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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


July 4, 2011

Hey everyone, today is a great day! It is INDEPENDENCE DAY! Whooh. It is also the birthday of the town that I am in right now, Santa Barbara. It was born in 1758! Because its birthday is the 4th of July, there is a street here called "4 de Julio" ("4h of July") Dont worry, I took a picture with it! I will attach it. There are about 13 thousand people that live here by the way. Also, here is a really weird and awesome story: so this morning I was reading the Book of Mormon and randomly, I was in Alma 10:6....and what do you know?!, it talks about the 4th of July!!! Also, happy birthday Bronwyn!

For those of you who know Matthew Layton- he was in this very town, Santa Barbara about a year ago. There are still a lot of people who talk about him, he did good things here! One of the ladies who he found a year ago, Angelica, was baptized just this last month. Go Elder Layton! It is also a testimony to me of how we plant seeds when we dont even know it. Angelica told us the story of when the missionaries found her. She was having a REALLY rough time in her life...I mean really really bad time. She had just gone through some extremely hard challenges and she didnt know what to do.. She stayed in the house for a week and a half straight without leaving, changing clothes or even showering! She didnt eat or anything...just drank water. She had a crazy panic stress attack or something. After about 10 days of being in the house in her bed.....someone knocked on the door....and she had ignored the door for the last ten days, but this time she just felt like going and answering it. She creeked the door open a little bit and it was two Americans dressed in a white shirt and tie....(Elder Matthew Layton and his comp! Ha ha) She asked if they could come back in like half an hour. She took a shower, got dressed, and they came back and her life in that moment was changed forever!!! I love the gospel!

Just barely we came from a barbeque for the 4th of July that my zone did, because we are almost all Americans (minus one missionary from Uruguay and one from New Zealand) It was a great party. It makes me think a lot about how our country was founded...and upon which principles.

I love that the pledge of allegance mentions, "one nation, under God" because THAT was how this nation was founded. That was what made this country special. And now....it is changing, because people are getting worse and worse...they are believing less and less. Sinning more and MORE! I love what 2 Timothy 3:1-7 says about these last days.....and especially verse 7 says excellently what has happened to all of the so-called "geniuses" of our time. All of this bad stuff that is happening should be enough to wake some people up that the time truly is getting close when the Savior Himself will come down and reign on the earth. There is also a lot of good on the earth, temples being built all over the world, more and more converts being baptized in the world, all because the Holy Spirit touched them and testified to them that the gospel is true. It is getting more and more vital to be on the correct side of the battle. I would invite all of you just like I invite everyone who I meet here to choose the side of Christ now. Because now is the time of our probation. If you are unsure, then pray and ask and read the scriptures to find out if it is true. You don't have anything to lose, but you have so much to gain.

This week when we got back from the farewell conference we got a call that a sister in the branch died, Marina. It wasnt unexpected so that was good. Us being in the branch presidency had the responsibility to plan her viewing and funeral very suddenly, so that occupied a lot of time this week. We were able to do a lot of missionary work with the non-member friends and family of Marina. Her son Victor and his wife Miriam are some of the strong active members here, and they bore great testimonies at the funeral of the reality of the plan of salvation and the power of the ressurrection of Jesus Christ. Victor also said something that was a little strange for us to hear but kind of cool haha...he told everyone in his talk how he knows that me and Elder Cottrell are the most holy men in Santa Barbara and that everyone should take the time to talk to us and hear our message. That's a big reputation! So we are trying to live up to it! Ha ha.

I am so happy and grateful for my opportunity to represent the Lord here in Chileby preaching the gospel. It has brought so many blessing to my life that I cant even describe it. Really like it says in Mosiah 2:41, "those who keep the commandments of God are blessed in all things, spiritually and temporally" For this scripture the example of tithing is perfect. In our church we are supposed to pay 10% of our income! That is a LOT OF MONEY!! But its funny because a lot of people here have the idea that Mormons are RICH!!! Ha ha. They have the idea that we make a lot of cash by being here and that all of the members must get paid or something. When they find out that we actually pay 10% for tithing and all of the work that we do is service, they are shocked and often times dont even believe it. It doesnt make sense to the wordly mind how GIVING away your money could BLESS you and HELP you....but if you humble your prideful little mind for a couple of second and test it out, you will find that God keeps his promises, and somehow or another, you will be blessed ABUNDANTLY for paying tithing. (and for obeying every other commandment as well)

The title of the email is 19 because we went up in church attendance this week! We went from 11 last week to 19 this week! We were really excited to see a lot of people enter the church to partake of the sacrament. One of our investigators, Mitsi, is going to get baptized. We are going to set the date this week with her. She is the wife of a member who just reactivated. He bore his testimony yesterday and it was powerful.

We are having a little struggle with one of our investigators, Pilar, because she wants to come to church and prepare for her baptism, but she can never come on Sunday to church because her mom is getting really old and she is sick, so she has to take care of her 24/7. Her mom was baptized about 8 years ago and would love to come to church, but her health doesnt allow it. The reason is because it is the winter time here and in the morning time it is FREEEEEEZING COLD! If you'd like, it would help a ton to pray for her so that in some way or another her and her mom will be able to come to church. Their names are Pilar and Catalina.

Well, I still love you all and I hope that you have a great day and week. And remember for tonight-


Tender Mercy- I know that our loving Father in Heaven helps young kids who suffer a lot in their lives. There are a LOT of families these days with parents who are just....idiots, to say it nicely. But I know that our loving Father helps them endure it. I have met so many young children and teenagers who are so strong, even though their parents are bad examples to them. "Come unto me even as a little child, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"

Love, Elder Gomez!

-My zone, 4th of July BBQ
-Me and Elder Cottrell....oviously a little out of it after traveling all over Chile when we had to go to the conference to bid farewell to our dear mission president and his wife :'( We were on the bus for a good 8 hours.
-4 de Julio...(there is a street in Santa Barbara called the 4th of July!!)
-Me cooking brownies and rice crispy treats :)
-Maria and Pancho at Maria's baptism. Maria was the awesome lady who got baptized from my last area, Independencia. She was awesome and made a lot of great changes in her life. Her son Pancho baptized her. He was baptized about 3 years ago and is going to leave on his mission soon.
-Norma baptism. She was an investigator of me and Elder Hickman in Bio Bio that almost got baptized the last Saturday I was there, but a family emergency came up, so she got baptized after I left. She has an amazing love for the Savior and was baptized regardless of all of the people in her family who were against it.
-My companion with my cousin in the MTC!!!
-Another lovely lovely picture of us.
-Angelica, the lady who Elder Matthew Layton found a year ago

Elder Dallin Dean Gomez
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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