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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


June 20, 2011
Hey everyone, how is it going?!
Things are great here in Santa Barbara. I love this town.
First off, I just want you (mom and dad) to know that your 25th
anniversary was the 400th anniversary of the king james version of the
holy bible.....very cool, right?

Alright, well, I dont know where to start. I will just go right off
the bat talking about Maricela and Francisco. Maricela and Francisco
are a young couple that we have been teaching. They are such good
people (that is rare in the world today. haha) They are only 24 and 22
years old, but they are married! (that is good news)

Anyway, we had an amazing lesson with them on Saturday night. When we
first got there, we were planning on sharing with them about the
restauration of the gospel. But we started talking to them and we both
knew that we needed to talk about Jesus Christ and how we can have
more faith in him. So we put in the video "Finding faith in Christ"
And we also started with a hymn and a prayer. We watched the movie and
afterward they had some questions. We asked how they felt during the
movie, and Maricela interrupted us and said, "oh yeah! I was going to
tell you...I feel different every time you guys are praying." Me and
Elder Cottrell both looked at each other and tried not to smile too
big! We asked her what kind of feelings? and she said that she always
feels really peaceful and happy when we pray. We were so happy when
she said that. She asked her husband Pancho (Francisco) if he felt
anything different when we prayed and he said....no, not really. We
read her Galations 5:22-23 when it describes the fruits of the spirit,
and we told her that she feels that during the prayers because the
spirit is testifying to her of the truthfulness of these things. We
promised them that they would feel the spirit confirm everything we

Pancho had also mentioned how he has been having some serious pain in
his leg and his eye. They were just all of the sudden pains that he
has never had before. So when we started talking about the miracles
that Christ did when he was on the earth, I opened to James 5:14-15. I
had Pancho read it, and then we explained that this scripture is still
true today, and that authority was restored to the earth, and we have
the authority to give him a blessing if he would like. He said yes,
and we explained how the blessing was, and we gave him the blessing...
After the blessing we sat there for a sec in silence, and he said
"thats weird". His wife said "What?? What?! What happened!?" He did
some motion over his chest, like a switching motion with his hands,
like if what was on bottom switched to the top and what was on top
went to the bottom. We asked how he felt and he said, "No, good!
Really good!" He was looking really profoundly into midair and he just
said quietly "it made me think a lot"  We knew what had just happened!
:) Oh miracles miracles. Whoever said they have stopped or never
existed in the first place is MISTAKEN.

It was so neat that this happened right after we had just explained to
them that the Holy Ghost will confirm the truth of these things for
us. Normally they feel the Spirit and THEN we tell them that they felt
the Spirit. But in this case, we taught about the Spirit, explained
what it felt like, and then he felt it immediately after! :) The
gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and no matter how far away from Christ
you are, you can return always and feel good in your life again, just
repent! Read your scriptures! Pray!

I have noticed how the Holy Ghost has literally been guiding me a lot
lately. The other day we were walking quite fastly headed to our
house, and we passed many people. As we were passing one house, there
was a man outside working on something in his garage. We passed him
and all of the sudden I just stopped, whipped around, and went and
asked him if we could help him with anything. He said "no, thats
alright" and I said "are you sure?" and he said "yeah, I am alright"
And I said "are you SURE??" ha ha and he didnt say anything for a
second. Then he said, "actually elders, I am a member" He said he had
recently moved into Santa Barbara (a few months ago) and he was
thinking about going to church, but he hadnt still. We were like "yes!
that would be awesome! please do!" This ward definitely needs some
more priesthood holders and any member also...we only had 14 at church
this week. But we got two long time inactive members to come so that
was awesome! We are excited about him, and also another man with his
wife showed up at church who just moved here from Los Angeles (chile)
and he is really active, and his wife isnt a member, so we are going
to work with her. He actually just walked in to the internet place
that I am at right now!

I hope all of you are doing really good. I love you all, and I know
that his gospel will bless you if you give it a shot.
Hope to hear from you all!

Love, Elder Gomez (Dallin)

*Elder Dallin Dean Gomez*
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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