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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dallin Email August 1, 2011

Hola hola everyone,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIERA!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! 16!!!! That is seriously crazy! Nice!

This week was pretty good. We started off by our interviews with President and Sister Martinez. They are amazing. Sister Martinez said that one of the things that they want to focus on right now is for us to be true representatives of Jesus Christ. We really do have a huge influence on people IF we are true representatives of Him. When we chose to be baptized, we took upon us the name of Jesus Christ. We are his desciples (yes, you!) All we need to do is be an example to people. Whether you believe it or not, people are always watching us. It's what we do, we watch other people...we observe, listen, etc... That's what people do to us as well. One good choice can made all the difference...for example, the choice to smile at someone and say "hi" who you normally wouldnt. Or the choice to stop by your neighbors house and see how they're doing...or even more than that...you could take them a plate of cookies or something? Think about how you feel when people do good things for you when you are in a time of need. For example, when you are in a difficult financial time, and someone randomly brings over dinner. Or you are sad from a big argument with a friend or relative and RIGHT then a friend calls just to see how you're doing. Or when you're sick and someone stops by to see how you're doing. Or...when you're bored and an old friend sends you a message on facebook!   There are SO MANY WAYS to help others...to be a desciple of Jesus Christ. Do something today to help someone!

Santa Barbara is good. Still just as cold and small as ever. Ha ha. But there is some good news! Patricio (26) and Alejandra (26), a couple who has lived together for years and years are going to get married! We just had a family home evening with them yesterday and we watched Legacy. It was neat and everyone was touched by it. Alejandra and Patricio want to start preparing for the temple...Alejandra really wants to get sealed next year, but she's worried because nobody else in her family are members. We promised her that as she takes these righteous steps that she will see miracles happen with her family....just yesterday her mom was with us for the family night visiting from Santiago and she really liked "Legacy" and wants to go to church! I love seeing blessings happen so fast!

Also, our investigator Mitsy (27), who is the long lost daughter of the branch president, is progressing really good! She wants to get baptized really bad and now she just needs to get married basically. Her "basically husband" is a member and he wants to get married also...but they just dont want to do it so fast. We taught them that the faster to obey the commandments of the Lord the better. We asked them if they would get married before the 20th of August if they received an answer from our Father in Heaven and they said yes so thats good. The branch president is going to go visit them today and we are praying that he helps them out a lot.

Funny thing- Here in Chile everyone "pinches" each other on their cell phones, because almost everyone has pay-as-you-go phones and they dont want to waste their minutes. Hardly ever people call people normally. Its always call....let it ring once....then hang up. Ha ha. That way the other person knows you called and they have to call YOU back and waste THEIR minutes. BRILLIANT! jk

Random fact- TONS of people here ask us for our opinions about the end of 2012 (when the world will end) Its a good question...but just remember everyone that in the parable of the ten virgens as well as in other parts of the scriptures, Heavenly Father told us that no man knows when Jesus Christ will come. Also, in D&C 49:7 it tells us clearly again. Just remember, we ARE in the last days and it IS getting close...but God said, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."   God reveals his secrets through his servent, the prophet, Thomas S. Monson. (Amos 3:7). I know that if we follow his counsel, we dont have any reason to worry.
Tender Mercy- Answers to prayers. Prayers are amazing! But make sure they're sincere.

Well...other than that...it has been raining a lot.

Love, Elder Gomez

ps- The gospel is true.

-Good news! I found the our long lost cousin who is a barber!
-My carnivorous companion, Elder Cottrell

Elder Dallin Dean Gomez
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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