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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dallin Email August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hola hola,

Time is going by so fast! It is already the end of August. That means school is starting up again, and that means that Carlos is now in high school, Naomi is now in middle school, and Tali and Siera are now the oldies of high school. What in the world? And this transfer is almost over already! Next week I will tell you whether me or Elder Cottrell is going to leave.

Right at this very moment, the word to describe me is tired. I suppose that is good, it means that we have been working...and indeed we have! We worked really hard this week with our investigators to get them progressing towards the ordinances of the gospel and we have seen some miracles. The first miracle is Margaret. I've talked about her before..she showed up a couple weeks ago and has been progressing quickly ever since. We have been able to teach her nearly every day and she keeps telling us to come back because the gospel is changing her life for the better. She feels really good. She came to church on Sunday and she loved it AND....she gave me a gift on Friday night...the rest of her last ever pack of cigarettes! She handed them to me and said, "take them!" :) :) :) One of the best gifts I have ever received! She is going to get baptized on the 10th of September.

Alan is our other investigator who has a baptismal date. He is an awesome kid. He 11 and his dad is an inactive member who has been Reactivating little by little. On Sunday we stopped by their house in the morning and they were both ready and they were just finishing up breakfast and said that they would be right behind us, so we were pretty happy....then, Sacrament meeting passes, they never showed up...We were so confused and bumbed out because they didnt come. We need to have a big lesson soon with them about honesty and the Sabbath day! Speaking of Sabbath Day, we have kept the assistance here above twenty for the last 5 or so weeks. When i got here the average assistance was 14 and now its 28 or something. We are really happy about that. Double!

This week the weather has been so tempermental! The other day it started hailing balls a little bit smaller than the size of gobstoppers. They hurt so bad! It would hail for about 5 minutes, then stop, then hail, and stop...about 5 times it did that. I mean HEAVY hailing. And then for the last few days it has been sunny.

 By the way, I dont know if I have mentioned it, but I am the ward pianist here (its actually an ancient keyboard so i guess technically the "ward keyboardist" I am basically in charge of everything that has to do with music here. President Martinez made a promise to us in the last conference. He said that whatever goal that we have in life, we can accomplish it here in the mission better than any other time, because we have the spirit. I know that is true, because i have always had the goal to be better at piano and be able to play more hymns, and all of the sudden I am able to play hymns 100% easier than before. I think its because i am trying to have a willing heart by showing God that i am willing to use all the talent i have, and hopefully, like in the parable, it will be multiplied. I have seen the truthfulness of that here.

A miracle that happened this week was with Pancho, a very long-time member. He has lived together, unmarried to another member, Luz, for YEARS. I'm talking more than 20 years. He also has a problem with the Word of Wisdom. On Sunday after church, we had lunch with him and he dropped the news on us that he has basically hit rock bottom and he has decided that he is going to change so he can prepare himself for eternal life. He is going to separate from Sister Luz! And he is going to stop drinking forever. He wants to take the sacrament so bad and he wants to be able to be a leader in the church again. he wants to go to the temple. He has been humbled a lot lately and it has finally brought him to this moment when he is going to do it all. it would be ideal for them to get married, but Luz doesnt want to because she has a little pride in her heart. So, he is going to just leave. i am so happy that he is going to start repenting!

Tender Mercy- The tender mercy for this week is one of the most amazing experiences that has ever happened to me in my life!
Me and my companion had just left a lesson and we quickly visited two inactive members to remind them for church the next morning this was Saturday night) So we get out of the second inactive member's house and the feeling was just a little weird...at this point in the night it was about 8:30, and we had a meeting in the church at 9 with the branch president...so we were pondering between three things, going to one house, going to another house, or going to the church...and i asked my companion which out of the three we should do. He was just staring straight ahead and then looked at me and said in a very serious voice (this is weird because my companion is normally pretty crazy), "something isn't right"  and at that exact moment an extremely strong terrible feeling shot through my body. One of the worst, if not the worst feelings I have ever felt in my life. It was so strong and insane and i knew something was NOT right! I told him I felt it too and asked what we should do and he said "lets go straight to the church." So we went to the church and to our surprise the branch president had arrived early anyway...I know for a fact that we were protected from SOMETHING! I dont know what, but whatever it was it wasn't good at all.

Well, I love you all, hope you have a great week.

Elder Gomez

-I may have found the end of the rainbow!
-a family home evening that we had with a really cool family. We played a game with times called "the cat and the mouse"
-A way awesome family that we found. He is native indian (pehuenche) and she is from the city (Santiago) not very often you see a couple like that! He taught us some Mapundungun (the language that the indians speak)
-The funniest sign ever... it says "beware of dog" but i think it looks like a lion! :D
-baby kitty
-Salta de Laja (the awesome waterfall)
.....and, McDonalds flying high in all parts of the world! :D

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