
in your family and in yourself. Life is such a difference with the truth of
Jesus Christ.

I am sorry if my emails are never detailed enough about things that
happen... I get to Monday, when I can email, and I just cant remember what
happened this week. I have a bad memory! This week I learned a lot about
obedience and its blessing. God wants us to be so happy, all we have to do
is keep the commandments, and he pours blessings upon us. Everything is
easier His way. It really is.

This week I have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot! And I love it! It is
an incredible book. I am at the beginning of Mosiah. During second Nefi I
realized how much I loved second Nefi. Its awesome! It talks a lot about the
last days and the scriptures and how we need to get baptized. I know 2nd
Nephi has a boring reputation, but I would recommend reading it! (at least
the last 8 or 9 chapters)

Service is the best. This world isnt huge on serving other people, but it is
the way of Christ. I learned this week how much service does for people.
Shout out to my mom, who is amazing and does so many things for others.

Well, all I know is that the church is true, and the Book of Mormon is true,
and it will bless you. Sorry again for the lack of information. My mind is
like a pile of mud right now. I cant remember what I did yesterday, let
alone the whole week! It was a good week though. Basically just a whole lot
of inviting people to come unto Christ. I love it.

Have a great week everyone!

I love you all.

Elder Gomez

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503


  1. Nancy is a great example to me of serving others. I agree with Dallin

  2. Well, I know my missionaries were pretty fair at logging in their experiences. But---take a lesson from cousin Amanda. Her letters were so detailed and exciting! She brought her whole mission into our lives with her great reports. I'll bet your journal is much more complete with details!