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Monday, December 5, 2011

On the other side of the world...

December 5, 2011
Hey everyone!!!!

How is it going over on that side of the world!? 
Things are good here. This week we were able to see many miracles happen. I have learned that if we do all we can, the Lord takes care of the rest. Since I was in the hospital with my companion for a few days, this week was shorter, but we saw great things happen. We are being so blessed with people to teach. 
The coolest part about this new ward, Villa Obispo, is the members. There are lots of members in this ward who are willing to give us references and work with us the work of the Lord. One family gave us 4 references. 
We were able to give about 7 health blessings this week. One of the most special blessings we gave was to our ward mission leader. He is an amazing member who was baptized just about a year ago. He was investigating the church for 9 years and finally was converted and he is so strong now. He got sick this week and so yesterday after church us and the bishop gave him a blessing. The bishop asked him if he believes that he will be healed "absolutely, or I wouldnt be here" and the bishop gave him a really special blessing. 
In this ward there are more young couples about 30 years old than any other ward I have ever seen. The bishop and his wife are young, the stake president and his wife, who are also in Villa Obispo, are young, Our mission president who was in this ward was young! And there tons of others! It is awesome. 
I'll try to spice up the emails a little bit from now on....especially because I have a terrible memory and the days pass by really fast and I couldnt tell you what happened on Thursday or Friday or Tuesday. I forgot to bring my journal this time to cheat off of for this email. Ha ha. 
-We ate a lot of food this week because the members always give us food. 
-With the Villagran family, the mom of the family put a giant piece of lamb on my plate, so I ate the whole thing. Then they tried to give us like 4 different desserts! 
-The Lord blessed us as we were able to find many people. We are going to work a lot this week with our new investigatos together with the members. 
-We are going paintballing today with the zone, our first zone activity as zone leaders. It should be great. 

I will write more next week about how our investigators are all doing. Se que esta obra es la obra del Señor y que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador! Se que por medio de este evangelio tengo la oportunidad de estar con mi familia para siempre. Les amo y estoy animado para verles en 3 semanas!

Tender Mercy- Finding this computer place. We are supposed to ALWAYS use computer places that we can see our companion's screen in. Almost all of them are cubicles, especially here in Los Angeles. So I prayed and prayed on the way to downtown that the Lord would help us find a good place with the computer screens outwards and finally we were able to find one which I was very grateful for. 

I love you all, have a great week.
Elder Dallin Gomez

-Me and Elder Strait with the two assistants of the president
-Us with the Villagran familiy and their weekend paradaise out in the country. We had a bbq with them yesterday for lunch. The place is amazing!
-Us cutting tomatoes and tossing salad.
-another shot of the Villagran's house
-This is what the little fleas can do to you if you dont take care of yourself! (the back of another Elder who lives with us)

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