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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dallin's Email July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011
Hello friends and family,

The subject says the week of 50 because we had 50 people in church yesterday!!! It was the branch conference yesterday so quite a few people wanted to come. We were excited to see that increase from only 15 people total last week! Hopefully we can keep it up! Here are some things that have happened this week...

The first thing I will talk about has to do with my testimony of the living prophet! I will just tell you now, when the servant of the Lord says to prepare food storage, its because God wants us to! One morning this week we woke up and the water was cut. We thought at first that it might just be in our house but soon found out that it was all over Santa Barbara. Nobody had any water. It was just a little emergency, but even having one day without water was a huge deal for people. In our house, there were more than 20 bottles filled with water, so we were ok :) We had plenty enough to share with others and it opened up a lot of opportunities to share about the living prophets. The funniest part is that the owner of our little house lives in front of us and she is from a different (unnamed) religion....and for the last 3 or 4 weeks she has constantly been telling me and Elder Cottrell that we dont need to have so much storage, because in the scripture in the bible that talks about not worrying about the things of tomorrow. I explained to her that that scripture is absolutely true, and that the reason why we prepare is so that we DONT have to worry about the things of tomorrow. Who worries more, the prepared man or the unprepared man? She still always talked about it how we didnt need to have so many bottles of water stored up....then came this day when all of the water got cut. I know that this church is true and that it is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to have living prophets!

I have thought a lot about the reality and greatness of our calling. The impact we have on people....entire cities even, is huge! I know that we really are missionaries of the Lord preaching His gospel that in reality is true. This week we had a lot of miracles happen. Things that would never happen unless the we were here and the Lord was helping us. Ismael (21) is going to get baptized on the 5th of August, and when he accepted that baptismal date he immediately asked us if he could choose who will baptize him and we said yes of course, and he said Patricio (26), who is his best friend and is a member as of years....but the only problem is that Patricio has been living with his "wife" for ten years or so and they are not married, so he is not able to baptize in this moment. We said yes he would be able to do it....really relying on faith that Patricio and Alejandra (26) would accept the invitation to get married before the 5th of August. We immediately went to find Patricio and we talked with him and said he would love to get married and do it....all we need to do is talk to Alejandra his "wife". The really cool thing is that just the other week Patricio came up to us and told us that he wants to go back to church and him and his wife want to get sealed in the temple. So its all working out in order.. We talked to Alejandra in the evening and she said she has wanted to get married for a long time and she will definitely do it....we asked her how she felt about it all and she said she feels surprisingly calm about it. She knows that things will go good. And she said that they have been through all sorts of roughs and downs in the ten years of being together but in this moment they are closer than ever....she just kept saying how calm and peaceful she felt. They are going to do it!!!! YEEEAH! And Patricio is preparing to baptize his best friend into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I have learned a lot about patience this week. That when we endure and continue working until the end, we will be blessed. Actually, last night me and my companion listened to the talk on Patience from President Uchtdorf. One of my favorite quotes from the talk is "Patience is not just enduring- It is enduring well." We had a day last week when we felt wasted....we were very exhausted and we hadnt had a whole lot of success....but at the VERY END of the day....I am saying ten minutes before we had to enter the house, we knocked on a door and we got in and there was ten people inside! They are all related and we talked to them and found out that they would like if we passed by more and many of them are really excited for the English classes that we started on Saturday. We are going to start having English classes and futbol every Saturday. We have found a lot of people who are awesome right at the end of the day. This principle of PATIENCE applies to more than just missionary work too though. It applies to all of you! Just remember that if you are patient and keep the commandments, you will receive the blessings.

One of my best district leaders here shared a comparison with me.... What temperature does water boil? 212 degrees right? Well.....if you heat it up to 211 degrees, will it boil? The answer is no! Water boils when it reaches 212 degrees. The same is with us....sometimes we only go PART of the way, obey SOME of the commandments, wait for SOME of the time we should, love SOME of our neighbors, do good to a FEW of our family members......can we expect to start boiling in BLESSINGS if we dont go 100% of the way? We cant! Lets just do it!

Cool/funny story- We knocked on a door and found Pilar and Bastian (6) We talked to Sister Pilar for a few minutes outside and set up an appointment to come back. Her 6 year-old son was one of the funniest kids I have ever met. Him and his 5 year-old girl cousin were really outgoing little kids and asked us a bunch of questions about what we are doing. If we are studying. We said we are missionaries and he asked if we were going to knock on the doors of his neighbors and we said yes and asked if he knew any of them who are really awesome. He said, "we'll just come with you!" So Bastian and his little cousin came with us and THEY went up and knocked on all of the doors! Ha ha. Bastian had a nerf gun and as the people would answer the door he would yell "We're the missionaries!" :D It was really good actually because we got in a house with him! Ha ha. I had never had a 6 and 5 year old come with me tracting! :)

Funny story- One day this week we were talking to Ismael in the street and there were a few neighbors around, and one little boy who was 5 years old was kicking around a soccer ball and all of the sudden he said "I'm going to kick it REALLY far!" So he started running backward to get a big head start to kick it....and he just kept running, and running......and running, until he was all the way down the street. Finally he just took off running and ran and ran and finally made it to the ball and kicked it and it didnt go too much farther than normal. He was exhaused at the end of that kick :D

Funny story- I was in the middle of personal study the other morning and randomly my plastic chair that was already a little "so so" gave out and I crashed to the ground. My companion thought it was pretty funny as I just disappeared from view. Maybe I'm just gaining weight. Ha ha.

We have seen a lot of charity of people towards us lately....well, or course there are the people who are not the nicest as well, but whenever we have the opportunity to REALLY talk to someone, their hearts are always softened. And this week so many people shared things with us. We chopped wood a lot this week and people are always so nice after we do that for them. In the last few days we have received homeade bread from someone, homeade jam from another, delicious sweets from some, sopaipillas (scones) from others, delicious cake from one. Sharing is so cool. I know that the more you all share the happier you will be. Thanks for being the best possible examples of sharing for me mom and dad!

Random fact- My companion Elder Cottrell is obsessed with meat. Its funny. He is always talking about how he wants meat. His influence has rubbed off on me a little too...I could use a nice juicy steak right now. Ha ha.
ps- You know you're a mormon when you can tell the difference between and "stake center" and a "steak house"

One last thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is COMMITMENTS!!! We have commited so many people here to do things....come to church, pray, read the scriptures, stop sinning, etc etc... but there are way to many commitments that dont get completed. Not keeping commitments is one of the worst things we can do! In keeping the commandments, or something as simple as commiting to be somewhere on time. I promise you that if you are solid with your commitments, you will be more successful in your life, you will have more people's respect, and you will be closer to your Father in Heaven as well! Dont be flakes!

Tender Mercy- Elder Tavernier finally got here!!! I doubt anyone remembers that name. Elder Tavernier lived with me when I FIRST got to the MTC....a few weeks into the MTC he went home to prepare a little more personally but luckily he was able to keep his same call! And now this week I was able to see him after 10 months!!!! It was a great reunion! And it is extremely lucky that out of all of the places he could have gone in the mission, he came really close to me and he's in my zone! He became one of my best friends in the MTC and now he finally made it here.

Well, I love you all,

Elder Gomez

ps- I dont have a ton of pictures right now because I dont have a camera at the moment but I will try to take as many as I can.

-Me giving a Book of Mormon to a giant man.
-Carlos, a really cool member who was baptized a year ago showing me his cool shark slippers that are awesome. We are teaching his mom....she is one of the coolest ladies I know! We call Carlos "The Great Carlitos"

Elder Dallin Dean Gomez
Chile Concepcion South Mission
O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503

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