Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is coming!


How is everyone doing?! I am so good. Me and my companion are so excited all the time and just going at it strong. Maybe a part of that is because of Christmas coming up?

This week we saw some great things happen:
-Marcelo, our 9 year-old investigator whose mom is reactivating, has changed so much this week. From the first time we met him and his mom they wer different people. He was really shy and his mom, Ana, said "ï am evangelical" It's like everything has completely changed because now Ana looks again like her old active self. She is remembering everything and is so happy. If you didnt know her you'd thenk she was an active member for years. 

(by the way, this keyboard isnt working very good so I am wasting a lot of time having to backspace and correct myself, but I dont have a whole lot of time now so I not going to correct myself any more for lack of time, sorry if its hard to read!)

-We had a Christmas musical devotional for the other stake on Saturday and President Martinez asked us to participate in it, so that was a good experience. All of us missionaries, about 25 of us, marched in as we sang "Called to Serve" and it was really neat. Then we sang the efy medley with the Chorus and then Me, my companion, and three others sang "Oh little town of Bethlehem" the spirit was so strong and ther were many people crying in he audience. Music can be so powerful! 
-We did a service for one of the recent converts here. Her daughter, Nicole, who is 20 years old, is an investigator of ours. She may get baptized this weekend if a miracle happens. If not it will happen on the 7 most likely. 
-This week I went to a litle town called Yumbel because I to do baptismal interviews with their baptismal candidates. It went good and they all passed their interviews. They were the first baptismal interviews I have done in my life. I've been thinking a lot lately about our calling as a misionary. It's so amazing that we are just20 year old kids who are here sharing hte gospel and affecting people so much. This week there was one member family we ate with who was just so happy that we came and they told us how much we help them and how the whole spirit in their house changes wehn we are there. There are several others in he ward who say the same also. And I just think, HOW?! I'm just an immature kid. But I know that our mantel is real and we have the authority to preach the gospel. And when we are obedient, we have power and we can confound the wise. 
-We had a great oportuniy this week to have a lesson in the street with a man from another religion which also sends missionaries out to preach. The man wasnt preaching in this moment, he was selling paintings, but we had a great discussion. He was pretty aggressive in he way he preached, as are  a lot of the other missionaries from the same religion, but we just were humble and listened to the spirit, and we testified of the truth, and he was "confounded" He told us a lot of things that had reason from the Bible..that we also believe...but we wer able to talk about the authority of the priesthood, how it was restored. Someone who reads the bible so much should know that nothing qualifies us to preach or to baptize of confirm the holy ghost except for the divine authority of God. The which was restored through Joseph Smith. And if there is someone who doesnt believe this, I invite you to read the Book of Mormon, read Joseph Smith History, read the Bible, but stop reading other garbage written by men inspired by Satan who dont have any type of authority to write about this type of stuff and who focus their lives on destroying other people's lives instead of living a happy life themselves. People who write about God and Jesus Christ about the prophet Joseph Smith like they know so perfectly the truth when in reality their minds and hearts are so closed that they are the last people who should write about it. I refer to any type of enemy against this church and anybody who decides to involve themselves in anything of the sort. 
It's not a question of whether God lives or not, or whether the church is true or not, it's a matter of when you're going to know it's true. Because it's true! I testify it is! Pray about it. Jesus Christ lives! God is our literal Father in Heaven. God has restored his church through a 14 year-old pure-hearted farm boy, Joseph Smith. THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
-I love you all. I pray for you everyday, untl next week.
-sorry I couldnt write more!
by the way, we have the big christmas conference tomorrow, when we will get our letters and packages. so if you've written me a letter in the last month I still havent received it, but I will tomorrow!

-singing in quartet
-doing service
-me and my companion making breakfast for some other elders in the zone who completed with their goals. 
-weird chilean spiders with gnarly back legs
-giant palm trees
-me outside of the house in yumbel. they have a really pretty yard

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