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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Email June 28, 2011

 June 28, 2011

Hola mi querida famila y amigos,

This week has been full of events. We worked really hard here in Santa Barbara to start making change here, and we committed 7 investigators to going to church! So that was awesome! On Sunday....9 people showed up!.....9 members showed up :( And no investigators! It was a little disappointing that we worked all week long with inactive members, investigators, and members in general to get them going in the gospel again...but at the end of the week it was kind of a let down. A part of the problem was that on Sunday morning exactly, it was the coldest it has been this whole year! It was -7 degrees celsius, which is about 20 degrees fahrenheit. But it is seems a lot colder when there is no indoor heating here! It is as cold inside the house as outside. Even though it was a little disappointing to only see that many people, we were very happy that 2 inactive members who havent gone for years came to church! One specifically hasnt come for about ten years. It was really neat. OH, we also had an activity on Saturday, it was fun. Other than the branch presidency (us) three people came. But we decided that no matter how many people came we would have fun, so we did. We watched Princess and the Frog and talked about the purpose of the Sabbath Day. Princess and the Frog is definitely a tear jerker. But I love the message that it has. Tiana's dad says at the beginning that with some hard work, we can accomplish anything in life. That is so true! It really applies to missionary work too. It's been really cool that my mission president allows us to watch Disney movies here....which brings me to my next point of business...

This week (tomorrow) President and Sister Swenson are LEAVING! They are finishing their three year mission. They have been the most amazing leaders for me and us missionaries its incredible. We are all sad to say goodbye to them. Our new president will be Osvaldo Martinez from Los Angeles, Chile. Thats actually about right where I am, an hour from Los Angeles. I have never met him, but I have heard a lot about him and that he is really great. Yesterday we had our conference to say goodbye to them, and the entire mission was there. I got to see everyone it was so great! I saw Elder McConnell and Elder Boman! Woot. They are both doing great. Sister Swenson talked about our personal plans of salvation and our patriarchal blessings, and how they are a piece of our plan. It is our potential if we keep following the commandments and doing what is right. President Swenson talked about how in the mission we are able to become who we want to be in this life. And we have to think about that goal always and work toward it and if we do it and are obedient, we will become what we would like to become. .....and they said a TON more things too...unfortunately I dont have with me my study journal where I took notes. They were amazing talks though. Oh, also President Swenson talked about the fortifications in Alma 49 and 50 were the nephites make ALL sorts of preparations to combat against the Lamanites. He said said that he had always read over this part in the book or mormon pretty casually....but this time he really understood how it could apply to us. Its pretty cool actually, because I have taught this in the past to investigators and inactive members...how they can build the fortifications in their lives that they need to combat against Satan.

One of my favorite things to do is talk to everyone that I can...in all sorts of situations, on the bus, in the streets, in stores, our neighbors. People are getting acustomed to cold-hearted people who dont care about anybody but themselves, so when someone actually does talk to them they are so happy and they have an automatic friend! I love being that person, who gets to become everyone's friend. You can all do it too if you want! I would definitely recommend talking to everyone thats in your way. They are in your way for a reason. I recently read a story from one of President Monson's recent talks about a lady who was old and in a lot of pain, but she still wanted to help others, so she decided that if she couldnt do anything else, she could LISTEN...so she started visiting people and listening to them. Because lets face it, we all want someone to listen to us. And she said, "what a blessing was the lives of so many people." Ha ha. I feel the same way! It is always a blessing to get to know someone.

We are still really excited here in Santa Barbara. Like Joseph Smith said, "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing" Even though it can get a little delayed every now and then, it wont stop permanently ever, because the church is true. It is the church of Christ. Have you ever asked yourself before, "How could Joseph Smith say so many HUGE things like he did? How could he assume such amazing things?" Well I testify to you all that he wasnt crazy. He was a prophet of God. He spoke many times about how the gospel would cover every continent, country and people...that every ear would hear the gospel preached to them. And it is coming to pass!

A random funny thing that has happened this week- we had an old man sing to us today in the street. It was cool.

Tender Mercy for the week- God has given us the ability to repent, to be the most unhappy person alive, and to change everything and have SO MUCH JOY! What an amazing gift.

ALSO, I was able to talk to all of my converts from Labranza with Elder Chavez, my trainer!!! He is about to leave home! So we called everyone and we said hi! Luis and Beto are doing good, Jose Daniel is alright...he hasnt gone to church as much as he should, but he is going to keep going. Everyone else is good....they all completely loved to talk to us! I love that place...Labranza. It is amazing. I told Elder Chavez goodbye.....he was an awesome trainer and one of my best friends now.

I love you all, I love the gospel, I love Chile!
Just keep swimming! As Dory would say.

Elder Gomez

ps- I might not be sending pictures for a while due to some difficulties....but dont worry, you will get them in the future.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


June 20, 2011
Hey everyone, how is it going?!
Things are great here in Santa Barbara. I love this town.
First off, I just want you (mom and dad) to know that your 25th
anniversary was the 400th anniversary of the king james version of the
holy bible.....very cool, right?

Alright, well, I dont know where to start. I will just go right off
the bat talking about Maricela and Francisco. Maricela and Francisco
are a young couple that we have been teaching. They are such good
people (that is rare in the world today. haha) They are only 24 and 22
years old, but they are married! (that is good news)

Anyway, we had an amazing lesson with them on Saturday night. When we
first got there, we were planning on sharing with them about the
restauration of the gospel. But we started talking to them and we both
knew that we needed to talk about Jesus Christ and how we can have
more faith in him. So we put in the video "Finding faith in Christ"
And we also started with a hymn and a prayer. We watched the movie and
afterward they had some questions. We asked how they felt during the
movie, and Maricela interrupted us and said, "oh yeah! I was going to
tell you...I feel different every time you guys are praying." Me and
Elder Cottrell both looked at each other and tried not to smile too
big! We asked her what kind of feelings? and she said that she always
feels really peaceful and happy when we pray. We were so happy when
she said that. She asked her husband Pancho (Francisco) if he felt
anything different when we prayed and he said....no, not really. We
read her Galations 5:22-23 when it describes the fruits of the spirit,
and we told her that she feels that during the prayers because the
spirit is testifying to her of the truthfulness of these things. We
promised them that they would feel the spirit confirm everything we

Pancho had also mentioned how he has been having some serious pain in
his leg and his eye. They were just all of the sudden pains that he
has never had before. So when we started talking about the miracles
that Christ did when he was on the earth, I opened to James 5:14-15. I
had Pancho read it, and then we explained that this scripture is still
true today, and that authority was restored to the earth, and we have
the authority to give him a blessing if he would like. He said yes,
and we explained how the blessing was, and we gave him the blessing...
After the blessing we sat there for a sec in silence, and he said
"thats weird". His wife said "What?? What?! What happened!?" He did
some motion over his chest, like a switching motion with his hands,
like if what was on bottom switched to the top and what was on top
went to the bottom. We asked how he felt and he said, "No, good!
Really good!" He was looking really profoundly into midair and he just
said quietly "it made me think a lot"  We knew what had just happened!
:) Oh miracles miracles. Whoever said they have stopped or never
existed in the first place is MISTAKEN.

It was so neat that this happened right after we had just explained to
them that the Holy Ghost will confirm the truth of these things for
us. Normally they feel the Spirit and THEN we tell them that they felt
the Spirit. But in this case, we taught about the Spirit, explained
what it felt like, and then he felt it immediately after! :) The
gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and no matter how far away from Christ
you are, you can return always and feel good in your life again, just
repent! Read your scriptures! Pray!

I have noticed how the Holy Ghost has literally been guiding me a lot
lately. The other day we were walking quite fastly headed to our
house, and we passed many people. As we were passing one house, there
was a man outside working on something in his garage. We passed him
and all of the sudden I just stopped, whipped around, and went and
asked him if we could help him with anything. He said "no, thats
alright" and I said "are you sure?" and he said "yeah, I am alright"
And I said "are you SURE??" ha ha and he didnt say anything for a
second. Then he said, "actually elders, I am a member" He said he had
recently moved into Santa Barbara (a few months ago) and he was
thinking about going to church, but he hadnt still. We were like "yes!
that would be awesome! please do!" This ward definitely needs some
more priesthood holders and any member also...we only had 14 at church
this week. But we got two long time inactive members to come so that
was awesome! We are excited about him, and also another man with his
wife showed up at church who just moved here from Los Angeles (chile)
and he is really active, and his wife isnt a member, so we are going
to work with her. He actually just walked in to the internet place
that I am at right now!

I hope all of you are doing really good. I love you all, and I know
that his gospel will bless you if you give it a shot.
Hope to hear from you all!

Love, Elder Gomez (Dallin)

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

June 13, 2011 email

June 13, 2011
Hola hola family and friends,
Greetings from Santa Barbara. So, like I said last week, somehow I found myself getting transfered AGAIN! I left Independencia after only 6 weeks, and I left Bio Bio before that after just 6 weeks. But all is well, it's been a blessing to meet so many new people and wards. Speaking of wards, I have to tell you all a little bit about the ward here...well, branch. Santa Barbara is a beautiful little town an hour east of Los Angeles. Its freezing cold here and it when it rains (often) its even colder! But I love it, because I am in the mission field! :)

Some crazy things that have happened this week, first off, my companion is Elder Cottrell, he is from Layton, Utah, and he is pretty crazy! He's really cool though. He has a really cool life story. He was a gothic kid for pretty much all of his teen years, he looked like this: http://descargadirectagratis.com/imagenes/1306244653cc8aa42f470cbc6480c9e8fb671cf31d.jpg

Actually, that is a picture of what his favorite band was. He had 37 piercings in his body, and he played the drums in a band that was pretty successful actually.
When he was 18, his girlfriend at the time got hit by a drunk driver and died. That was a big turning point in his life. He took off all of his black clothes, cut his hair, took out all of his piercings, and showed up at church as a different person, and ever since then he slowly progressed to serve a mission, then, just as he almost had sent in his papers, he got in a bad car accident and almost lost his life. He broke his shoulders, legs, skull, and almost went blind. He couldnt really walk well or see well for about a year, but slowly recovered, and how he is in the mission field! Whooh! And he is an awesome missionary. He has been a missionary for about 17 months.
We are starting to do p90x every morning, so we are excited.

So the Branch is really tiny. On Sunday, yesterday, 16 people came, and that is actually a pretty good week here. Me and my companion are couselors in the branch presidency. Actually, right now I am in the chapel using the church computer because I have priveleges. hehehe. The branch in the past was a lot stronger, it was actually a ward at one point. But some things have happened over the years and almost all of the ward went inactive. We have been working a lot with the members and will continue to do so. Pray for Santa Barbara!

Earlier in the week, in the middle of the night, we all of the sudden heard some very loud pounding on our walls and roof. The owner of the house lives right in front of us, she came back to our door and we were talking about what was happening. The carabineros (policemen) were there, and we were really confused at what was going on. We didnt know if someone was trying to break in or what. So we went back to bed and the next day we found out that there was some drunk guys who were running away from the police, and somehow randomly they ended up using our house as a battlefield. The policemen were hiding behind our fence and the drunk guys were throwing cement blocks and rocks at the policemen, and they had really bad aims and were just hitting the house. So we are all right, no need to worry.

One interesting thing that happened this week, we were doing permaneced, the program to reactivate inactive members, and we went to one house where it said on our list of members and we found a whorehouse! Yikes. We talked to the branch president about it a little later and we found out that the members were two young adolescents, but they dont live there anymore, thank goodness.

In church I gave a talk (which apparently we do quite often :D) I spoke on charity. I shared the story of when Jesus came to the fishermen after he was resurrected when the apostles had returned to their boats, after Jesus had died and they were exhausted and didnt know what to do know. When he came, and after they finally realized it was Jesus, The Savior asked Peter, "Do you love me more than these things?" Peter responded, "yes, you know I do". so Jesus said "feed my sheep".  And then Jesus asked again, "do you love me?" Peter said, "yes Lord, you know that I love you" so Jesus said "Feed my sheep!" And then Jesus asked again to poor Peter, "Do you love me?" And Peter was saddened and said, "yes Lord, you know all things, you know that I love you" And so Jesus said, "FEED MY SHEEP" and that is what we have to do. Leave the nets behind forever. Not just for a few years, not just on Sundays, not just three days of the week. I realized that if we just give the Lord our weekend, we just "have a religion" But if we give him everything, our whole life, then we are a disciple of Christ. And that is how we have charity, by feeding his sheep forever! And if we do that, he will bless us so much. He will give us more than we sacrificed!

I also shared a story about mom and dad, how then do so much for other people. And how they are always itching to help people, not trying to avoid it. Satan has done a good job of turning it around, so what we end up doing is try to get OUT of serving people, but that is not of Christ. We have to always be watching, waiting, and willing to help people, because they need us. People need our help so much. And we can help change lives if we just put forth a tiny little effort.

There was a miracle that happened this week. Well, many actually, but one that I am going to share. So, we were not going to have lunch on Saturday because the sister who was going to give us lunch was out of town, so on Saturday morning I called another sister in the ward to ask if she would be able to provide lunch later that day. (because she said that anytime we dont have lunch to call her) Elder Cottrell told me which person to call, so I called, and she sister said yes, sure. So, we when it came lunch time, we went to the sister's house to eat and she let us in and started getting lunch for us, and her inactive husbad just happened to be home this day! Anyway, we get a call all of the sudden, and its the sister who I called in the morning. She said, "Where are you?! Lunch is ready" We were really confused! Because we thought we were in the house of the sister who we called! The sister on the phone ended up being a sister not even from Santa Barbara, so we told her that we were the Elders from Santa Barbara and we wouldnt be able to go, she said it was alright. So, we told the sister Lucia, whose house we were in, that we were sorry for just barging in like that! We thought we had already talked to her, but apparently not. She said, "No, no Elders, stay here, its alright, we will give you lunch! its all ready" They told us that that morning they had woken up late and eaten a big breakfast and werent even planning on eating lunch, but then the husband felt like they should make some spagetti anyway, so they made spagetti and hot dogs. He realized all of the sudden the miracle that had happen, that they had randomly made a lot of spagetti when they werent even hungry, and somehow they made enough for 5 people, and it was ready just in time for us when we got there. Pancho (the husband) started crying and the spirit was there and it bore witness to him. He said that this was a very beautiful moment. I asked if he would come to church on Sunday and he said yes. And he came! Hurray for miracles. And spagetti!

Other than these things which I have written about, we have had a lot of great things happen this week. We did a lot of contacting in the street and knocking doors and we found a few good people, so we are excited for that!

Well, I have to go now. I love you all, hope to hear from you soon,

Elder Gomez

photos: (apart from the first picture of me and Elder Cottrell, all of the pictures are from my last area, Independencia. I havent taken many pictures here yet.)
-Me and Elder Cottrell
-Me with a volleyball! Whooh. This family was baptized by Elder Lamb in a different area. We went to visit them on p-day and I got to play pepper so that was cool. There names are Marcia and Catalina
-The Gimenez family
-Norma! She was an investigator in a past area, Bio Bio, that got baptized right after I left! :)
-Maria and family. Pancho, with long hair, is a 3 year convert who is really strong in the gospel, and his mom is getting baptized this week! I was sad to leave them. Maria is awesome!
-Mirta and Francisca, Francisca is a 13 year old girl who was inactive, and we helped her a lot and she is active now! She is so cool, she just needed positive friends. She is reading the Book of Mormon without fail now every day!
-Volleyball with Catalina. Woo hoo
-Me and Kote, an 18 year-old member who came with us a lot to lessons. He is going to be an awesome missionary!

Elder Dallin Dean Gomez
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

Monday, June 6, 2011


June 6, 2011
Hello people,

This week was action packed. At the beginning of the week there were a few tremors, this time I felt them! Whooh! I am excited that I am finally starting to participate in natural disasters. Ha ha.
This week we did a lot of contacts for the first time in a while which I was really excited about. So that was great. Contacts basically have to do with talking to new people who you dont know. That could mean knocking on doors, or talking to people in the street, or talking to people in a store, just wherever. The Lord will always bless you for doing what is right, and he blessed us a lot. We found a lot of people that are awesome. We found Jaqueline on the first day of the week. We knocked on her door and she is a humble lady with two kids who just finished a surgery. I asked her what the most important thing in her life is, and she said her family, and she started to cry a little and she told us that her husband just found out that morning that he has cancer. She let us come in and we had a great lesson about the atonement and we left her a Book of Mormon and Alma 7 to read. She said a prayer at the end and just cried and cried. I told her that it was for a reason that we passed by precisely today, and that we are here to help her in everything that she needs. She is so ready to learn about the gospel and we are excited for her.

I have to tell you all about a few people. First off Andrea. She is a 27 year old art teacher, who was an inactive member. Her family is really cool. The first day of mine in Independencia I got to know her doubts about the church pretty good and her personality...she is very contestant! Its like everything about the church she had a question about and she wanted to argue about. So by the end of a few of her interesting questions, I said, honestly, the only thing that I can teach you Andrea is prayer, and read the Book of Mormon, Alma 32. I told her, it doesnt matter how much you talk about this little details, you cant come to any conclusion unless you pray and ask if the church of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith. I said that that is the only thing I can teach you-prayer! So I left Alma 32 and commited her to read it and PRAY! From the first moment that I met her though I could feel something special about her. Its like the whole time I knew she already had a testimony, even though she didnt go to church for years and years. (quite the contrary actually, she got involved in some BAD stuff) The truth makes much more sense than any lie anyone can invent. The gospel is so simple! Anyway, so from that point and onward, she changed and changed and one day we went to her house, and she is going through the hymnbook and singing hymns! Ha ha. She a sister, Carla, 15,  a brother, Oliver, 22, and her mom Ruth. They are all active and awesome, and now Andrea is so different, she has a huge light change in her eyes! I dont know how to say it without sounding weird, but she shines. That is why I am here, for this change in people. Oliver received the Melquisedec priesthood yesterday and he is so excited.

Also, we have Isidora, she is a 14 year old girl with three younger brothers and sisters, her little sister is Josefa, who got baptized last month. Isidora has gone through a very rebellious stage, but now she is different, like Andrea. She has a different light about her.

I am running out of time fast, so I will just tell you all the other thing that happened this week.....I'M LEAVING INDEPENDENCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!! I'M GETTING TRANSFERED OUT AGAIN AFTER 6 WEEKS!!!!! I am going to a little town called Santa Barbara. I have just heard that its small, far in the country, and cold, and beautiful.

I am really sad to leave this area after only one transfer. I didnt think that it would happen again to me. As I have been saying goodbye to people I have learned how important it is to be a disciple of Christ. To be a missionary like we should be. Yesterday we got invited to a family night with the young single adults so they could say goodbye to me. At the end of the family night Andrea thanked me for being the one missionary who actually taught her and was interested in answering her doubts and questions. And because of that she is happy in her life again and planting the seeds of faith. Also, one thing about Andrea is that all of those years that she was inactive, she NEVER failed to pay her tithing. She had a testimony of that if nothing else. When she told me that I just about wet my pants. I wanted to say, "Do you know how hard it is for an active member to pay tithing??" Anyway, its just another testimony to me of the goodness of the commandments of God. He wants to bless us so much, but He only can if we keep the commandments, because he is a just God. He will bless us perfectly if we just follow Him.

Two more cool experiences. At the family night, the mom of the young single adult who's house we were in shared a story about how she was called to be a stake missionary, and she didnt know how to read. She was nervous but felt like she should just accept the calling. So she started memorizing the mssionary lessons and she quickly learned how to read, and since then she can read! God blessed her in a big way when she accepted that calling.

Also, one time a sister who was going to give lunch to the missionaries called her and said that she had to go to the hospital to take her daughther who was really sick, and she asked if she could do a huge favor and feed the missionaries. So she accepted of course, and she went to the freezer and there was just two little pieces of meat left, so of course she cooked them for the missionaries, and right after the missionaries left, a neighbor came by her house and gave her a whole pigs worth of meet that they had extra from a slaughter they just did, so she got all of that meat! The blessings from our Heavenly Father are real, I know that is true.

I love you all, take care.

Elder Gomez

There was so much more to talk about this week....but I have to go now. OH! We also put three new baptismal dates yesterday with a family! :)

My district
Me eating crab...mm it was delicous!
A dog pulling a Catherine Zeta-Jones :D
With Renaldo and Claudia, the couple who gives us food all the time. We are teaching Renaldo
Andrea, (far right) and family. At the ordenation of Oliver.
Young men, Independencia
The family with whom we are working. They are awesome! They are going to be baptized on the 26th of June.
Family night with the young single adults
Another picture with Andrea and family

Elder Dallin Dean Gomez
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503