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Monday, October 3, 2011


October 3, 2011

Hola family and friends, 

This week was fun. It started off by walking back to our little apartment and there was a little boy standing in the bed of a truck peeing into the middle of the street. No shame! 

This week one of the highlights was teaching Pablo. A man who we found who lost his wife a few years ago. We took a member with us and it was great. We taught about the restoration of the gospel and focused on the importance of prophets. We wanted him to have the desire to come to general conference. during the lesson, patricio shared his testimony about the prophet which really touched me. He said that about ten years all of the members here had the opportunity to go to Santiago to see the prophet in a big stadium. On the day of, it was pouring rain and everyone was getting soaked. When it came time for the prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, to walk in, everyone stood up, and he entered. Patricio said that everyone watched President Hinckley pray and put his hands up into the air, and suddenly it stopped raining. completely! The sun came out and they had a great meeting out of the rain. at the end of the special meeting, as president Hinckley was leaving, he said, "now it can rain" and shortly after it started pouring once again. 
Patricio said that since then he has never doubted the reality and truthfulness of the living prophets, whoever they may be. 
Pablo has received many answers to his questions through the Holy Ghost in such a short period of time. its amazing how the gospel does that. 

I know the gospel is true. People can search their whole life without finding much...never receiving a convincing answer to questions...but then when us two missionaries come into the house and bring the Holy Spirit, their search comes to an end! Difficult questions are answered and they are left there amazed...the only thing  left to do is follow the gospel- repent and be baptized to receive the Holy Ghost. 

The conference yesterday and Saturday was amazing! The church of Christ never changed. We still have the same foundation as He himself established. My testimony gets stronger and stronger of that every time i am able to watch His servants speak. 

This week we had a lesson with Margaret. It was a bold lesson...because she hasnt been coming to church and keeping her commitments. We needed to help her understand the importance of everything. She has a testimony of the gospel and the book of mormon and joseph smith and the savior jesus Christ, but she doesnt understand completely faith and how we need to keep the commandments regardless of our circumstances. She is especially having a hard time with going to church. We asked her. Do you have faith? Do you believe that God will help you have the ability to go to church? Well then....you can do it. 
The culture of the world is changing drastically...in the sense that nobody wants to commit to do anything...which puts a little extra challenge to missionary work, since the way God works is with commitments and covenants! Many say "I cant commit to that" well why in the world not?! Of course you can commit to something! I believe in you! :) Many say that they dont want to commit because then if they dont do it they will be liars. Yes, you will liars, but its a choice! You dont have to be! some have the mentality that if they plan for something and it doesnt end up happening, it was because God didnt want it to....yeah right! Its because you chose not to do it! Many say that they cant commit because they may have some other plans come up...well that's what we're trying to do right now...make a plan that cant be interupted for any other thing. I just want to say to the world, that YES, YOU CAN MAKE AND KEEP A COMMITMENT!!!! It's possible! And its the only way that we can be saved as well. (as you can tell, this has been a topic on my mind lately) its been a challenge for me lately to help people make and keep commitments.

We told margaret that if she wants to get baptized, she has to commit and covenant with God to follow his commandments, even when its hard. We read her a few scriptures to help teach her this principle. We asked her if she has faith in Jesus Christ, then read Moroni 7:33-34. then we read 1 nefi 17:50-51. 
The truth: If God asked us to do it, then it is possible.

Another really cool thing from this week was when Sister Alvarez, from uruguay, gave a spiritual thought in a conference. She shared Mosiah 14:3-5 about Jesus Christ and his atonement. She got really emotional and shared her testimony about how she knows it is true and how today we cause Jesus Christ to suffer. We have to repent, and come unto him. And "with his stripes we are healed." i know that to be true also. Lets all repent together. 

I hope everyone is happy! its the only way to be. if youre sad then just be happy and go serve someone! Or go serve someone and then you'll become happy. 

This week we focused a lot on getting people to general conference, and in the end two investigators came. It was happy but a little disappointing for us because we had invited basically everyone in this town! (not really) But we did invite a lot...many inactive members and investigators...and in the end two investigators and no inactive members came. We were sad that the others didnt have the opportunity to listen to what the living prophets were inspired to share with them. 

i hope my letter didnt sound too scattered around today. my brain is exhausted...its a good feeling though I think because it means that its been worked hard for the week. 
Pray for us here in Santa Barbara! We need prayers! I love you all. Have a great week.


Tender mercy- That we are made stronger as we endure challenges. it doesnt matter how many times you fall, it matters how many times you pick yourself back UP!

-playing conference bingo
-me and Elder Barton
-watching general conference
-zone activity this morning. we had a breakfast to bid farewell to Elder Tonumaipe'a, from New zealand, who is going home in a week! (he is the samoan one)
-He's so excited to be able to kiss again in a week that he's already practicing on dogs!

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