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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Week

Dec 26, 2011
Hey everybody! 
This week was great. It was intense. 
The highlight of the week was being able to talk to my mom and dad!!!! And family!!!! On skype!! what a great Christmas present. I am not sure what happened to my brother Carlos because the last time I talked to him his voice was higher and now he talks like a man! Pretty crazy! 

This week we did a lot of contacting, we found a few good people but it seems like for the most part the people were all pretty caught up in the holidays to want to talk to two teenage boys talking about God. We found one family who was great. They moved into our area just last week. Honestly, we dont know too much about them, but I felt something special about them when we were talking to them. We found them outside their house in their car during the week and I started talking to the dad and realized that the mom and daughter were in the car also! I started talking to them also and they are really open to hearing our message. We are excited! 

It seems like this week we also did a lot of clarifying thngs about our church. It seems as though we ran into many people who thought incorrect things about the mormon church, for example, that we dont believe in Jesus Christ???? or that we dont believe in the Bible....stuff like that. But I understand how gossip gets spread sometimes and people believe all of it. So as we've had the opportunity to clarify some things, we've actualy found some interested people. 

for christmas eve, we had the opportunity to eat lunch and dinner with a family who the mom is a member and the dad isnt. We have been praying and fasting for this man a lot lately....we dont even konw why really, because we havent seen him very much...for a while he kind of avoided us, because of course, just like every other missionary who has passed by for the last few years, we want to teach him and help him make the decision to be baptized. but i think our fasting and prayers were truly answered when at church last week he invited us to spend Christmas Eve with them. We were able to get to know him a lot better and I think now we are going to be able to teach him. He knows he is going to get baptized because his wife always brings it up to him and he always just says, not yet, I've still got a few more years!

Marcelo, our investigator who is going to baptized this weekend, broke his arm on his new bike that his mom get him for Christmas. It was a good way for us to teach him though because we were teaching him about commandments, and his mom said "the commandments are like yesterday Marcelo, I told you not to go out again on the bike because it was late and you kept saying, JUST ONE MORE time around the block! I said No! No! But you went anyway and look! You came back like this!" (he had a giant cast on! ha ha) it was a great example to show how the commandments work. God says, no....dont play there...its dangerous. but we ignore him sometimes and then we get hurt....and we come back to him for help...or we are too ashamed so we try to solve it alone and it's really hard. Moral of the story: If you keep the commandments, you will prosper in the land!Those arent just the words of some old crazy guys....but they are the words of God revealed through his prophets!

For Christmas day we were able to eat a HUGE BBQ with president Martinez, my mission president, and his wife and family, and President Pauvif, the stake president, with his family, it was so amazing. 

Tender Mercy from last week: The Holy Ghost. The gift of the Holy Ghost is something so precious that God has given us to have success all our life if we just follow him.

Tender Mercy- Being able to see my mom and dad and my family and my two best friends who are about to leave on their missions! Congrats Aaron by the way! LONDON ENGLAND!!! and to you Dallin Hardy...PARAGUAY!!

I sure do love you all! Have a great week! And have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
Remember the power of a smile. Remember the power of just being a friend to everyone, especially those who you dont already know well.

Elder Dallin Gomez

-Dr. Pepper
-Skype call
-Christmas dinner with my mission president and wife and the stake president and wife
-Lots of meat :)
-Christmas Eve BBQ with another family. (we ate a lot of meat this weekend)
-Getting ready for the BBQ
-Me and my companion sporting the new hoodies we received from our families.
-another Dr. Pepper
-Studly companion (Elder Srait) with Dr. Pepper

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