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Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2, 2011 Dallin Email

May 2, 2011

Hey everyone, (or should I say hola everyone?)

How are you all doing? First of all, I have a few shout outs to do,
You have now been married for exactly half of your lifetime dad! That is
CONGRATULATIONS all of you African friends of mine! Brandon! Tyson! Dallin!
Who will be the next?
I just heard some news that Osama bin Laden died yesterday. Thats good.

So, I got here to Independencia with Elder Lamb. He is a funny blonde from
St. George, Utah. He is really into acting and singing and dancing and yes,
he has burst out randomly into a character or song more than once :D
Independencia is only 15 or 20 minutes away from Bio Bio, so I didnt leave
very far. It was pretty hard to just LEAVE after I had barely started
getting to know everyone in Bio Bio! Independencia is great though.  If you
want to know where I am, just google "Talcahuano, Chile" And Im on that
little penisula of Talahuano. We are pretty close to the sea. The ward is
really strong. We had an activity on Saturday. A noche de talentos. Talent
shows are pretty common here in the wards. Everyone does a great job! A lot
of the acts were for comic purposes...There are some seriously funny
Chileans. We had about 5 investigators show up so that was great.

We had some opportunities to meet some people this week. One was Catherine,
a mentally paralyzed ten year old girl that we had the opportunity to give a
blessing to. She has received many blessings in the past but she had another
little problem and her mom asked us if we could give her a blessing. When I
first saw her, something about her glowed. Her spirit is so strong. I know
that Cata is alive in Christ, even though her body right now has
imperfections. The feeling I felt was so real and powereful when we gave her
the blessing. The spirit is so...urgh. How do I explain it? Good! So so

We tracted into a really nice lady who has triplets. Ivan, Catalina, and
Fernando. They are 6 months old. We were able to say a prayer for Fernando,
who was having some problems. I have learned more and more lately that even
though we are all different (100 year old lady, 6 month old triplets,
mentally paralyzed 10 year old, etc.) God is still Our Loving Heavenly
Father. He really is. I know that with all of my heart because I have asked
him personally through prayer and received an answer through the power of
His Holy Spirit. And I have countless blessings in my life from Him.

There is a phrase that people say every day here. It is "Si Dios quiere" I
think I may have mentioned this phrase before. Its a phrase that people say
to tell you that they may or may not keep a commitment. It literally means
"if God wants" or "if God wishes it"
For example, "Will you go to church this Sunday?".... "mmm...si Dios quiere"
Its a way for some people to get out of keeping commitments. Or in other
words, if they dont end up going to church its because God "didnt want them
to" They slept in because they really werent supposed to go to church.
I only bring this up to stress the point that YES, GOD ALWAYS WISHES IT! He
wants us to be happy ALL the time, not some of the time. He wants us to
receive the blessings from taking the sacrament EVERY week, not just de vez
en cuando. He loves us because we are His children. He will always love us.
God always wants us to keep the commandments, because THAT is the way he can
bless us! There is a law to everything. And the law to receiving blessings
is by being obedient to the commandments. (D&C 130:20-21) I know that this
is true because I have put it to the test! Many times!
Just be obedient please, and you will be happy.

I love you all, and I know that this church is true. The things we do within
this gospel are so important. They are everything. They will change your

Oh, by the way, we are going to be getting a new mission president in July.
He is actually from our mission. He is Chileno. Im really excited! But at
the same time really really sad to see President and Sister Swenson leave.
Yesterday, President and Sister just happened to show up in our ward right
before church started. They went to all of the meetings with us. It was
neat. I had a cool experience with President. He lost his scriptures two
days ago. They got stolen from his car in a brief case along with a computer
and camera also. It was neat seeing what his scriptures meant to him. He
didnt even care about the laptop and camera and brief case....just his
scriptures that he has had for almost 3 years of the mission. In his
scriptures were also the note cards that he used to give every single talk
that he has given to us in three years! Also the Chile made authentic
leather scripture cases that had the scriptures in them. It was cool that he
was just talking to me one on one about this...I was almost trying to help
comfort HIM. Usually its the other way around! I told him I would pray and
fast for him to be able to find them.

I will talk to you all later. Another shout out to mom and dad! I love you

Elder Gomez


-Me with Cata
-Us with Joyce. She is going to be baptized this week or the next hopefully.
We are only waiting for her mom to be able to come down for her baptism. She
has a strong testimony. She participated in 2 or 3 of the acts for the
talent show. She appears as though she has been a member for a long time.
-Giant breakfast that a really cool couple gave us who we helped with some
business deal in English.
-The Soliz framily from Bio Bio. They are amazing! A family that I was
really sad to just leave after such a short time. They did so much for the
missionaries. They did their familiy nights every monday without fail and we
brought investigators many times.
-Cool tree!
-Tipped over ship in the ocean! Thats what happens with tsunamis!
-Beautiful Chile

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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