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Monday, November 7, 2011

last week pictures and this week's letter :)

Here are the pictures Dallin tried to send last week but that didn't make it till today :) 

 His companion shining his shoes......

Dallin with Elder McConnell...

Hey everyone!, 

And to LUIS FERNANDO! WHOOH NICARAGUA!!!! My joy is full!
This week was great. I dont have tons of time to write right now, but I will tell you some highlights:
We were walking one day just preaching the gospel and all of the sudden a carabinero vehicle told us to come over to them (carabineros are the Chilean police) So we came over there and they started asking us why we are here, so we started telling them! The main police guy asked about our message and he actually already knew a lot about it. We taught them the restoration. The main guy kept trying to ask us complicated questions that would make it so we couldnt answer easily, but we followed the spirit, and we "were not confounded before men" I know that that promise is true, that if we treasure up the words of God and pray dilligently, we will be able to teach with power and authority. It is a promise for every member of the church! It was neat to see it literally take place, that the "wise of the world will be thrashed by the power of the Holy Spirit" 

We had a great ward family home evening. Well...only three members came, and they are all older people, but it turned out great because we did role playing activities about how to invite friends/neighbors to church. They all did a good job and then all of the sudden as we were ending the family home evening, a random man walked in who nobody knew. He said he was called by God to come into the church, and he started saying a bunch of random things about different religions and God and such. You could tell that he had been really corrupted by all of the false doctrine circulating in the world, but we taught him about our message and his whole countenance started changing. He changed from being almost a psyco to being almost normal. You could literally see what the Spirit was doing to him in such a short amount of time! At the end, the older couple invited him to their house to eat! I was so happy to see the gospel in action and to see that the members did the right thing (teaching him, taking him in, feeding him, loving him) instead of just ignoring him and acting like he was crazy. "If ye have not charity, ye are nothing."

Me and Elder Barton were touched by the spirit to create a challenge for this branch. The challenge is that by the end of 2011, Dec. 31st, all of the members can be living all of the commandments of the gospel. We named it "the challenge of the end of 2011" And we listed all of the things that they must be doing by the last day of 2011. (family home evenings, scripture studies, prayer, go to church, etc. etc.) then we put D&C 82:10, and John 14:15 at the end. We are hoping and praying that it helps the branch be stronger disciples of Christ and live the gospel more fully.  One family that we took the challenge to responded by saying "always the same..." and I thought...yeah! Its so simple! God doesnt change! He´s not going to tell us one day that we dont have to keep the commandments anymore. We will always have to keep the commandments so that we can always be happy.

We had a neat experience at the end of the week to give a priesthood blessing to an older man, one of our neighbors, who is sick. We were passing by their house like always but we felt like we should talk to the older lady. We asked how she was and how her husband was. She said he wasnt good, he was in bed very sick. We asked if we could offer a prayer for him and she said yes. We went in and gave him a priesthood blessing and also while we were there we were able to teach a lesson to a man of a different faith who thought that we dont believe in God and that we dont believe in the gifts of the spirit. We shared with him several of the articles of faith and he was surprised. 
On the way out, the lady told us that as we passed by earlier, she felt a "burning in her chest" like we needed to come in...and just at that moment we came up and talked to her. She also said that after the blessing she felt a "burning in her chest" that specifically he would heal by tomorrow! (today) So we are really excited about that and happy and humbled that the spirit was able to work in these hearts. 
Tender Mercy- That the gospel is so perfect, the promises of the gospel are amazing. If we come unto Christ through faith and repentance, our lives will change for the better. We can receive the remission of our sins always. That is a tender mercy that is so priceless and impossible to find in any other place, only in, by, and through the Lord, Jesus Christ. 

I love you all, have a great week! 

-- Elder Dallin Dean Gomez
Chile Concepcion South Mission
 O'Higgins 940, Oficina 503


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