Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dallin's Question and Answer Assignment from Jill

1. Where has been your favorite area to serve in?  Well, that's a hard one because each area has different great things... but I'll say Labranza, my first area.
2. What is your favorite color tie?  yellow and blue stripped.
3. What is the craziest natural/weather experience you have had?  Giant hail storms.. but actually, the other night we had thunder that shook the earth like a tremor and lasted like 10 seconds! 
4. What gospel principle or promise have you gained a greater testimony of recently?  The importance of obeying the commandments.  
5. What did you eat for dinner last night?  Dihvenes and empanadas (dihvenes are a type of fungus that grows on a certain type of tree here in the mountains of Chile).
6. Do you have any callings or other responsibilities in the ward/branch you are serving in? Yes.
7. If yes, then what is it?  we are the 1st and 2nd counselors to the bishop (branch president). I play the piano in church and I teach the adult sunday school class.  There is no high priest group leader either or ward mission leader or primary teachers  - so we cover all of that. 
8. What principle of the gospel do you enjoy teaching the most?  Obedience = happiness.  Book of Mormon.  Law of chastity. 
9. What principle seems to be the most difficult to teach people?   Sanctifying the Sabbath Day. 
10. Have you recently spoke in a sacrament meeting or other setting? Yes, many times here in Santa Barbara.  What did you speak on?  Faith.
11.  What did you eat for breakfast today?  Chocolate cereal with yogurt instead of milk. 
12. Are you on a bike, walking or have a car?  Haaa!  Walking :)
13. If driving, how many miles do you get each month?  N/A
14. What has been your favorite service opportunity on your mission?  (Besides the obvious teaching the gospel you do every day - but like a project you have helped with?)  Chopping wood..or  hoeing a giant garden for an old man.  
15. What has been your favorite thing to do or see on a pday?  Here in Santa Barbara we have roamed all over the hills and mountains.  They are beautiful.  Yesterday we searched for dihvenes (fungus) and then ate them.   We go with an awesome member here. 
16. Who did you receive letters from last week?  Some friends on their missions, family and other friends. 
17. What is a recent tender mercy you have experienced in the past week?  God has really helped my capacity grow here in Santa Barbara.   Especially when it comes to service or callings in church.  I have seen that we can do ANYTHING IF we are humble and accept God's will.  He qualifies who He calls.  For example my newbie companion who couldn't speak anything in Spanish 3 weeks ago can already converse with people now.   Everyone here is amazed at our Spanish. That's one example of God qualifying someone:) 

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