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Monday, May 16, 2011

Email May 16th from Elder Dallin

May 16, 2011
Hello queridos amigos y familia maravillosa,
This week was a good one. I have learned a lot from my companion.
 (Dallin told me  more about this in a separate email... ah the lessons of life!) 
We have 2 baptismal dates for the 26th of May and so that is very exciting.
Maria Lemus and Javiera are going to get baptized. Marias story is very
neat. She is the mom of Pancho (23), who was baptized about 4 years ago. His
conversion was awesome. His mom, when he first started taking the lessons
from the sister missionaries, was pretty against the mormons. But finally,
after all of this time, she has changed and is going to be baptized on the
26th, her birthday! I can only imagine how happy Pancho is that his mom has
finally accepted the gospel. We had an amazing lesson with her this week,
where she told us the biggest thing in her life that is giving her grief and
pain, which is her job. She is a lawyer/leader for a group of workers in a
workers union, and she told us how she finally understands that she wasted a
big part of her life, because she has always sought happiness through her
position in her job. She always wanted to be important. So she now has this
job in the workers union, and she realizes now the real effect that its
having on her life. She wants to quit, she wants to leave, but its not quite
that easy. She said that she is constantly around people who are lying and
hating and seeking revenge and it is torturing her now. In her process of
repenting, she has realized how important it is to seek first the things of
GOD, and then the things of the world will fall into place. So true that is.
So true. She also smokes, but not very much. Honestly, she just smokes when
she goes up to Santiago to work. She says literally that city is the city of
sin. We are praying a lot for her. It would be cool if you all did too. The
power of prayer is real and powerful.
The best part of the lesson...or just to top the lesson off with a cherry,
at the end of the lesson, Maria turned to Pancho and said, "oh yeah, your
uncle called and he said that he read the Book of Mormon that you gave him,
and he said that he is ready to do whatever he needs to to follow it."
Pancho started crying and told us that a little while ago he went up to the
temple and while he was there he bought a nice hardback covered Book of
Mormon and wrote his testimony in it and gave it to his uncle. When I was
hearing all of this I was so happy, I wanted to scream! Scream for joy! The
church is true and it will bless your life!!!! Ha ha. But its just crazy how
now two more people are being brought into the church because of Pancho and
his example. Its pretty awesome what one person can do for another. All of
you can receive this joy too by reaching out to someone you know.

I know that the Lord blesses us when we are humble enough to accept his
will. Like Doctrine and Covenants say in chapter 82, verse 10: "I, the Lord
am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no
Hey, honestly, if you want to challenge that, all you have to do is try it,
and you will see the blessings. I have learned how very literal this promise
is. When we obey the commandments, everything will turn out better. It
doesnt matter how hard it seems to us, if we put the will of God first
before all things, we will come out on top 100% of the time. I know that is
true. If you dont believe me or dont have a testimony of this, I strongly
exhort you to try it and test it. You will gain a testimony of it.

I am sorry that this email is really short, and I am even more sorry that I
cant attach photos. My computer is too complicated for me to understand and
its not working well with my camera which is a real bummer. Technology is
crazy! Are there flying cars yet in the united states? I hope so. That would
be cool.

If any of you have any questions ever for me, dont feel shy to write me at
the address below. I would love to hear from you.

I love you all, Elder Gomez

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